Friday June 25th, 2021

2015 USSSA Major World Series All Tournament Awards!


All tournament pictures for the players that were present

All Tournament Players
Andrew Collins – Resmondo
BJ Fulk – Resmondo
Dennis Rulli – Resmondo
Don Dedonatis III – Resmondo
Jeremy Yates – Resmondo
Greg Connell – Resmondo
Andy Purcell – Resmondo
Brian Wegman – Smash It Sports
Bryson Baker – Smash It Sports
Dale Brungardt – Smash It Sports
Ryan Parfitt – Smash It Sports
Steven Lloyd – Smash It Sports
Orlando Castillo – Backman
Ryan Harvey – Backman
Terry Baggs – Backman
Kevin Kennington – Backman
Sid Stephany – Albicocco
Cory Large – Albicocco
Brad Reckart – Albicocco
Brandon Dillon – Red's Astros
Kyle Pearson – Compound Athletics

All World Manager – Frank Webb – Resmondo
Home Run Champion – Scott Kirby – Smash It Sports
Offensive MVP – Nic Santana – Resmondo
Defensive MVP – Luis Reyna – Smash It Sports
Co-MVP's – Bubba Mack – Resmondo and Scott Kirby – Smash It Sports


Resmondos Bubba Mack .842, 11 HR, 23 RBI and Smash It Sports Scott Kirby .800, 14 HR, 29 RBI were co-MVP's

Resmondos Nic Santana was Offensive MVP .800, 8 HR, 13 RBI

Smash It Sports shortstop Luis Reyna won Defensive MVP

Smash It Sports Scott Kirby was the home run champion with 14

Resmondos Frank "The Tank" Webb was the Manager of the tournament

Andy Purcell has won 11 Majors, Travis Resmondo 10

Howie Krause 11, and John Riccio 8

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