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Added Awards —> 2015 USSSA Columbus Major tournament report!




2015 Nationwide Conference USSSA


3rd Annual Columbus B.A.T.S. Major


Columbus, OH


May 8-10


Smash It Sports leadoff man Bryson Baker hits one past Resmondo 3B Jimmy Salas to start the championship game!


Link to the picture album of the Columbus Major


USSSA Columbus tournament info and bracket link



The Columbus B.A.T.S major this year was one of the largest conference team attended events outside of Florida or the Smoky in the history of the Nationwide Conference USSSA series!  29 teams including all 6 Major teams and 11 top 'A' teams were fighting for 266 points.  It was Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/H.Auto/Laservision/ASP/Easton the #1 team in the nation who would go undefeated as they knocked off Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth 44-37 in extra innings of the championship game early Sunday afternoon!  Resmondo who had lost in the semi-finals to Backman 33-29 on Saturday night won 3 straight in the loser's bracket to get to the finals.  

The tournament started on Friday night at 5 PM eastern time with all of the favorites winning except for 4 The Fallen who was short handed due to flight schedules but nevertheless was beaten by Precision Recovery a 'C' team 29-17.  In the loaded 2nd round which was partially played on Friday night and partially played on Saturday morning, OI Livingston beat Precision Recovery and a sluggish Albicocco team 21-11 to advance to the final 4.  Smash It Sports smoked Combat/Northwest Athletics and came from behind to beat Precision/Easton/DO 15-14 with the wind gusting in on field #15.  Backman run ruled Xtreme and beat Team Combat 23-19 ending the game on a nice double play ball turned by shortstop Jonathan Lenz on a hot smash.  And Resmondo was the last team to join the final 4 when they scored 20 runs on 9 homers with no outs in the 4th inning to run rule 3rd Street and then turned around and 20 run ruled Team Racks.  

In the winner's bracket semi-finals Smash It Sports beat an OI Livingston team that wouldn't give up 20-17, and Backman got out to a double digit lead midway through the game against Resmondo and held them off 33-29 after Resmondo scored 10 runs in the 7th but came up 4 runs short.  The winners bracket championship late Saturday night was anti climactic as Smash It Sports put on a line drive hitting clinic against Backman and jumped out to a 29-0 lead and won easily 34-2 in 3 innings by the 30 run rule prompting the question – has a major team ever beaten another major team by the 30 run rule after 3 innings?

In the loser's bracket Albicocco left 4 The Fallen on the field with a 15 run inning, then got beat by Precision by 9, who turned around and got pasted by Resmondo 28-6 to end Saturday evenings games.  On the other side of the loser's bracket Team Combat beat a hot Semper Athletics team, Pure Romance, and OI Livingston all by the run rule to make it to Sunday.

On Sunday morning bright and early at 8 AM, Team Combat jumped out to a 12-6 lead on Resmondo but couldn't take advantage of Resmondos slow start and lost 28-12 as the Resmondo offense woke up and obliterated Combat.  In the loser's bracket championship the Resmondo guns kept up their barrage with a 32-15 shalacking of Backman to make it to the championship against Smash It Sports.

In the final game Smash It Sports held a lead most of the way including a 31-23 advantage going into the bottom of the 6th but had just a 31-30 lead going into the 7th.  In the bottom of the 7th Resmondo got a Yates solo, a Collins inside the park homer, a Connell 2 run homer, and a Purcell homer to tie the game and send it to extra innings.  In overtime in the top of the 8th for Smash It – Reyna doubled, Helmer hit a pinch hit rbi single, Bryson Baker hit a 2 run homer, Wegman doubled, Filby walked, and Scott Kirby and Mike Umschied each hit huge 3 run homers to take a big lead and they held on to win the tournament 44-37.

Smash It Sports increased their points lead over Resmondo to 140 points.  Resmondo salvaged their weekend by finishing 2nd because a 3rd place finish or worse could have been devasting for their Conference championship hopes.  Backman picked up their 3rd 200+ point score of the season which bodes well for them finishing 3rd in the points at the end of the season.  It was one of those weekends where eventhough there were a few upsets and some near upsets, the top 4 teams still wound up being the only teams playing on Sunday.

The stadium ball was used on the 4 main baseball fields but players and managers agreed they were the "bad batch" balls that we saw in Florida and flew more like mis-stamped classic M's.  There were quite a number of conference umpires in attendance, the weather was warm and humid but it never did rain and the large artificial turf infields and the high school baseball sized fence distances and "bad batch" stadium balls made for good competition.  I did feel the bases were too short.  5 more feet at those fields would make for less ground ball doubles…

Smash It Sports Dale Brungardt mashes one against Backman in the winner's final Saturday night!


Team Breakdown – 44 Teams Total (29 Conference)
  6 Major
 11 'A'
 7 'B'
14 'C'
6 'D'


Smash It Sports has been losing a lot of coin tosses against Resmondo.

The players were laughing because Billy Messina knew he was going to lose another toss.  lol


Smash It Sports left side Mike Umschied, Luis Reyna, and Kevin Bazat

Backmans Neil Haglund hits against Resmondos Andy Purcell in he loser's final Sunday morning

Resmondos Jimmy Salas hits against Backman in the winner's bracket semi-finalsY


The outfields in Columbus are much bigger than they first appear

My panoramic pic of Sunday mornings Resmondo vs Backman game.  Rainwater batting

Field #17 at night.  Xtreme playing.

The outfields have plenty of quirky fences and nooks and crannies

The stadium ZN balls were again a source of controversy.

My opinion is that Dudley mis stamped the regular Classic M

Crowds were fairly big Friday night and Saturday afternoon



Oldscout pollers were right with their top pick



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Long Bombers of the Week

There were a lot of long bombs but we'll go with the players that were talked about by the fans at the game


Resmondos Bubba Mack who I think was 5-5 on homers to start the tournament with some absolute bombs.

And Andrew Collins who hit one on Friday that seemed to gain speed as it rocketed into the night sky.


Backmans Kevin Kennington and Combats Chris Greinert who I was told hit a pair of 450 shots with the Dudley Heat ball over on the back fields



 Columbus Major Awards and Final Standings

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Tournament CO-MVP Bryson Baker Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
Tournament CO-MVP Dale Brungardt Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
Offensive Tournament MVP Greg Connell Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth
Defensive Tournament MVP Kevin Bazat Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Kevin Filby Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Brian Wegman Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Jeremy Yates Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Travis Clark Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Scott Kirby Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Frank Yeilding Team Combat/Baugh Ford/
All Tournament Team Andrew Collins Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Kyle Pearson Team Combat/Baugh Ford/
All Tournament Team Jimmy Salas Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Luis Reyna Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Orlando Castillo BACKMAN/SHOPPE/LOUISVILLE SLUGGER
All Tournament Team Michael Umscheid Smash it Sports/Compound Athletics/
All Tournament Team Kevin Kennington BACKMAN/SHOPPE/LOUISVILLE SLUGGER
All Tournament Team Ronald Mack III Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth
Place State Team Team
Wins Losses Ties Runs
1 NYU – Cicero, NY smash it sports/compound athletics/ USSSA-SPMensMajor 6 0 0 175 92 29.1 15.3 13.8 44 300
2 FL – Winter Haven resmondo specialty tank worth USSSA-SPMensMajor 6 2 0 247 134 30.8 16.7 14.1 37 225
3 IN – LAWRENCEBURG backman/shoppe/louisville slugger USSSA-SPMensMajor 4 2 0 139 134 23.1 22.3 0.83 35 200
4 WA – KENT team combat/baugh ford/ USSSA-SPMensMajor 5 2 0 150 89 21.4 12.7 8.71 32 175
5 IL – Chicago Precision/Easton/DO USSSA-Mens-A 4 2 0 126 104 21 17.3 3.66 31 155
5 GA – Peachtree City oi livingston/tnt hauling/brother's USSSA-Mens-A 3 2 0 84 70 16.8 14 2.8 22 155
7 OH – Cincinnati pure romance/foulks adjusting/headl USSSA-Mens-A 4 2 0 113 116 18.8 19.3 -0.5 24 130
7 NYU – Commack albicocco/the scene/easton USSSA-SPMensMajor 3 2 0 113 93 22.6 18.6 4 39 130
9 DC – Washington Semper Athletics/Demarini USSSA-Mens-B 5 2 0 144 98 20.5 14 6.57 34 110
9 AZ – Anthem 4 the fallen/miken/ca gear USSSA-SPMensMajor 4 2 0 136 146 22.6 24.3 -1.6 30 110
9 MN – Dayton Xtreme/Miken USSSA-Mens-A 3 2 0 106 111 21.2 22.2 -1 31 110
9 WY – Casper TEAM RACKS EASTON USSSA-Mens-A 2 2 0 80 73 20 18.2 1.75 32 110
13 GA – Macon Primetime/Easton USSSA-Mens-B 3 2 0 139 122 27.8 24.4 3.4 39 70
13 MO – St. Louis precision recovery/hooters USSSA-Mens-C 3 2 0 71 69 14.2 13.8 0.39 29 70
13 WA – Kent combat/northwest athletics USSSA-Mens-A 2 2 0 58 61 14.5 15.2 -0.7 30 70
13 TXN – Dallas VCH Worth USSSA-Mens-A 2 2 0 60 72 15 18 -3 22 70
17 MI – Dearborn rebel sports/linedrive sportz USSSA-Mens-C 3 2 0 79 59 15.8 11.8 4 25 40
17 OH – Dayton Yuengling/Headlines/Miken USSSA-Mens-C 2 2 0 37 75 9.25 18.7 -9.5 20 65
17 OH – Kent jbl/tailgaters/b&e USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 42 38 10.5 9.5 1 16 65
17 IN – Lanesville kg/slayer/wilson/louisvilleslugger USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 107 80 26.7 20 6.75 42 40
17 OH – Columbus clubhouse/sandy's/ion fire protecti USSSA-Mens-C 2 2 0 48 52 12 13 -1 18 65
17 MI – Flint TG Brand USSSA-Mens-A 1 2 0 35 53 11.6 17.6 -6 17 40
17 OH – West Chester 3rd street/hubs pub/louisville slug USSSA-Mens-A 1 2 0 45 73 15 24.3 -9.3 20 40
17 IN – Indianapolis red's astros/louisville slugger USSSA-Mens-A 1 2 0 66 56 22 18.6 3.33 24 40
25 OH – Middletown rsc/tom wood honda/ combat USSSA-Mens-C 2 2 0 38 73 9.5 18.2 -8.7 15 40
25 MD – Baltimore CGR/House Money USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 57 72 14.2 18 -3.7 24 40
25 MI – Lansing p&p333/suburban/larry's tire/cmt/va USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 40 55 13.3 18.3 -5 23 65
25 NJ – Jackson above all landscaping/evo9x USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 59 52 19.6 17.3 2.33 27 40
25 OH – Urbana rabz boyz USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 28 60 9.33 20 -10. 20 65
25 OH – Cincinnati premier services/louisville slugger USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 41 44 13.6 14.6 -1 21 40
25 PA – Pittsburgh All In/PSB/Elite Sports USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 36 55 12 18.3 -6.3 21 65
25 OH – Columbus old bag/global/clubhouse/easton USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 42 79 14 26.3 -12. 20 65
33 IL – CHICAGO COMPOUND ATHLETICS/EASTON USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 36 55 12 18.3 -6.3 20 40
33 KY – Etown Berties/Hubcity USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 37 45 12.3 15 -2.6 15 65
33 WI – Eau Claire The Sportsmanshop USSSA-Mens-C 1 2 0 29 49 9.66 16.3 -6.6 17 40
33 PA – North Versailles marodi transfer and storage USSSA-Mens-D 0 2 0 22 53 11 26.5 -15. 12 40
33 IN – Bloomington bloomington moose #1081 / classic t USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 24 43 12 21.5 -9.5 15 65
33 WI – Janesville Venom/SNL USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 31 47 15.5 23.5 -8 19 65
33 NC – Fletcher worshamathletics/klutchbrand/worth/ USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 23 31 11.5 15.5 -4 16 40
33 OH – Springfield kimball midwest/mader electric USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 41 53 20.5 26.5 -6 27 0
33 OH – Grove City mj lowe/mojo USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 16 26 8 13 -5 9 65
33 MO – Branson Nightmare/Miken USSSA-Mens-B 0 2 0 24 35 12 17.5 -5.5 15 40
33 OH – Cincinnati EAP/TigerFitness/HDLNS USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 16 22 8 11 -3 11 40
33 KY – Louisville cornerstone / dizzy roosters USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 33 54 16.5 27 -10. 24 65




Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st Place Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/H.Auto/Laservision/ASP/Easton

Conf 'M' from NY  5-0 Record

I have said it before but this team does not get too high or too low no matter what the score or the situation is.  They persevered in a couple of wind affecting low scoring wins over Precision and OI Livingston on Saturday afternoon.  Then when they moved to the main field for the winner's final they absolutely put on a hitting show knocking the ball down the lines, in the gaps, and eventually over the fence and beat Backman by 30.  Probably the best hitting display of any team in 2015 so far.  They got contributions from everyone, a team effort and they run their record to 24-3 with their only losses being to other Major teams.  Clark, Brungardt, and Reyna seem to be getting past their injuries, and they continue to just play and win the game that is in front of them.

I am not sure if Smash It is getting better or I am starting to feel like they have been very consistent since the start of the 2014 season, its just Resmondo has been inconsistent and Smash It wins whenever Resmondo falters.  But it could be they have just learned how to win and this could be the new norm?   It is hard to say until June and July roll around.

Trending Up!


Brian Wegman and hometown Columbus native Kevin Filby


Scott Kirby and Steven Lloyd


Travis Clark's forearm injury did not seem to affect him, and Mike Umschied


Dale Brungardt and Brandon Dillon



2nd Place – Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth

Conf 'M' from FL  6-2 Record


Resmondo faltered against Backman on Saturday night after crushing pretty much everyone else they faced.  In the loser's bracket they dropped Precision, Combat, and Backman by the run rule then came from behind to force extra innings against Smash It before losing and finishing 2nd.  Purcell wore the helmet.  Santana was out with a sprained ankle.  Yates, Collins, Mack, and Connell seemed to be on it.  They just got beat, bottom line.  And it wasn't by much and they showed a lot of heart in comebacks against both Backman and Smash It Sports.  Resmondo did get the Combat "monkey" off their back but are just 4-6 vs Major teams this season.  Resmondo will play in Euless, Texas this weekend, weather permitting.

Trending Up!

Purcell made an incredible line smash stop against Precision down by his feet.

I'd say the helmet has not slowed down his reactions.

Yates has added some power this year.  He was hammering them out all over the yard from left to right.

Salas, Mack, and Collins finish off Backman


Collins was a workhorse in center field with Santana on the DL (Ankle) coaching



3rd Place – Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger

Conf 'M' from IN  4-2 Record


Backman found their way into the big points by winning their first 4 games including impressive wins over Team Combat 23-19 and Resmondo 33-29.  But in the winner's final against Smash It and the loser's final against Resmondo they kindof folded up the tent.  Backman is beat up with injuries to Kessler, Logan, and now Lopez.  They continue to be the team just below the two "elites" but are young enough and talented enough to pull some upsets this year and still improve.

Trending Up!

Ryan Harvey played some right field with injuries to Logan (Hamstring) and Kessler (Ankle)

Backman 3B Sammy Lopez sprained an ankle in their final game stepping wrong on first base.

Billy Barrett started the final couple of games

When the numbers come in, Kennington had a big weekend



4th Place – Team Combat/Baugh Ford/

Conf 'M' from WA  5-2 Record


Combat only lost to Backman and Resmondo.  They pretty much shut everyone else down (RSC, VCH, Semper, PRI, and OI).  The defense looked better on the turf.  The offense got a little down against Resmondo and left the bases loaded a couple of times against Backman.  Still a big improvement over 2014 and past years.  They played without Cameron Cox.

Trending Up!

Combats Casey Rogowski


Greinert and Washington

Combat infield Yeilding, McGavin, Pearson, Oliveira

Combat brought back Frank Yeilding to play 3B

The new trend, the team selfie



Tied 5th Place – Precision/Easton/DO

Conf 'A' from IL  4-2 Record

Precision looked like the 2014 Precision for the first time this year.  Quality wins over TG Brand, Xtreme, and Albicocco.  They even had more than a good chance at knocking off Smash It Sports in the quarterfinals with the wind blowing in but came up a run short.  

Trending Up

Precision sends home Xtreme

Precisions Frank Facek


Precision newcomer Davis Bilardello and the return of Matt Rear



Tied 5th Place – OI Livingston/TNT Hauling/Brothers Renovation/Worth

Conf 'A' from GA  3-2 Record

OI Livingston held down their first 3 opponents in wins over CGR, Precision Recovery, and Albicocco.  Then they were in the game against Smash It but couldn't come up with the big inning late and lost by 3.  They were that close to the winner's bracket final.  In the loser's bracket they dropped two in a row to Major teams.  Look for OI to be the favorite in Atlanta in two weeks.

Trending Up!

OI Pitcher Shawn Jones and first baseman Jamie "Puddin" Hancock

OI Livingston knocks off Albicocco 21-11



Tied 7th Place – Pure Romance/Foulks Adjusting/Headlines/Easton

Conf 'A' from OH  4-2 Record

Pure Romance won 4 games.  Some quality wins over Nightmare, KG, a hot Precision Recovery team, and a big 20-19 win over Team Racks.  They lost to Albicocco on Friday night and Team Combat late Saturday night but pretty much played good softball in all 6 games.  

Trending up

Headlines Apparels Ben Cosgrove

PRI takes on Racks

PRI's Nick Masur bats against Tyson Steele and Albicocco on Field #16



Tied 7th Place – Albicocco/The Scene/Easton

Conf 'M' from NY  3-2 Record

Back to the roller coaster weekends for Albicocco.  They never got to the big games they need to play in agains the top Major teams. In fact they haven't played Resmondo, Backman, or Smash It Sports at all this season.  Coming off the tournament win in Chattanooga most thought Albicocco would make a run in Columbus but it never happened.  The offense didn't seem to deal with the wind games all that well and Toni is still tinkering with the offense, and rightly so.

Trending Up!

It was good to see Toni Albicocco back at the fields after his recent health issues



More pictures below



Other top finishing Conference teams



Semper was rolling and having fun

Tied 9th Semper Athletics/Demarini B 5-2 – Semper had a break out weekend.  The new Conference 'B' team lost by 1 with a chance to win in the 7th to VCH 22-21.  Then they rattled off 4 straight wins, 3 over Conference opponents and held 'A' teams TG Brand and Combat/NWA under 10 runs each.  Late on Saturday they ran out of gas as Team Combat trounced them.

Trending up – Semper showed they belong and can play good softball at this level


Tied 9th 4 the fallen/miken/ca gear Major 4-2 – Fallen showed up short handed on Friday and their defense let them down in a 29-17 loss to Precision Recovery a 'C' team.  They salvaged a decent points weekend with 4 straight wins over Conference opponents including a walk off 17-16 victory over Worshams when Keith Patton hit a bases loaded single in the bottom of the 7th. 

Trending even

Keith Pattons game winner over Worsham

Trending even – Outscored over a 6 game period by 10 runs is concerning for a team with good offensive players



Tied 9th Xtreme/Miken A 3-2 – Xtreme didn't reall play any close games.  They were a little up and down but come away a quality win over VCH and a 9th place finish nevertheless.

Trending even


Tied 9th TEAM RACKS EASTON A 2-2 – Racks beat Red's after trailing the whole game.  They scored 10 runs with two outs in the top of the 7th to pull off the best comeback win of the weekend.  Then lost to Resmondo when the crowd was thinking upset and lost to Pure Romance by 1.  Racks played without pitcher Buckshot Plaisance so Bean was a workhorse on the mound.

Trending even – that comeback was an incredible swing of momentum
I should have that recorded for posting later in the week


Tied 13th Primetime/Easton B 3-2 – Lost to Combat/NWA on Friday night.  Then scored in the 30's three straight entertaining games on the show field in victories.  When they lost they went down swinging as they had 4 The Fallen on the ropes midway through the game before losing 28-19.  Earl Bryant was back with the team.

Offense trending up.  Defense still needs to finish plays.



Tied 13th precision recovery/hooters C 3-2 – Highest finishing 'C' team.  They upset 4 The Fallen 29-17 on Friday night, taking advantage of infield errors.  Lost to two 'A' teams.

Trending up – Maybe the conference has a new Cinderella!


Tied 13th combat/northwest athletics A 2-2 – Beat Primetime and Yuengling.  Lost to Smash It Sports and a low scoring game to Semper.  Still can't get over the hump and out of the poor seeding…

Trending up some


Tied 13th VCH Worth A 2-2 – Beat Semper by 1 on Friday.  Lost to Combat by 1 on Saturday.  Beat Rebel.  Knocked out by Xtreme by the run rule.  VCH was close to another big points weekend but came up just short against Team Combat.  The games are all running together as I can't recall exactly what happened at the end of that one.

Trending even


Tied 17th rebel sports/linedrive sportz C 3-2 – Beat two locals.  Lost to two 'A' teams.  11-10 in conference play this season.

Trending even



Sorry no pictures.  They did not play at the main quad.

Tied 17th kg/slayer/wilson/louisvilleslugger B 2-2 – I didn't get to see KG play because all 4 of their games were on fields outside of the main quad.  They did compete with Xtreme and PRI and scored what looks like a tournament high 42 against Marodi Transfer.

Trending even


Tied 17th TG Brand A 1-2 – Only scored 9 runs in both losses to Precision and Semper.  Too many horses to put up single digit scores.

Trending down



Tied 17th 3rd street/hubs pub/louisville slug A 1-2 – Had a solid win over Above All Landscaping 20-13 on Friday night.  Then they had Resmondo tied 8-8 until the 4th inning when Resmondo scored 20 runs on 9 homer's with nobody out to win by the 20 run rule.  In the loser's bracket Primetime had just too much offense for 3rd Street in a 32-17 loss.  Brian Lakes took over the pitching duties as Spicer was not there and Bob Noeth is out with a leg injury.

Trending down slightly

Trending down – offense is flat


Tied 17th red's astros/louisville slugger A 1-2 – Red's crushed Compound Athletics in their opener 23-3.  Then on Saturday led Team Racks the whole game until the top of the 7th when they got a double play to start the inning up 2.  Racks then proceeded to score 10 runs with two outs to take an 8 run lead on Red's and Red's never recovered.  That tough loss dropped Red's to the loser's bracket where they ran into 4 The Fallen and lost by 2 over on the back fields.  From the posts I've been deleting on oldscout it seems Red's had a rough weekend off the field also.  

Trending even


Tied 25th rsc/tom wood honda/ combat C 2-2 – Beat two local 'C' teams.  Was smashed by Team Combat and Semper.  Overall a step in the right direction for this little Conference 'C' team from Middletown, Ohio.

Trending up


Tied 25th CGR/House Money B 2-2 – Beat two local 'C' teams.  Didn't compete against OI Livingston (1 run).  Gave 4 The Fallen a little bit of a scare.

Trending down


Tied 25th above all landscaping/evo9x B 1-2 – Lost to 3rd Street in their opener then 1-1 against 'C' teams on Saturday.  Not what this team was expecting.

Trending down


Tied 33th COMPOUND ATHLETICS/EASTON C 1-2 – Beat a local, didn't compete against Red's Astros, ousted by former Conference team P&P 333 by 10?  They did pick up multi time 'A' champ Keith Anderson.

Trending down


Tied 33th The Sportsmanshop C 1-2 – They beat a conference experienced EAP by 1 on Friday then put up a zero against Racks.  On Saturday they lost to Columbus 'C' team Clubhouse by a run.

Trending up

Tied 33th marodi transfer and storage D 0-2 – A work in progress…

Trending Incomplete


Tied 33th worshamathletics/klutchbrand/worth/ C 0-2 – Lost to KY 'C' team Berties 14-7 on Friday and lost on a walkoff single to 4 The Fallen on Saturday.

Trending down – losing streak continues


Tied 33th Nightmare/Miken B 0-2 – Lost to PRI Friday and JBL/Tailgaters a former Conference team by 1 on Saturday.  Slightly more competition in Columbus than Tulsa.  Only scored 24 runs.

Trending down – last place after a 1st place in Tulsa



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Some more pictures for you:


Primetimes Mike Williams with a double beneath Danny Rickmans leaping cover of secondbase

Alonzo "Chew" Fields had the most power of any non-conference player I watched play this weekend.


Billy Lewis and his JBL/Tailgaters 'B' team were the best non-conference team in attendance.

They sent home Nightmare and gave Xtreme a game after showing up late because of a highway closure on Friday and losing 6-4.

Kennington face plants after almost getting drilled by a Lopez foul ball livestreams have been pretty good lately

Columbus slo-pitch hall of fame wall had some great names.

Next time I am there I will get a better picture so we can read the names.


All In had the best uniforms along with Semper, Precision (on Friday) and Above All Landscaping


Baird from EAP and this pitcher fought for "softball guy" of the week

EAP was loaded with ex conference talent.  Bosch, Brown, Alexander, Drake, Baird, Brown, Young, Greene to name a few…

Between games and winning the tourny Wegman was chasing home run balls on his golf cart.

Roosters, long time softball supporter

Tarz Nation!  The 2014 'A' World champ Line Drive boys got together.  I see a couple Reds Astros mixed in there.

California bound badasses!!!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


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