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2016 ASA Super National tournament report!





2016 ASA Super National


Oklahoma City, OK


September 29-30


O&S Cattles Luis Reyna takes on WC Monsta in the Championship game!


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1st Round Action:
Game #1: The ASA Super Nationals started with 8 teams on Thursday afternoon when OC a regional 'B' team gave WC Monsta 'A' team all they could handle early on at the stadium field at the ASA Hall of Fame complex with its 300 foot fields.  OC was up 13-12 but then Monsta put up a big 5th inning with 10 runs and buried OC 31-15 with a 9 run top of the 6th.  Monstas Ryan Dacko was 5-5 with 2 HR and 8 RBI, and Steven Lopez was 4-4 with 5 runs scored.  Matt Schrage was 4-4 for OC.

Game #2: Teams were allowed to hit 16 HR each on the 300 foot fields in the Super National.  Both Combat 'Super' and O&S Cattle 'Super' put up big numbers early with O&S leading 24-21 after two complete innings.  But O&S put up 11 in the bottom of the 4th and Combat could only muster 4 in the top of the 7th to end it 39-37 with O&S winning and they still had their at bats if they would have needed them.   Bubba Mack, BJ Fulk, and Greg Connell combined for 15 hits.

Game #3: PowerHouseSportz/Racks 'A' went up 9-2 and led H. Auto 'Super' 18-11 going into the top of the 7th inning and PowerHouse held on to win 22-17.  Alexis Ramirez and Sam Christensen were each 4-4 in the game.

Game #4: Keith Laski hit a grand slam which gave T's 13 'A' a 20-17 lead on TG Reds Astros 'A' in the top of the 5th and that sparked some big late inning offense and T's 13 went on to win 33-24.  3rd baseman Josh Taralson was 4-5 with 3 HR and 8 RBI in the game.

Winner's Semifinal Action:
Game #7: Thursday evening O&S Cattle jumped on WC Monsta 12-3 in the early going.  In the 6th inning O&S outfielder Lee Payne robbed Monsta of a home run with the game tied at 18-18 and O&S got a solo homer from Connell and a big 2 out 3 run homer from Santana to take a 22-18 lead.  But in the top of the 7th O&S shortstop Orlando Castillo made an unbelievable diving stop and throw out at first and he ended the game with another nice play and O&S advanced to the winner's final winning "ugly".

Game #8: Powerhouse/Racks out powered T's 13 in this game scoring 8 runs in the bottom of the 4th to separate.  They out homered T's 10-5 as well and Racks won fairly easily 22-10 in a game that seemed to be able to go either way.

Winner's bracket championship Friday:
Game #11: Racks who had had a good season against the higher level Super teams went down hard after having an early 8-3 lead going into the bottom of the 2nd against O&S Cattle.  The Cattlemen scored 13 in the 2nd and 10 more in the 4th to leave Racks on the field with a 20 run rule win.  O&S had 7 players who had 2 HR each in the game.

Loser's bracket Friday:
In the loser's bracket WC Monsta sent home H. Auto, Team Combat, and Powerhouse/Racks all by double digits to make it back to the championship game!

Championship games Friday:
WC Monsta put up 28 runs in the first 4 innings and started pushing the run rule leading 28-12 against O&S Cattle in the first championship game.  But O&S didn't give up with a 12 run top of the 5th to close the gap to 4.  Then WC Monsta outscored O&S 8-3 the rest of the way and forced the "if" game with an impressive 41-35 victory!  Brothers Chente and Mario Granados were a combined 11-11 with 3 HR and 9 RBI in the game.

In the final game O&S Cattle scored 4 in the top of the first and 2 in the 3rd to take a 6-1 lead.  WC Monstas Jason Branch hit a 2 run homer in the 3rd inning to bring them to within 6-4.  Monstas Jared Hunt made a diving catch in center field to start the top of the 4th inning and after 2 homers by O&S, Pilar Amaya and Jason Branch combined on a nice play at 3rd base and pick at 1st base to hold O&S to a 9-4 lead.  In the bottom of the 4th Monsta put up a zero and O&S took control of the game with a 6 run inning and outscored Monsta 13-6 down the stretch to win the ASA Super Nationals 22-9!  MVP BJ Fulk was 4-5 with 2 HR and Andrew Collins was 4-4 with 2 HR in the game.

The tournament was played in perfect weather and the 52 core ball played well on the 300 foot fields.  As one power hitter told me "homers were not given".  The tournament like the ASA 'A' played later in the weekend featured great home run robbing plays on the fence game after game and great defensive play by the shortstops and middle infielders in particular.  

O&S wins the Super for the second year in a row after two years of the H.Auto/Long Haul group winning it.

Championship game between O&S and WC Monsta


Team Breakdown:
8 Teams Overall
2 Super Teams
5 'A' Teams
1 'B' Team

TG/Red's Astros bats against T's 13 in the first round

O&S Cattle's Geno Burdick hits against Combat in the opening round


Racks and T's 13 in the semifinals Thursday night

O&S vs WC Monsta in the semifinals

H. Auto defense playing deep!

In the picture and video clip links I grabbed a lot of the great plays off of the livestream.

Here O&S SS Orlando Castillo makes a sliding stop deep in the hole and throws the runner out.

Integris Field



Oldscout pollers had H. Auto winning



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Long Bombers of the Week

Home Run Champion – Jason Branch – WC Monsta

Batting Champion – Chris Greinert – Team Combat



 ASA Super Awards and Final Standings

Final ASA Super Standings
1) O&S Cattle/Mr. D's 4-1
2) WC Monsta 5-2
3) PowerHouseSportz/Racks/Monsta 2-2
4) Team Combat 2-2
5) T's 13/Demarini 1-2
5) H.Auto/SIS/ASP/MrWiggles/RDD/Easton 1-2
7) OC 0-2
7) TG/Red's Astros 0-2


ASA Super First Team All-Americans

BJ Fulk – O&S Cattle/Mr. D
Stuart Snell – Powerhouse/Racks
Sam Christiansen – Powerhouse/Racks
Greg Connell – O&S Cattle/Mr. D
Ronald Mack – O&S Cattle/Mr. D
Daniel McClement – WC Monsta
Chente Granados – WC Monsta
Ryan Dacko – WC Monsta
Jason Branch – WC Monsta
Andrew Collins – O&S Cattle/Mr. D
Chris Greinert – Team Combat
Frank Yeilding – Powerhouse/Racks
Geno Buck – O&S Cattle/Mr. D
Jeremy Isenhower – O&S Cattle/Mr. D
Steven Lopez – WC Monsta


Tournament MVP – BJ Fulk – O&S Cattle/Mr. D



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1st Place O&S Cattle/Mr. D's

'Super' from Minnesota  – Record

The Cattlemen won it for the 2nd year in a row.  A team put together by Dennis Doerr and Geno Burdick and has players primarily from Resmondo plus SS was Orlando Castillo and the pitcher was Geno Buck.  The team won "ugly" early on but then hit their stride against Racks in the winner's final and responded to the "wake up" call Monsta gave them in the first game of the championship.  Santana and Collins ended the final game with great catches in right center field, Castillo was a standout at SS, and they all took turns getting big hits.  A team win from a talented Super team.

Greg Connell hit 10 HR

Fulk congratulated

Before the finals

Dennis Doerr receives his 2nd Super Championship trophy in two years



2nd Place WC Monsta

'A' from California  5-2 Record


WC Monsta has been playing ASA together all year.  They won the ASA 'B' and added Chente Granados and Jason Branch for the ASA Super.  At times they were the best offensive team in the tournament and ended up playing 7 of the 15 games played and played most every game very well with solid defense and timely power.  They had 4 guys with 20 or more RBI and played the hot hands in the lineup.  A good mix of upper level players and future stars led by Long Haul bomber Ryan Dacko who hit 13 bombs!  And Danny Lopez was on the mound.  A great run by a fun group to see play.

Amaya, Granados, and McClanahan played some great defense


Stuehy Lopez set the table for Monsta and Long Haul Bomber Ryan Dacko hit 13 HR

Mr. Monsta



3rd Place PowerHouseSportz/Racks/Monsta

'A' from Wyoming  2-2 Record


Yeilding, Snell, and Rettenmeier powered the Powerhouse/Racks team to a 3rd place finish.  The team came up short of the prize though on Friday in the late afternoon when they ran into an offensive onslaught by WC Monsta.  Veteran ASA pitcher Lossen White did most of the pitching.  They also added Adam Smylie and outfielder Charlie Lenhard.  They were missing Aaron Martinez and AJ Montano so Alexis Ramirez dusted off the rust and played some nice shortstop.

Ramirez, Rettenmeier, Christensen, and Kevin Ballard around the infield

2nd baseman Sam Christensen (.813) was lasing liners all over the yard to set up Yeilding

Frank Yeilding mashed homers for 4 straight days



4th Place Team Combat

'A' from Washington  2-2 Record


Chris Greinert led the tournament in hitting and the team had a nice win over T's 13 but came up just short 37-39 in an upset bid in the opening round against O&S Cattle.  Combat played well toward the end of 2016.

"Johndre the Giant" Williams has the power and plays a nice third base

Yes Rulli completed this diving stop at middle infield with a throw out at first base!




Tied 5th Place T's 13/Demarini

'A' from Nebraska  1-2 Record

T's 13 had Colby Hughes, Keith Laski, and Shannon Smith who has played with them before as pickups and this team always battles.  They had that big opening win over TG/Reds with huge offense but couldn't get past Racks in the semifinals.



Tied 5th Place H.Auto/SIS/ASP/MrWiggles/RDD/Easton

 'Super' from Ohio  1-2 Record

H Auto had their entire Smash It Sports team except for Buddy Wolf and they added Eurotechs Patrick Ellwanger.  But they were upset twice once by Racks and once by Monsta.

Pat Ellwanger got a shot with H. Auto and hit .769 with 3 HR



Other top finishing Conference teams



Tied 7th Place – TG/Red's Astros

 'A' from Indiana  0-2 Record

Reds picked up Keith Martin and Jason Matusik but had most of their regulars but didn't have a very good weekend.

The versatile Travis Dale who was a Red's Astros Conference original player has declared retirement.

Good luck to Travis, and thanks for all of the great play!



Tied 7th Place – OC

'B' from Iowa  0-2 Record

OC is a very good regional 'B' team who played well in both of their losses.



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Some more pictures for you:

H.Autos Brian Wegman catches one in front of the short porch on Integris field

Branch climbs the fence

Bill Pinkham pitched for Reds

My view from the score booth, I got to watch the Integris field on the livestream and the stadium live!

I am not sure what this is but I was glad it wasn't alive




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