Wednesday June 23rd, 2021

Filby-Miken and Team Demarini win big at 2016 Long Haul Bomber finals!


Kevin Filby won his 2nd Long Haul Bomber championship!

Miken’s Filby Wins ASA Power Tour Final ASA USA Softball 
DeMarini Captures Manufactures Cup 

Who is the worlds greatest softball home run hitter? That question was firmly answer Saturday night at the ASA Power Tour Finals. 

Kevin “Flip“ Filby from Team Miken took home the honor with an impressive 10 point performance. 

“I love Marlins Park, I won it all as a rookie a few years back right here and today my Miken bat gave me all the power I needed“. 

The hefty lefty slugged out many upper deck show bombs, sending Dudley Softballs to the fans after the Marlins Dodgers games. Flip joined the ASA Power Tour midway through the season,filling in for an injured Denny Crine. 

Team DeMarini, once again ended up on top, winning the coveted Manufactures Cup. 

Chris “Crusher“ Larsen and Bubba Brungardt combined for 15 points, edging out Team Easton by 1 point. 

2016 Stadium Power Tour Finals 
1-Kevin Filby: Miken:10 
2-Travis Clark: Easton: 9 
3-Chris Larsen: DeMarini: 8.5 point 
4- Ryan Harvey: Louisville Slugger: 8 
5-Bubba Brungardt: DeMarini:7 
6-Flip Washington: Combat: 7 
7-Brian Wegman: Easton: 5

Chris Larsen and Dale Brungardt of Demarini won their 2nd team championship



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