Wednesday June 23rd, 2021

Derby Girls wins “if” game over TKO to take Las Vegas women’s Major!


1st Place – Derby Girls

Derby Girls/ASP/Combat won the "if" game of the Las Vegas women's Major 12-2 over TKO/More Sports/Miken/Rockwell.  Both teams are from the state of Washington.  TKO won 7 straight games in the loser's bracket and forced the "if" game with a 14-4 win over Derby Girls.  Easton/Tunie Sports from Arizona was third and Who Cares from California was 4th.  Derby Girls earns a berth to the USSSA Women's Major in September.

2016 Las Vegas women's bracket link

Have women's pictures mixed into this album Las Vegas 2016

2nd Place – TKO

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