Thursday January 20th, 2022

Added schedule —> 2016 Semper/Demarini/Klutch/Timbuktu team!


2016 Semper/Demarini/Klutch/Timbuktu Conference A Roster:

Coach: Ike Rivers
Coach: Pony Vinson
Coach: Charlie Graham
Statistician: Pam Bell
 Dexter Avery
 Leon Bass
 Kevin Basinger
 Tre' Campbell
 Patrick Farrell
 Mike Horton
 Willis James
 Mike Jenkins
 Mike Mallory
 Chris Markey
 Lenny Myers
 Maikeld Quarles
 Trenton Simms
 Kevin Watkins
 Josh Wiggs
 Travis Wollison

2 responses to “Added schedule —> 2016 Semper/Demarini/Klutch/Timbuktu team!”

  1. DH26 says:

    Nice to see Maikeld Q get back on a team. Good guy right there.

  2. Smitty45 says:

    Looking good need to check out my dude matt fox from yuma he dropped oc swats due to his agreement to only swing the D

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