Wednesday April 1st, 2020

2016 Slayer team!


Richie Adams (Southern Comfort) – Utility
Tony Boyd (Southern Comfort) – 3B
Billy Dennis (KG/Slayer) – C/1B/RF
Chad Emberton (Hub City) – Hitter
Alonzo "Choo" Fields (Dizzy Roosters) – Hitter
Trey Gilliland (Team Combat) – OF
Corey Jackson (KG/Slayer) – LF/C
Joel Kintner (KG/Slayer) – P
John Zorich (PRI) – OF
Mike McDowell (Hub City) – SS/M
Gillie Melton (KG/Slayer) – Hitter
Craig Richmond (D&D Grocery) – OF
Aaron Sandoval (Showtime) – SS/M
Tyler Scott (Hub City) – Utility
Clayton Shaw (4 The Fallen) – Utility
Brandon Sisson (KG/Slayer) – 1B
Joe Sutherland (Dizzy Roosters) – P
PJ Garcia – P
Buddy Welsh (KG/Slayer) – 2B

Manager – Joel Kintner
Coach – Joe Bisinger
Coach – Jack Vaught

KB Contracting
Carriage Ford

2016 Slayer Schedule:

April 9 – Show No Mercy (Louisville)

April 14-17 – Hall Of Fame Dual (Kissimmee)

April 23-24 – Circle City Classic (Indianapolis)

May 6-8 – BATS Major (Columbus)

May 20-22 – Choo Choo Classic (Chattanooga)

May 28-29 – Peach State Shootout (Atlanta)

June 18-19 – WSL Pic O Dixie (Chattanooga)

July 8-10 – Smoky Mountain Classic (Marysville)

July 15-17 – Cincy Major (Cincinnati) 

Aug 19-21 – USSSA A World (Kissimmee)
Sep 2-5 – GSL World (Columbus)  

Sep 21-25 – USSSA Major (Kissimmee)

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  1. Kentucky says:

    Glad to see some of this talent finally make the jump. Choo and Joe should’ve been up a few years ago. Solid team. Good luck!

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