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Final Results Round #1 ASA Stadium Power Tour: Cincinnati


Final Results Round #1 ASA Stadium Power Tour: Cincinnati

1.) Chris Greinert: Combat 13
2.) Brian Wegman: Easton 11
3.) Flip Washington: Combat 11 
4.) Ryan Dacko: Monsta: 10 
5.) Kevin Kennington: Louisville Slugger 9 
6.) Ryan Harvey: Louisville Slugger 9 
7.) Tim Martinez: Monsta 7 
8.) Travis Clark: Easton 6
9.) John MoCahbee: ASA Future: 3

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Combat’s G-man goes big at Season Opener
ASA Power Tour Off To Smashing Start
Cincinnati, Ohio April 22, 2016 
The long and winding road of the 2016 ASA Power Tour kicked off along the winding banks of the Ohio River. Before & after the Reds Cubs game, fans were treated to a spectacular season opener. 
Combat’s Chris “the G-man” Grinert went big early, with 13 points to lead the pack. Almost as impressive, his Combat teammate Flip Washington with 11. 
Easton’s Brain Wegman also clubbed 11 homers, many spectacular upper deck shots. 
Louisville Slugger turned in a solid debut was 18 points total, several big time, upper deck show bombs by Kevin Kennington and and Ryan “ Thor “ Harvey.
Hitting Pre-game, new kids on the block Team Monsta and local ASA Slugger John Mocahabee got the show off to a good start. 
Veteran ASA Stadium Power Tour pitcher Gary Jost is excited about this season.“ I’ve been pitching on tour for more than 10 years, this is one of the best groups of slugger’s I’ve ever seen, it’s going to be a battle for a championship“.
Final Results Round # 1 ASA Stadium Power Tour: Cincinnati
1.)  Chris “G-man” Grinert: Combat  13 
2.)  Brian Wegman: Easton 11
3.)  Filip “ Flip “ Washington: Combat 11
4.)  Ryan Dacko: Monsta: 10
5.)  Kevin Kennington: Louisville Slugger 9 
6.)  Ryan “ Thor “ Harvey:  Louisville Slugger 9
7.)  Tim “ T-Mar”  Martinez: Monsta  7
8.)  Travis Clark: Easton 6
9.)  John Mocahbee : ASA Future: 3
Next up on the ASA Power Tour, May 28 at Atlanta, and the final season for Turner Field.
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  1. Zoetaite says:

    Do they swing ASA or USSSA models? Does anyone know what model of Monsta was being swung? Hearing good views on this brand lately.


  2. B29 says:

    Team Monsta are swinging Black Widows till the new Mikitia bat comes out.

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