Sunday October 2nd, 2022

2015 TheOldScout 32 team “Mock Draft” update

Draft is serpentine.  We are only in the 2nd round.

The mock draft is being done just to see what a 32 team and then 16 team draft might look like:

All in fun and to make the off season go quicker…

As of 10/12/2015 at 9:32 AM the picks are:

Greg Connell was the first pick!

Team 1st Round 2nd Round
HWP Greg Connell  
FLPlayer11 Andy Purcell  
GG11 Bryson Baker  
AA Brian Wegman  
OIL CAN Bubba Mack  
Ocon Kyle Pearson  
dream25 Ryan Parfitt  
Chad 31 Ryan Harvey  
Tank7076 Kevin Kennington  
eric1485 Brian Zirkle  
Joe okc Shannon Smith  
Jb12 Jason Branch  
football99 Andrew Collins  
Ferg14 Steven Lloyd  
Djschreck8 Kevin Filby  
spm8907 Scott Kirby  
DK Travis Clark  
Pierce17 Jimmy Salas  
Cdub1021 Andy Vitcak  
NH99 Mike Umschied  
Dis20 Lee Payne  
T.K. BJ Fulk  
GJones23 Brett McCollum Don Dedonatis Jr
Kpg22 Robert Blackburn Buddy Wolf
RON BURGUNDY Orlando Castillo Neil Haglund
Orioles8 Jeremy Yates Brett Helmer
Perl daddy Dale Brungardt Lee Powers
Tiny32 Luis Reyna Filip Washington
Joe Watcher Jeremy Isenhower Brandon Jonas
Dynasty9 Dennis Rulli Kevin Bazat
TheNino Tyson Steele Keith Laski
Steve#77 Nic Santana Frank Yeilding

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