Friday June 25th, 2021

Klutch Brand/Shea/KMP wins 2016 WSL Open!




1st Place – Klutch Brand/Shea/KMP

Klutch won the WSL Open over Vivid Worth 33-32 in the "if" game.

Klutch Brand/Morris Shea 
Donald Plaisance 
Jason Matusik 
Luis Reyna 
Lee Payne 
Andrew Collins 
Tyler Driskell 
Greg Connell 
Dal Beggs 
Keith Martin 
Jason Kendrick 
Donald Plaisance Jr
Brandon Patzig 
Jason Martel 



Cool trophy

Jason Kendrick of Worth/Miken with the HR Derby winner Jason Branch

HR Derby finalists, Jason Kendrick, Jason Matusik, Keith Martin, Jason Branch

Worth/Miken HR Derby

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  1. Moonz says:

    Always funny seeing a grown man stand on his tippy toes for a picture…

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