Thursday June 24th, 2021

2016 GSL Mojo, Tripp Roth, and ASA Super Qualifier results



There was lots of upper level tournament action this past weekend as Yuengling/Headlines (Wegs) team won the GSL Mojo Moneyball in Columbus, Ohio over JBL/Tailgaters/B&E/Worth when the if game wasn't played.  JBL forced the if game with a 30-5 win.  All In/PSB/Wiggles Sports/Elite was 3rd and TG/Red's/Headlines/Worth was 4th.

Link to final GSL Mojo Moneyball Open Division bracket



Billy Maggard 2nd, Kyle Pearson 1st in the HR Derby

Mclin Construction defeated Fat Pat's/Premier Athletics in the if game and won the 7th Annual Tripp Roth tournament which had 44 teams in Louisiana.  Kyle Pearson won the home run derby and Billy Maggard was second.

7th Annual Tripp Roth Bracket 

Looks like final game wasn't entered.

Video of some of the Derby of Pearson from their Facebook page

Some video of Maggard at the Derby




WC Monsta won the ASA Super Qualifier in Oklahoma City over ASPNation/KV Welding/BHR 34-31 in the "if" game of the championship on a walk off.

ASA Super Qualifier bracket

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