Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

2016 GSL “King of the Hill” tournament preview!



GSL "King of the Hill"


Columbus, Ohio


June 25-26


Tournament Preview



2016 King of the Hill Mens bracket link


The "King of the Hill" is an annual GSL event that draws teams from all classifications in the midwest.  In this tournament all teams start out in the open division bracket with 90+ teams where the games are played with a 6 home run limit and a DHH (Designated Home Run Hitter).  The DHH can hit as many homers as he can without it counting towards the total.  If the DHH is walked then anyone in the lineup can hit a homer without it counting towards the teams total until the DHH comes up to bat again.  If a C, D, or E team loses in the first 2 rounds then they drop to their respective C, D, E double elimination bracket in their own class.  The tournament features TG/Red's Astros, JBL/Tailgaters, and other mix and match roster teams like Vivid/Worth, Nightmare, and the local Ohio 'B' teams like Old Bag and Columbus Pipe among others.  The main two fields will be livestreamed F14 and F15 and their is a women's bracket as well with 7 teams.

Game times are Eastern time with the tournament starting on Saturday morning and ends Sunday.  

GSL King of the HIll link for livestreaming F14 and F15

Please post score updates in the chat room from your phone, thanks   Chat Room Link



Lou Berliner Park

340 Greenlawn Ave, Columbus, Ohio – Central 43223

Approximate Field Dimensions
#14 305-330-350-353-296 
#15 307-359-359-356-312 
#16 295-334-355-359-297 
#17 314-358-359-357-313 

#1 307-307-307-307-307 
#4 305-303-300-300-302 
#5 300-300-300-300-300 

Most of the other fields are 300 feet




Old Scout pollers went with TG/Red's Astros 55%



Weekend Weather

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