Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

2016 GSL ‘B’ World tournament report!


2016 GSL 'B' World Tournament

Columbus, OH

September 3rd

1st Place – All In/PSB/Wiggles Sports/Elite (PA)

All In won the 7 team GSL 'B' World tournament in Columbus, Ohio Saturday.  They went undefeated 4-0 and knocked off Old Bag/HDLN/Miken from Ohio 28-23 in the winner's final and 27-18 in the championship game.  CGR/House Money/Jimmys Seafood from Baltimore, Maryland was 3rd and TG Brand from Michigan was 4th.  This is an event played at the Berliner Park on the artificial turf in what is usually good Ohio weather in September.  'B' Teams looking for quality events should consider this in the future.

MVP was Brandon Doughty and All Tournament from All In was Jake Shiflett, John Robinson, Greg Hawkins, and Dan Glazier


13% of pollerson oldscout had All In to win

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