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2016 USSSA Chattanooga Choo Major tournament preview!






2nd Annual "Choo Choo Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


May 20-22


Tournament Preview


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The actual address to the park is 

8646 La Collina Way 
Ooltewah, TN 37363 

It's off of Apison Pike.

Field Dimensions
Fences are 300 feet


2016 Chattanooga men's Major bracket link


2016 Chattanooga Women's Major bracket link


Major softball returns to the state of Tennessee with the 2nd Annual "Choo Choo" Classic Nationwide Conference USSSA event at the beautiful Summit of Softball park in Chattanooga!  The fences play smaller than the 300 feet they are and the weather after thunderstorms on Friday should cooperate to get this one in.  A nice even bracket of 32 teams with the top two seeds playing two games on Friday night weather permitting.  23 conference teams means 242 points to the winner!  The tournament features all 4 Major teams and the sub story is which Major team is going to step forward as the best Major team on 300 foot fields?  Backman has won the 3 Majors on baseball fields.  Smash It Sports won Las Vegas on smaller fields and Resmondo won Indianapolis on 300 foot fields but no one has shown dominance on the smaller fields.  The ball will be flying in Chattanooga and hopefully the rain can soften up the infields that were rock hard a year ago.  

Interesting the week after I said at the big events that Fridays are for B and C teams to pull upsets, Saturdays are for AA and A teams to fight for points, and Sundays are for the Major teams that Racks a AA team goes and wins Texas!  Great to see and good for the game.

The tournaments main 4 fields will be streamed live.  If more hotspots arrive I should be able to stream 2 or 3 more fields, we will see.  All of the Sunday games including the women's finals will be streamed as well so check it out with updates in the chat room.  Understand that the backstop in Chattanooga is very close to homeplate so the view from the livestream will again be just the middle of the field.

The women's major bracket which plays at the same park this weekend may be one of the most impressive collection of women's teams for a regular season tournament in recent softball history!

The tournament starts on Friday at 7 PM eastern and rain is expected.

USSSALive.com livestream link!

I will have the chat room up for both the Conference events.

Don't forget to fill out your 'pickem'


Here is the team breakdown:
 – 32 Total Teams
 – 23 Are Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams which means 242 points to the winner!
 – The teams are from 15 different states!
 – 4 Major teams
 – 5 'AA' teams 
 – 8 'A' teams
 – 4 'B' teams

There are also 7 'C' and below teams and The Scene and Team Adiktiv who are playing by TBD home run rules


Weekend Weather



DW is giving the picks for the week now that Mike has taken a break:

I believe Resmondo will break through and win this one but it is far from a done deal considering Resmondo, Smash It Sports, and other teams this will be their 3rd weekend in a row and these teams will have to work through this.  With the rain in the forecast on Friday it is possible the start of this one gets moved to Saturday which will mean late Saturday night and into Sunday morning there will be some long high scoring games played by very tired players.  Who can keep focus and win the winner's bracket should be the fresh team that wins the tournament on Sunday.  I will take Smash It Sports 2nd and The Scene minus Chente who is playing ASA this weekend to finish in 3rd place, and I will pick Backman 4th.  We will have to sort out the rumor mill this weekend that says Backman has a new manager Dal Beggs?

Oldscout Pollers going with Resmondo for the men's tournament

Oldscout Pollers going with Derby Girls for the women's tournament



Past Winner's

2015 Winner – Albicocc/The Scene/Easton (NY-A)

2015 Chattanooga Major Tournament Report

Past Results

2015 Results

1 NY-A Albicocco/The Scene/Easton

2 IN-A Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger

3 GA-B OI Livingston/TNT Hauling/Brother's

4 NC-B Broughton Pharmacy/Bad Draw/Worth







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