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2016 “Golden State” California Major tournament preview!





Golden State Major


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


June 24-26


Tournament Preview



2016 California Mens bracket link


2016 California team list


2016 California Womens bracket link


The "Golden State" Major returns to the Big League Dreams park in Perris, California this coming weekend.  There will be 28 teams including 5 from the Nationwide Conference USSSA 'A' and above programs.  The top seeds will be #5 Team Combat a Major team, #9 Team Racks a 'AA' team, #15 Bay Area Legends an 'A' team, #16 ranked OC Swats Doerflinger a 'AA' team, and Classic Glass an 'A' team.  The tournament starts on Friday night this year and will be streamed on the new USSSALive.com California channel on the main fields.  There is also a women's Major tournament with a few of the top teams led by #1 Team Combat.  The weather looks to be in the high 90's to 100 degrees at times.  The 180 points that can be won at this event will be big for whichever teams wins.  It would solidify OC Swats into the Major and for Combat it would keep them at #5 with an outside shot at 4th.  For a team like Racks it would vault them to 7th.

Team Breakdown:
28 Teams Overall 
5 Conference USSSA Teams 
1 Major team 
2 'AA' Teams 
2 'A' Teams 
2 'B' Teams
10 'C' Teams
10 'D' Teams

Game times are Pacific time with the tournament starting on Friday and ending Sunday.  

USSSALive link for livestreaming is on the California channel

Please post score updates in the chat room from your phone, thanks   Chat Room Link



Big League Dreams Field Dimensions
Fences very from 265 out to 315



This is actually a fairly tough tournament to pick.  Team Combat hasn't really been strong since their 2nd place finish at the HOF #2 event and struggled in the Seattle Dual.  Team Racks and OC Swats both will probably be missing some players as this is a smaller event.  Swats still has a strange vibe they can shake if they want to but more than capable of winning this event if they stay in the winner's bracket.  I don't believe Swats can win from the loser's bracket.  I am not sure who exactly Racks is missing so I will go with Combat to win.  Racks 2nd, and Swats 3rd.

Old Scout pollers went with Racks 56%



Weekend Weather



Past Results


1st Place – OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP

2015 California Major tournament report link


2014 1st place – 4 The Fallen/Miken/EVO9X

2014 California tournament report link


2012 winner – West Coast Doerflinger/Easton

2012 California tournament report link


Past tournament results

2015 Results
1 CA-B OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP  5-1
2 CA-B Classic Glass/Easton  5-2
3 AZ-B AZM/Easton 4-2
4 AZ-C Tunie Sports/Top ChoicsSafe Security 4-2

2014 Results

1 AZ-M 4 The Fallen/Miken/Evo9x 5-0

2 CA-B OC Swats/Miken/Premier Athletics  4-2

3 CA-C My AutoJack.com 4-2

4 AZ-D Safe Security 6-2

2013 Results
1 CA-B Famous/Premier/Easton 6-0
2 CA-C Classic Glass/Easton  5-2
4 AZ-B AZM 5-2

2012 Results
1 CA-A West Coast Doerflinger/Easton
2 WY-A Sonny's / louisville slugger
3 CA-B SBS/CSC/Combat
4 AZ-B 4 The Fallen/Easton/3n2



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