Thursday September 16th, 2021

2016 Classic Glass/Easton team!


2016 Classic Glass / Easton (CA)
Kris Kelleher
Ricky Reavis
Adam Smylie
Chris Terry
Cameron Cox
Brandon Traylor
Cory Nottingham
Larry Sheedy
Jacob Emil
Tommy Formosa Jr.
Brandon Gooding
Vito Messina
Ryan Ramirez
George Cunha Coach

Tom Formosa – Manager
Donnie Hollingsworth – Manager

Classic Glass Sponsor's:
Tom Formosa Sr.
Tommy Formosa Jr.
Brett Helmer / Easton sports
2016 Schedule
April   USSSA Las Vegas
April   USSSA Hall of Fame Classic
April   USSSA Cactus Classic  AZ
May     USSSA Euless, Texas
June    USSSA Windy City, IL
June    USSSA Combat Major Kent, WA
June    USSSA Golden State Major Perris, CA
July    USSSA Mens Major Cincinnati, OH
July    USSSA Rose City Major Portland, OR
August  USSSA A World Florida
** Sept USSSA AA World
** Sept USSSA Major World Series

5 responses to “2016 Classic Glass/Easton team!”

  1. DHorne says:

    Who is Esplande playing with?

  2. So Cal says:

    Who are these UDSC guys the’re picking up? Anyone?

  3. Josh Smith says:

    Glad to see George Cunha back with Glass! Welcome back Sir!

  4. Northern Cali says:

    What happened to Chris Lopez?..thought he was playing with them..

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