Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Added schedule —> 2015 Vivid/Cash House team!


Vivid/Cash House
Steve Zemanek
Jonathan Kilburn
Jesse Solomon
Matt Miller
Robert B. Whitehouse
Ryan Roppel
Isaac Gonzalez
Argen Dodds
Jason Trammell
Zane Trammell
Taylor Albrect
Josh Kirsten
Jim Miller
Bryan Daniel
Wes Newell
Spencer Foley

Kenny Hare

Dave Steward

4/10- Space City Classic
4/16- Hall of Fame Dual
5/8-  BATS Major
5/15- Texas Legends
6/5-  Windy City Inv.
6/11- Bash on the Chesapeake
7/10- Smokey Mountain Classic
7/17- Cincinnati Major
8/14- Last Chance

One response to “Added schedule —> 2015 Vivid/Cash House team!”

  1. Tony Cameron says:

    Good squad right there goodluck to y’all this year fellas hope y’all kill it!!!!

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