Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

Enter the The 41st Annual Classique PIF tournament! July 1-3




2016 USSSA – 41st Annual Classique PIF


Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada


Local divisions June 27th to July 3rd


Open/Women's divisions July 1st to 3rd


The 41st Annual Pif Major returns to Sherbrooke, Quebec Canada and the tournament has divisions in Men's Open (B/C/D type teams) and Women's Open.

The tournament is sponsored by Combat and USSSA will give World Tournament berths to the winner's!

The tournament features the largest crowds in softball, a festival type atmosphere, a home run derby, and fireworks!  There are 4 divisions total, 2 local and 2 invitational. 

Contact Jean-Charles Doyon to enter – jc.doyon@ftms.ca   819-679-5555


Link to the 2015 40th Annual PIF tournament report!


Link to the 2015 Softballcenter.com picture album of the PIF Major


Classique PIF official website link



Views of the main field Quintal

2015 PIF home run champion Greg Connell and his hitting coach BJ Fulk






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