Wednesday June 23rd, 2021

2015 Team USA and Future Stars announced!


Link to 2015 Team USA and Future Stars!

The 2014 Team


Thirty-one athletes to represent Team USA this summer as members of the USA Softball Slow Pitch National Teams


OKLAHOMA CITY — Thirty-one athletes will suit up for the Red, White and Blue this summer as the Amateur Softball Association (ASA)/USA Softball announced the rosters for both the USA Softball Men's Slow Pitch National Team and USA Softball Slow Pitch Future's National Team.  Fourteen National Team veterans and two rookies will wear the Red, White and Blue this summer as member of the 2015 USA Softball Men’s Slow Pitch National Team roster while eight Future's Team veterans and seven rookies comprise the 2015 USA Softball Slow Pitch Future's National Team.  Both teams will take part in a series of exhibition games in Midland, Mich. against two Canadian squads this summer while the Slow Pitch National Team will face off against Canada in Border Battle VII.


Click here to see the 2015 USA Softball Men’s Slow Pitch National Team Roster


"It's a tremendous honor to be selected to the USA Softball Men's Slow Pitch National Team," said two-time Team USA member Kevin Bazat (Columbia, Mo.).  "It's a privilege to wear 'USA' across my chest while playing the sport I love and it means the world to me.  I feel very blessed and honored to have such an amazing opportunity."


Highlighting this year’s roster are seven-time Men’s Slow Pitch National Team members Brett Helmer (Cicero, N.Y.) and Brian Wegman (Hamilton, Ohio), who were both on the inaugural squad in 2009 and have continued to represent the United States each year since.  Also highlighting the roster is Dale Brungardt (Vancouver, Wash.) and Chris Greinert (Abell, Md.) who were both members from last year's Future's National Team. 


“I couldn't be more honored to be able to represent the U.S. on the National Team," said Brungardt.  "The experience I had last year on the Future's Team was the single greatest opportunity I've had the pleasure to be a part of.  The people at ASA/USA Softball run their program with 100% class.  Being a young player, I have always looked up to the guys on the National Team and it's very humbling to know I was selected to take the field with them this summer.  Being able to wear 'USA' across my chest is absolutely a dream come true."

Representing the U.S. this summer for the first time are Kevin Kennington (Lake City, Fla.) and Lee Payne (Alpharetta, Ga.). 


“There is no greater achievement in sports than being able to represent the USA," said Kennington.  "I am honored for this opportunity."


The team will be coached by Steve Shortland (Converse, Texas) and Randy Raper (Hackleburg, Ala.) who are both making their seventh-consecutive appearance as the coaching staff of Team USA.


Created in conjunction with the inaugural Border Battle slow pitch competition against Canada in 2009, the Men’s Slow Pitch National Team program is now in its seventh run. In an 18-9 win over Canada last year in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, Team USA captured their fifth Border Battle title.  The Americans won the inaugural Border Battle 30-23 but Canada evened the series in 2010 with a 30-29 win. The USA men rebounded in 2011 with a dominating 25-3 performance, a 32-21 victory in 2012 and a 25-10 win in 2013.


Click here to see the 2015 USA Softball Men’s Slow Pitch Future's National Team Roster


Eight veterans and seven rookies make up the roster for the 2015 USA Softball Men's Slow Pitch Future's National Team.  Highlighting the roster is Brian Zirkle (Bourbonnais, Ill.), who has been a member of each Future's National Team roster since its inception in 2012.


"I am honored and blessed to be a part of the Future's National Team," said Zirkle.  "Getting the opportunity to represent Combat and ASA/USA Softball is something you can't quite describe.  I love it!"


Seven rookies will also take the field for the first time in their career this summer in the Red, White and Blue, including infielder Kyle Pearson (Stonewall, La.). 


"I am truly honored for the selection to the USA Softball Future's National Team," said Pearson.  "I just want to thank the Lord for this chance to represent the U.S. and Miken."


In addition to participating in Border Battle VII, the 2015 Slow Pitch National Team will take on the 2015 USA Softball Men’s Slow Pitch Future’s Team as well as a second Canadian team in a series of exhibition games in August in Midland, Mich.


Visit for all of the latest news on all of the USA Softball National Teams.


About ASA 
The Amateur Softball Association, founded in 1933, is the National Governing Body of softball in the United States and a member of the United States Olympic Committee. The ASA has become one of the nation’s largest sports organizations and now sanctions competition in every state through a network of 74 local associations. The ASA has grown from a few hundred teams in the early days to over 165,000 teams today, representing a membership of more than 2.5 million. For more information on the ASA, visit
About USA Softball 
USA Softball is the brand created, operated and owned by the ASA that links the USA Men’s, Women’s, Junior Boys’ and Junior Girls’ National Team programs together. USA Softball is responsible for training, equipping and promoting these four National Teams to compete in international and domestic competitions. The USA Softball Women’s National Team is one of only two women’s sports involved in the Olympic movement to capture three consecutive gold medals at the Olympic Games since 1996. The U.S. women have also won nine World Championship titles as well as claimed eight World Cup of Softball titles. For more information about USA Softball, please visit


46 responses to “2015 Team USA and Future Stars announced!”

  1. Mike says:

    Thinks its childish and petty to not allow Resmondo players to play in the Border Battle.

    • Bill G says:

      Resmondo’s doesn’t allow their players not to play on the team, it has nothing to do with ASA not letting them play Mike…

  2. A.Rose says:

    I thought Resmondo pulled is players because of the sponsors or something like that?

  3. Steven Simmons says:

    When is Filip Washington going to get a shot at making the Futures team?

    • Eddie Hughey says:

      Maybe we should get a petition going to get Filip on the team. Damn shame to see him overlooked again. Congrats to all the gentlemen that made the team though. Go represent!

  4. Jason says:

    Resmondo is a USSSA team and not ASA team therefore Don won’t let them play, conflict of interest. That would be like your team works for Ford but Chevy is having an all star event and the Ford team is on the Chevy roster.

    • Bill G says:

      Every other player that is playing on the USA team, plays in the USSSA Conference. The only reason they (Resmondo) don’t play in it, is because Don Jr is on the team. As a matter of fact, Jr. played in it the first year, and he was still on Resmondo’s at the time.

  5. Mike says:

    I know it’s Redmond and not ASA. It’s just petty and childish that Redmond doesn’t allow their players to represent their country.

  6. Andy P says:

    your’re wrong jason but believe what you want to believe. Don has nothing to do with our team but im sure you dont want to hear that, all resmondo players are told by resmondo that we are not allowed to play, sorry if thats not the conspiracy theory you wanted to hear!

  7. Ernst Stavro Blofeld says:

    The resmondo players have not been made available to team usa for at least 3 years now. That is resmondo’s and their player’s decision, not ASA’s.

  8. PWhite says:

    Will this years battle be televised?

  9. Jason says:

    Andy not trying to say Don has the say so sorry. What I will say is that some of you are USSSA employees so why play and promote an ASA event. Correct Andy

  10. you kidding me says:

    How does Helmer keep making this team every year he is not even one of the best players anymore too many young players out there that are better.This whole thing is rigged.Not impressed by this year’s team Resmondo would spank both future and national teams.I thought usa would be taking the best players

  11. Andy P says:

    a couple of us are usssa employees as are some of the guys picked from the other teams. when we (the resmondo players) did play for the usa team we had a great time and it was an awesome experience. like i said, resmondo said he doesnt want us playing and we respect what he tells us so we dont play, it has nothing to do with ASA or USSSA.

    • Besides saying it's Travis' decision says:

      Is it a liability issue? meaning he doesn’t want to risk his players (investment) playing in an exhibition game like this? I would be ok with a reason like that not something just because, you know?

      • Andy P says:

        yes that is a big part of his decision, its towards the end of the season and if someone gets hurt bad enough to miss the post season, its a lot of money spent thru the year that could be wasted. the other guys take the same risk and yes it could happen at anytime but he doesnt want it to happen if its from playing on a team thats not resmondo. whether thats acceptable or not in everyones eyes, thats not for me to say but its what he wants so its what we do.

  12. you kidding me says:

    Hey andy let’s see if ASA would let the real team USA team Resmondo represent the country let’s start a petition who wants to see Resmondo represent TEAM USA.

  13. Dave says:

    I’m not sold on a couple of the Future picks, especially Tennyson. I think they missed the boat on Brett “Breezy” Rettenmeier. Plays IF for Rip City, T’s and now Team Racks (fomerly Sonny’s). Kid’s a beast. Roby should’ve pulled some strings on that one.

  14. Jason says:

    Andy well that sucks then. As much as you guys respect Travis thats crazy for him to say you can’t represent the USA, what he doesn’t like Merica’ the place that lets him make millions of dollars.

    • I don't think says:

      Travis is anti-American. As I said in my reply to Andy, if it’s a liability issue, I we, all of us should understand that. As probably the biggest sponsor in all of slow pitch, he has an investment he’s trying to protect and not allowing his guys to be in an exhibition late in the year is a way for him to do that. Maybe this game should be moved , to the offseason before the season starts or after it ends. Either way, you see pro’s starting to skip all star games, olympics ect, why can’t slowpitch guys. No, I am not comparing multi million dollar athletes to softball guy, but the reasoning is the same.

  15. Dave says:

    I think you guys are crazy to think that this team wouldn’t compete with Resmondo! This is a solid team. How is Rainwater not on this team though?!?!

  16. Bayes says:

    nothing against these guys but not having Chad Mullins on this team is stunning and a joke

  17. you kidding me says:

    BretHelmer,prokaka,Larson should not be on this team

  18. Watcher says:

    History has shown that they players selected are qualified to represent USA. While there will always be a few players not selected that we would like to see, all of these guys are worthy and will do a great job showing the level of talent we have here. Proud to watch them and look forward to a good weekend of softball.

  19. player44 says:

    thanks Andy for the reply! This article right below should send a message to you as to why you don’t want your players playing in exibitions at anytime!

    LAS VEGAS — Indiana Pacers star Paul George suffered a gruesome lower right leg fracture during the U.S. national team’s intrasquad scrimmage at UNLV on Friday and underwent successful surgery later that night.

    In a statement released after surgery was completed, USA Basketball confirmed George suffered an open tibia-fibula fracture and is expected to remain hospitalized for about three days. Dr. Riley Williams, a Team USA orthopedist who also works with the Brooklyn Nets, was with George.

  20. westi says:

    Let’s be real.. you have to either work for a bat manufacturer, or be one of Brett’s guys. I feel like usssa could put together about 6 teams with all the non picks and woop up on these guys. It’s a popularity contest at its best for the helmer boy’s

  21. Lets be real says:

    they could have 6 teams or 60 and you wouldnt be on one

  22. DocA says:

    Hi Westi!
    Let me ask this question,,,,if usssa rather than ASA directed the border battle,would Resmondo players play.?
    As a sponsor I do understand the liability issue of players. Do any of the Resmondo players play in non sanctioned softball Tournies during the year? Does the Resmondo sponsor stop his players from participating in non sanctioned tournies? You and I know the answer to this question,even here in the Panhandle!
    So to use the logic of not playing in the Birder Battle for fear of injury does not make sense,if the individual players can play in non sanctioned tournies or leagues,correct?

  23. Friend of Travis says:

    We seriously need to get with ASA and revaluate on how this team is picked it looks like buddy ball to me.Guys say what you want to say Travis has had the best team in slow pitch softball for the last 10 years.It is a crime that ASA doesn’t come to him and offer his team to represent Team USA .I know Travis if he was given the opportunity to do so he would accept.Travis doesn’t want his guys playing in it because he knows this whole thing is rigged .Can you guys honestly tell me that this years team would compete with Team Resmondo if you think that then your smoking crack.In my 20’years of softball I have never seen a team dominate the way his teams have done over the years.

  24. Bill G says:

    You might want to take a look at this roster…how many players from Resmondo’s were on this team?
    Like someone elluded to earlier, I’ve seen many a player play on NON Resmondo’s teams in various tournaments…

    The 2009 USA Softball Men’s Slow Pitch National team includes:

    Dexter Avery, Sierra Vista, AZ – Outfield

    Bryson Baker, Magalia, CA – Infield

    Rick Baker, West Harrison, IN – Outfield

    Rusty Bumgardner, Gastonia, NC – EH/C/1B

    Don DeDonatis, Jr., Kissimmee, FL – Infield

    JD Genter, Chickamauga, GA – Infield

    Brett Helmer, Cicero, NY – EH/C/1B

    Todd Joerling, Defiance, MO – Infield

    Jason Kendrick, Naples, FL – Outfield

    John McCraw, Lake Wylie, SC – EH/C/1B

    Andy Purcell, Naples, FL – Pitcher

    Brian Rainwater, Kathleen, GA – Outfield

    Dennis Rulli, Moorpark, CA – Infield

    Brian Wegman, Hamilton, OH – Outfield

    Losson White, Omaha, NE – Pitcher

    • DW says:

      Bryson, Dedonatis, Purcell, Rainwater, and Rulli were on the 2009 Resmondo roster.

      • Bill G says:

        Yes Sir DW…I realize that. This was the innaugural year and I think it went unnoticed by those that matter. Just my opinion, but I know that no Resmondo’s players have been there since…or at least that is what I think.

  25. friend of travis says:

    That is correct dw plus all those guys were starters on that usa team.

  26. friend of travis says:

    Bill G all I’m saying is I want my country sending the best of the best in this case Resmondo has all the best players hands down position by position.If helmer,Larson or prokaka played on that team not to say there not good players,tell where would they start on this year’s Resmondo team?

  27. DocA says:

    In my opinion team ,if usssa rather than Asa had the border battle,all of the Resmondo players would be playing on tv for those games. And that would be ok with me. ihowever ,since ASA has the border battle,they can do what they want as far as players and sponsors and makeup of the team. The Border battle is great for all of softball since softball receives national exposure on tv. So either way,we all should be happy about that. The resmondo players seem satisfied with the direction their sponsor wants to go and that is all that matters to their team. But to use chance of injury,really, is not logical. The sponsor’s choice to not have his players play in the border battle is his and his alone,and that should be enough. I think that the injury reason is what makes most of us question that decision. I

    • DW says:

      I agree.

      Although Border Battle was not on tv last year.

      It was pay per view internet feed which I think only a few hundred people purchased.

  28. DocA says:

    I thought I saw it on CBS sports channel in my area if the florida Pandandle last year? May have been mistaken,,,

    • DW says:

      Hey Doc. If my memory serves me correctly the first 5 years of the Border Battle were live or tape delayed on ESPN.

      Then last year it was on a Canadian internet tv website pay per view only.

      And the ASA 2013 and 2014 Super was on CBS Sports tape delay. That might be what you are thinking of.

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