Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

2016 Thunder/BlowoutPicks.com/EmpireSoftball.com

Team Name:


Thunder/blowoutpicks.com/empiresoftball.com – registered out of NYD




Seth Green- Sponsor/Manager

Matt Zurawel- P (NY)

Charlie Baumgartner- C/EH (NY)

Christopher Goyette- C/EH (NY)

Joe Gordon– 1B (NY)

Daniel Dunn- M/IF (NY)

Christopher Perez- 3B (NY)

Dominic Ciliotta- IF/OF (NY)

Jake Kessler- SS (CO)

Micah Schnurstein- IF (CO)

Artie Barcelo- OF (CO)

Nick Runstadler- OF (CO)

Kyle Olsen- OF (NY)

Josh Haglund- P/OF (NY)

Angelo Marsella- IF (NY)

Dennis Nourry- C/EH/1B (NY)

Matt Timmons- IF (NY)


TBD Tentative Schedule: (Pending on Dates for 2016)


Florida Duel

Connecticut Affiliate*

Windy City

Virginia Affiliate *


Glen Burnie, MD



B Worlds

Conference Championship (if qualified)


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