Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

Swinging for Gabbi Home Run Derby Friday, December 4th!


SWINGING 4 GABBI HR DERBY FRIDAY DECEMBER 4th at WKUs Nick Denes Stadium starting at 6pm!!! Derby will be covered by Fox 17 and a few other local stations! Mike McDowell/Dudley will provide Dudley Stadium balls for the derby! No Senior bats. Provide your own pitcher and bat unless you want to hit a bat provided by Dudley! Each contestant will get 2 minutes to hit as many home runs as possible! The top 16 home run hitters will advance to a head to head single elimination tourney! Trophies donated by TKO will be given to 1st & 2nd place! The lucky winner will advance to face former Long Haul Bomber Jason Baxter! Beat Bax & his donation of $200 doubles to $400!! Thanks to everyone participating and a very special thank you to the WKU Baseball team for donating their facilities and services for the derby!

1) Matt Dickens
2) Kevin Saunders
3) Trey Gilliland
4) Thomas Goad
5) Jabril Skeeter Depp
6) Tony Boyd
7) Chad Emberton
8) Jeffrey Green
9) Tommy Allbert
10) Jody Franklin
11) Mark Bardin
12) Kenny Mills
13) Gillie Melton
14) Eric White
15) Nick Utley 
16) Jordan Ellis
17) Josh Murphy
18) PJ Jones
19) Jason Hopper
20) Jeff Britton
21) Aaron Sandoval
22) Steven Martin
23) Nick Reiszner
24) Drew Pool
25) Chuck Bennett
26) James Combs
27) Clayton Shaw
28) T.j. Freeman
29) Chris Lockwood
30) Shawn Houchens
31) Brian Finn
32) Casey Alexander
33) Ryan Hanson
34) Steven Reese
35) Bret Ray
36) Neal Massey
37) Mikey Kiefer
38) Chaz Nevitt
39) Choo (Alonzo Fields)
40) Jared Norman
42) Wesley Davenport
43) Shawn Roll Newton
44) Chad Page
45) Adam Brown
46) Brandon Ashby
47) Kenny Lakins
48) Devin Kissinger
49) Jessica Ives
50) Jamison Smith
51) Seth Whittaker
52) Zack Borden
53) Ashley Owen
54) Morgan Ross
55) Brooke Little
56) Gary Benjamin
57) Jason Morphew
58) Bobby Green
59) Adam Johnson 
60) Jimmy Akin
61) JR Estes
62) Jordan Murphy
63) Jason Hatley
64) Ryan Cole
65) Josh Hayes
66) Randall Ramage
67) Daniel Alford
68) Mandi Tracy Smith

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