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2016 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament preview!




USSSA 'A' World Tournament


August 19-21


Tournament Preview




2016 USSSA 'A' World Bracket Link


The 2016 USSSA 'A' Division World Tournament will be played this coming weekend in Florida at the Fortune Road Softball Complex. The tournament features 16 teams over all with 14 being Conference teams, 14 are 'A' teams, 1 'B' team, and 1'C' team.  Most of the teams have a chance to win this event and probably all of them have a chance to make it to Sunday.  The favored teams are #1 seeded BHR/Coppermine Lodge/ASP/Worth out of Texas and #2 seeded JBL/Tailgaters/B&E/Worth out of Ohio.  The action starts at 6 PM eastern time on Friday night and pretty much every game of this tournament is a good matchup.  The most interesting first round game is JBL vs All American Restoration since the tournament was seeded by Conference points All American ended up with the #15 seed hence the big 1st round matchup.

There are lots of questions around the 'A' teams.  Can Bay Area Legends recapture their Florida "magic"?   Can Thunder return to their early season success?  Can a Nightmare, Steel, AllOut, or Bad Draw put together a big weekend or a local team like Shirt Doctors pull through?  The games will be scheduled for just 2 or 3 fields at any given time so the tournament will be a little easier to follow unless rain comes in and pushes them to catch up by using all 4 fields.  Remember the 'A' division is equivalent to the 'B' division of past years so although they will hit 8 Home Runs on the big fields at Fortune Road I have decided to include the 'B' World history here in the tournament preview and will include the past 'A' World tournament history in the 'AA' World next month.  This tournament will use what we call the "bad batch" Dudley Stadium ZN's.  These balls have a higher compression rating than the Conference Classic M ZN ball but lower compression ratings than a true Stadium ZN.  Last year the result was about 10 or 11 runs per game at Fortune Road.   The 2015 'B' World used this "bad batch" ball and 2014 and 2013 used the Classic M ZN.  What team does more offense favor?  Probably BHR, Thunder, and JBL if I had to guess.

24.35 2015 'B' winning teams runs scored per game
16.35 2015 'B' losing teams runs scored per game
40.70 2015 'B' average runs per game

18.78 2014 'B' winning teams runs scored per game
10.83 2014 'B' losing teams runs scored per game
29.61 2014 'B' average runs per game

19.31 2013 'B' winning teams runs scored per game
11.09 2013 'B' losing teams runs scored per game
30.40 2013 'B' average runs per game


Note: I will have the chat room running here on SoftballCenter.com from 6 PM eastern time Friday through the championship game on Sunday!

The USSSALive.com livestream of all fields will be here.

NOTE: I (DW) was booked on a flight that leaves at 1:25 PM on Sunday so I probably won't be there for the celebration or the final team pictures.  Please share any that you get with me from the final game.  dale.weiser@usssa.com   I had requested a 5 PM or later flight but that did not happen.  I am sorry.



2016 'A' World picks brought to you by ASPNation.com!

These picks were made by Wilk who picked the final 4 at the 2015 'B' Worlds so well last year that I asked him to pick this years 'A' World and he was nice enough to throw out his picks.

He said All American Restoration vs BHR/Coppermine Lodge/ASP/Worth in the finals with All American going undefeated.
With JBL coming all the way back in the losers bracket after losing to All American in the opening game to finish 3rd.


2016 'A' World Poll Results:



Fortune Road Field Dimensions

– Fortune Road Softball Complex features 4 fields with 310-325-325-325-310 foot homerun fences.
– Infields are slightly small in size forcing infielders that play deep to have to contend with the lip of the grass/dirt on grounders.
– The Stadium ZN balls with the lower compression readings will be used.  This ball has less compression than a Stadium but more than the Conference Classic M
– The USSSA 'A' division plays with a 8 HR limit



Weekend Weather



Past USSSA 'B' World Champs

(Note: this tournament changed to 'A' Worlds in 2016)

2015 USSSA 'B' World tournament report link

2014 USSSA 'B' World tournament report link

2013 USSSA 'B' World tournament report link

2012 USSSA 'B' World tournament report link

2011 USSSA 'B' World tournament report link

2010 USSSA 'B' World tournament report link


2015 USSSA 'B' World Tournament Champions – OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP


2014 USSSA 'B' World Tournament Champions – Precision/Easton



2013 USSSA 'B' World Tournament Champions – Chaps/BWW/Buzini from Mississippi

2012 USSSA 'B' World Tournament Champions – Down2EarthSports.com/SBC/Worth out of Baxley, Georgia

2011 USSSA 'B' World Tournament Champions – Blitz/Weller/Watanabe/MAB/Easton out of Cincinnati, Ohio


AJS/Easton/Supreme/Mike Foulks/Mojo, the 2010 'B' World Champs

Northwest Combat, the 2009 'B' World Champs, from Seattle, Washington



Past tournament results

2015 'B' World Results
1 CA – OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
2 IL – Compound Athletics/Easton
3 MN – Encompass/Eurotech/Easton/CA
4 NC – Broughton Pharmacy/Bad Draw/Worth

2014 'B' World Results
1 IL – Precision/Easton
2 MN – Xtreme/Miken
3 WY – Sonny's
4 OH – Pure Romance/Chics/Headlines/Easton

2012 'B' World Results
1 GA – Down2earthsports.com/sbc/worth
2 MS – Buzinisports.com/bww/worth
3 FL – Westshore pizza/tps
4 FL – Jolt

2011 'B' World Results
1 OH – Blitz/weller/watanabe/mab/easton
2 FL – 1st Step/ DCS
3 WA – Doerflinger/tsc/pro-coat/combat
4 GA – Down2earthsports.com/worth

2010 'B' World Results
1 FL – AJS/easton/supreme/mike foulks/mojo
2 CA – FamousSports.com/Easton
3 UT – Desert Falls/Elite/Miken
4 MO – Hub's Pub

2009 'B' World Results
1 WA – Northwest combat / trojans
2 OH – blitz/watanabe/weller/minges/easton
3 CA – WCS / LCV berth
4 AR – Fence brokers/illustrated sportswea

2008 'B' World Results
1 MI – Team Bud Light/Easton

2007 'B' World Results
1 MN – Showcase/j & h/chanticlear/combat
2 ID – C-town/americanfund./redrock/easton
3 MD – Angle Inn / Easton
4 AZ – ATS/Easton Softball

2006 'B' World Results
2 IL – KA Softball/Worth
4 MN – Tangletown/PSI/Worth

2005 'B' World Results
1 FL – Kirby Investments
2 MN – Showcase/chanticlear pizza/tps
3 WA – Dobbs & fox/nw climate controls/gat
4 OH – James s. arnold/freeze concrete 

2004 'B' World Results
2 IL – KA Softball
3 CA – BMA/all star academy/worth
4 MA – Laser Vision/Easton/3N2

2003 'B' World Results
3 OH – EMR/Worth Softball
4 FL – Team Synergy by Easton

2002 'B' World Results
2 MN – M.T. Crew/Mizuno
3 NM – Silva's Softball / Miken
4 MI – NAIL DRIVER Softball

2001 'B' World Results
1 MI – PDC Printing/Cals
4 NV – Marnell corrao / s c / mizuno 






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