Wednesday June 23rd, 2021

2016 GSL Mojo Moneyball Super Dual Preview – March 18-20!


The "Open" division has 8 teams starting Saturday morning at 8 AM eastern and the championship is set for 6:40 PM that same day.

The Mojo starts in Columbus, Ohio on Friday morning for the lower divisions, C starts Friday night, Open on Saturday, and all but the Open finish on Sunday.

Over 100 teams across the divisions with a live band on Friday night.

Livestream Link (they are using a new service called

Open Division Bracket:


Some Rosters:

Yuengling/HDLNS GSL Mens A
1 Kevin Bazat  
2 Dan Bean  
3 Tyler Collins  
4 Mike Cruea  
5 Bryan Daniel  
6 Jason Ferguson  
7 Kevin Filby  
8 Josh Kirsten  
9 Rob mahaffey  
10 Wally Maybrier  
11 Brad Reckart  
12 Jesse Solomon  
13 John Sullivan  
14 Brad Tabler  
15 Brian Wegman  
16 Lawrence Wolf

Old Bag/HDLN's/Miken – B
1 Nate Allen
2 Nickolas Boden  
3 Brad Brown  
4 Nate Chau  
5 brook crawford  
6 clay desantis  
7 Joseph Ryan Ford  
8 Tyler Gleason  
9 Tyler Kent  
10 Logan Leighty  
11 Anthony Mattix  
12 Larry McCoy  
13 John Radich  
14 Danny Rickman  
15 Chris Riddle  
16 Brady Stewart  
17 Matt Stokes  
18 Mike Walpole  
19 jeremy williams  
20 Steve Zemanek

TG/Red's Astros/Headlines/K&G/Worth – A
1 Brandon BELLAMY
2 Cory Boothe  
3 Jimmy Carter  
4 Ben Cosgrove  
5 Ryan Curl  
6 Travis Dale  
7 John DeJarnette  
8 Ryan Disbennett  
9 Steve Edwards  
10 Jon Jamison  
11 Brandon Jonas  
12 Troy Krider  
13 Vince Leslie  
14 Robert (Red) Moore  
15 Chad Mullins  
16 Ryan Noe  
17 Robert Roop  
18 Rocky Staton  
19 Tanee John (Sonny) Yamcharern

2016 All In/PSB/Wiggles Sports/Elite GSL Mens B
1 Tanai Alston  
2 Josh Bolyard  
3 Mike Buxton  
4 Brandon Doughty  
5 Josh George  
6 Dan Glazier  
7 Greg Hawkins  
9 James King  
10 Mike Koerntgen  
11 Gregg Matthews  
12 Brian Mays  
13 Randy Rankin  
14 Dane Ridenour  
16 John Robinson  
17 Jake Shiflett  
18 Brandon Tardio  
19 Willie Thomas  
20 Adam Weimer

The main field was #14 in the upper right

Dimensions were 309-330-365-345-297

The other 3 fields as you can see have some very large but odd dimensions


Homerun Derby details…..

We are going to start the derby at 6:30 sharp Friday, March 18th/ Sign – up for all pre-paid hitters will be from 5pm to 6pm at the GSL tent field #14…. 

Priority will be given to hitters that have games starting at 7pm… 

Before everyone starts bitching about everything "WE WILL WORK AROUND PLAYER GAME TIMES TO GET EVERYONE IN THE DERBY"….. 

All bats are being provided (We will have multiple 2016 Worth & Miken bats to choose from)….. 


Here is a look back at the 2014 Mojo Moneyball tournament report








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