Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

2016 USSSA Military World brackets are out!

11 responses to “2016 USSSA Military World brackets are out!”

  1. wow says:

    DW any idea which complex you’ll be streaming from? Thanks

  2. DMac says:

    It would be interesting to see what a real Military A tournament would be like with a blind draw or seeded tournament. Unfortunately, from what I’ve been told, the military program director has put the top 4 teams in the top bracket (two of the top playing each other first game) and his team in the other side of the bracket with much less resistance. Let’s hope that these things work themselves out on the field and the best team wins in spite of the ridiculousness of the bracket.

    • Woody34 says:

      Hey DMAC, someone lied to you buddy. Tourney drawings are base on seeding throughout the year. Semper is playing SHUTD their first game, two of which are the 16th and 17th seeds because they have not played in any military USSSA events this year. Winner moves on to play the #1 seed based on points. Not blaming you but you were obviously told some stuff that isn’t true.


      • DMac says:

        Thanks Woody, I don’t think I was lied to, but I do think when two of the top 2 teams play each other in the first game, something needs to be done with the system being used. I guess that’s the point I was trying to make. Only trying to express concerns about the equity involved. There may not be a perfect way to seed it, but there has to be a better way. I’m not playing in the tournament, but just see some pretty big errors there. Just my 2 cents I guess.

        • Woody34 says:

          Who are the top 2 teams you are referring to?

          • SSNRIDER says:

            Not playing in this event this year but I know you can see that the bottom of this bracket is loaded with Major, Conference A & B, and All Armed Forces players while the top has very few. That being said, according to the rankings the bracket looks to be set up correctly.

          • DMac says:

            The game I’m referring to is the SOCO vs. JTF game.

  3. Just Curious says:

    Seems to me that USSSA points do not count when it comes to military ball. Must play in military events which have few teams and bad turn outs. Some state directors give military points to their in state military teams for playing regular USSSA events. Doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe something we can work on in the future, so there’s less whining on who you have to play against.

  4. Military Fan says:

    DW any idea yet which fields will be streaming? I’m assuming only “A” division will be streaming.

  5. TOP 2 says:

    Hear say, hear say, top 2. They say there the top 2 cuz of who they picked up for worlds. Normally these teams that only play no more than 4 tournaments at the most a year expect to get a high seed when it comes to worlds. Doesn’t work like that. One of the so called top 2 teams will be goin home early. Just saying!!!

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