Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

Chad Loudon wins the 2015 Tripp Roth Home Run Derby!


2015 Tripp Roth Home Run Derby!

2015 Tripp Roth Home Run Derby Champ. Mr. Chad Loudon.

From the Louisiana USSSA Facebook page:  Special thanks to Dustin Roberts, Chris Larsen, Bubba Mack, Greg Connell, Billy Maggard, Steve McLin, Kyle Pearson, Brett Melton, and everyone who came and participated in the derby. Nearly 100 guys swung. No doubt we could have had many more. Already looking forward to 2016 Tripp Roth Homerun Derby.

Thanks to Dennis Turner and Louisville Slugger Louisiana for supplying the Custom wood bat. Also Lyf and Shawn Robertson of ASPNation.com for the derby awards. Also special thanks to TJay Busin of Buzini for shirts. — at Pelican Park Sports and Recreation.

There are some derby videos on the Louisiana USSSA Facebook page.


4 responses to “Chad Loudon wins the 2015 Tripp Roth Home Run Derby!”

  1. Drew says:

    Way to swing it dad… lol

  2. Chad Loudon says:

    It was an honor to just be on the same field as Bubba Mack, Greg Connell, Kyle Pearson, Brett Melton, Dustin Roberts, Chris Larson, Billy Maggard, and Steve Mclin. To win it was a thrill of a lifetime!!! Raised a ton of money for Tripps memory!!! Thanks for the kind words!!

  3. perl daddy says:

    Way to go Chad. Very impressive list of guys in the HR derby. You must have been hitting it pretty good.

  4. DocA says:

    Great news Chad!
    Keep it going .

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