Thursday June 24th, 2021

2016 USSSA Texas Legends Major game videos!



These are all the livestream recordings that I have found in the archive for Texas Legends.

I set the streams to record for every single game on the 4 fields and most recorded at least part of each game.

If anyone watches any of these and sees a great play, email me at the game and time in the video.

Let me know if any links are wrong

Team Racks vs Resmondo Championship game Sunday

Resmondo vs Backman loser's bracket finals Sunday

Steel vs Backman loser's bracket semifinal Sunday

A few minutes of Racks vs Resmondo

Backman vs Resmondo and start of Racks vs Resmondo

Nightmare vs Classic Glass and start of Midwest Swing vs Classic Glass

Classic Glass vs Midwest Swing and Steel vs Midwest Swing

Mayhem vs Olmito Heat and Mayhem vs Bay Area Legends

Adiktiv vs Jokers and Adiktiv vs Vivid

Midwest Swing vs ALLOut and Vivid vs Bay Area Legends

Classic Glass vs Seminoles and Club Chill vs Midwest Swing

Bearded Builders vs B Team and B Team vs Classic Glass

Bay Area Legends vs Backman

Classic Glass vs Steel and Nightmare vs Resmondo and start of Racks vs Vivid

Racks vs CGR and Allout vs Adiktiv and Mayhem vs Goons and start of Brians vs Club Chill

Resmondo vs Nightmare and Racks vs Vivid

Olmito Heat vs Midwest Swing

Nightmare vs Olmito Heat and Olmito Heat vs Stars

Bearded Builders vs Adiktiv and Steel vs Bay Area Legends and Backman vs Allout

Brians vs Goons and Brians vs Vivid and Classic Glass vs Steel

Mayhem vs Olmito Heat and Mayhem vs Bay Area Legends

CGR vs Stars and Jokers vs Seminoles and Backman vs Jokers 

B Team vs Community First and B Team vs Bay Area Legends and AllOut vs Twisted Ballers and start of Olmito vs Nightmare


All ipod archives here

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