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SoftballCenter’s 2015 Nationwide Conference Pre-Season Rankings! Team #1, 2, and 3 revealed!



2015 Nationwide Conference USSSA


Pre-Season Rankings – teams #1 – #46



Each day leading up to opening day of the Nationwide Conference USSSA in Las Vegas on March 27th, I will announce the next  Conference team or teams in the SoftballCenter 2015 Conference pre-season rankings! 

Rankings are for the most part done by class starting with 'C' teams with a few exceptions.  Some teams rankings are unknown at this time.

Remember this is for fun and rosters and teams change throughout the season.  Last year I believe I had B&B Drywall ranked #49 pre-season as I had never heard of most of their players and they ended up qualifying for the USSSA Major World Series…  And I've missed bad in the past on teams like Demarini/Dirty. 

2015 Team List

Click here for the final 2014 rankings  

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Note: most of the pictures in this article are from the past years.

Approximate 2015 Conference Make Up (46 teams.  Taylormade would make 47.  They just need a little more sponsorship if there is a sponsor out there that wants to help them):
  6 Major Teams
12 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams (Classes still being determined)
  8 'C' Teams (Classes still being determined)



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#1 Resmondo Specialty Tank/Worth (FL) (M)

 Lee Powers
 BJ Fulk
 Andy Purcell
 Bubba Mack
 Greg Connell
 Dennis Rulli
 Don Dedonatis Jr
 Jimmy Salas
 Jeremy Isenhower
 Nick Santana
 Jeremy Yates
 Howie Krause
 Andrew Collins
 Dan Sanchez

 John Rector – Manager
 Frank Webb – Manager
 Travis Resmondo – Sponsor
 John Riccio – Sponsor 

2015 Schedule:
3/27-29 Sin City Classic
4/16-19 Hall of Fame
5/8-10   Columbus, OH
5/15-17 Euless, TX
6/5-7     Chicago, IL
6/11-14 Maryland Dual
6/19-21 The Dudley
7/10-12 Smoky Mountain Classic
7/17-19 Cincinnati Major
8/14-16 Last Chance – Sterling Hgts, MI
9/04-06 USSSA Conference Championship
9/23-27 USSSA Men’s Major

Resmondo Specialty Tank/Worth earns the pre-season #1 ranking after a 2014 season where they won a league high 8 tournaments including the prestigious 32nd Annual Dudley, the 46th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic, and won their 9th consecutive Nationwide Conference USSSA points championship.  They also swept the 2014 USSSA Major World Series.  All of this after a slow start where they only won one tournament in the first two months of the season.  Resmondo adds the young and energetic outfielder Andrew Collins (.707, 50 HR, 143 RBI) from Red's Astros, and backup pitcher Dan Sanchez from Albicocco to their roster.  They return all of the great players that led them to a 67-12 record in 2014 including Andy Purcell (.720, 77 HR, 225 RBI) who is the best pitcher in the game, and Lee Powers (.759, 102 HR, 245 RBI) and Bubba Mack (.755, 102 HR, 266 RBI) who led the league in homers.  Likewise 2nd baseman Greg Connell (.728, 97 HR, 257 RBI) is probably the best stadium hitter in the game, Jimmy Salas (.705, 63 HR, 174 RBI) the best 3rd baseman in the game, and catcher BJ Fulk (.735, 47 HR, 135 RBI) has become one of the best basehitters in the game.  With a great defense behind him, pitcher Andy Purcell should again lead this team to what would be sponsors Travis Resmondo and John Riccio's 10th USSSA Major World Series title!

Outlook: Resmondo is the favorite in every tournament they play in, although a slow start is not out of the question, as it is very difficult for a team with this much success to "get up" for tournaments early in the season.  Look for Resmondo to again come on strong in June at the Dudley and try to sweep the big tournaments in July at the Smoky Mountain Classic and the Cincinnati Major.  If healthy, they should win their 3rd Major World Series in a row, at which point sponsor Travis Resmondo claims he will hand the reigns over to a new sponsor for 2016.

Players to watch: The young outfielders Nic Santana and Jeremy Yates should take a step forward offensively and make their lineup complete.  Who will win the right field job between veteran Jeremy Isenhower and young Andrew Collins?  Can aging veterans Andy Purcell-pitcher, Don Dedonatis Jr-SS, Dennis Rulli-MI, and Howie Krause-1st Base stay healthy?



#2 Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/H.Auto/Laservision/ASP/Easton (NY) (M)

Brian Wegman

Brandon Dillon
Scott Kirby
Dale Brungardt
Luis Reyna
Kevin Bazat
Steven Lloyd
Bryson Baker
Travis Clark
Kevin Filby
Brett Helmer
Mike Umscheid
Billy Messina– Manager
Pete Campbell-Coach
Bob Hortenbach-Coach

Compound Athletics-Jason Wilkins
Smash it Sports- Rick Schiffhauer 
Hortenbach Auto- Bob Hortenbach
Laservision- Pierre Alfred
ASP Nation-Lyf Nimmo
Boombah- Rick Toliffson

Sterling Heights
GSL Worlds
USSSA Major World Series

ASA Super

Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/ returns their entire roster without any changes from their 2014 roster.  They take over as the primary sponsor replacing Laservision along with Compound Athletics.  The core of the team won the 2012 USSSA Major World Series and then underwent a youth movement in 2014 which got them off to a 32 game win streak early in the season when they won 6 straight tournaments.  But they faltered through the middle of the season winning just one more tournament, lost the points battle for the Conference Championship in the last game against Resmondo, and came up with just a 3rd place finish at the USSSA Major World Series.  They return top offensive players Brian Wegman, Bryson Baker, Kevin Filby, Scott Kirby, Brett Helmer, and Steven Lloyd.  Manager Billy Messina has a lot of great players but does not have a bench.  Which means motivation and lineup creation is his only tools, and in my experience most players get their motivation from within.

Outlook: This team came out on fire in 2014 and showed they are capable of great things.  They stood pat on roster moves in the offseason and that shows commitment to the current players.  The question is, will they have that hunger to win it all and can they pace themselves and peak at the end of the season?  I believe they can, but they are the underdogs.

Players to watch: Utility man Mike Umschied (.728, 66 HR, 197 RBI) has improved every year and can play any position.  Outfielder Brian Wegman (.826, 89 HR, 235 RBI) was the league's co-MVP and batting champion.  Can he be the first batting champion to repeat?  Shortstop Luis Reyna (.712, 77 HR, 239 RBI) has rehabbed his broken leg and it appears he will be ready for the start of the 2014 season.  Will he shake off the injury and become the best shortstop in the game?  Pitcher Travis Clark, middle man Kevin Bazat, and center fielder Brandon Dillon all had excellent 2014 seasons, but can they reach deep and pick it up even more in 2015?



#3 Backman / Shoppe / Louisville Slugger (IN) (M)



2015 Schedule
APRIL   16-19     ORLANDO-
MAY     8-10      COLUMBUS, OHIO.
MAY    15-17     EULESS, TX
JUNE    5- 7        WINDY CITY, CHICAGO.
JUNE   11-14      BALTIMORE-
JUNE   19- 21     MINNEAPOLIS, MN .
JULY   17- 19     CINCINNATI
AUG   14-16      DETROIT, MI.
SEPT   23-27     ORLANDO- MAJOR W.S.

Backman / Shoppe / Louisville Slugger looks to build on their 2nd place finish at the 2014 USSSA Major World Series.  They picked up rookie slugger Ryan Harvey (.664, 76 HR, 166 RBI) who may be used at first base, middle infielder Orlando Castillo (.679, 33 HR, 110 RBI), and 1st baseman Terry Baggs (.738, 27 HR, 100 RBI) from Albicocco.  And they picked up the center fielder with the most range in the game – Brian Logan (.581, 10 HR, 48 RBI) from Taylormade.  They did lose 2013 batting champion Robert Blackburn who retired unexpectedly.  Backman did not win a tournament in 2014 but did finish 2nd at the Major as mentioned and was just one good inning away from beating Resmondo in the quarter finals in that rain marred winner's bracket semi-final game…

Outlook: The chemistry should be good.  With the loss of Robert Blackburn in the lineup, does Backman have enough on base percentage to compete against the top defenses like Resmondo and Smash It Sports?  Each player is going to have to pick up their offensive production for this team to have a successful year.  They are solid defensively and have a charismatic leader on the mound in pitcher LC Watson…

Players to watch: Brian Logan can go get it in center field as good as anyone in the game.  With him and Cowart in the outfield they should be sound defensively.  Orlando Castillo is one to keep an eye on at middle infield as he takes huge leaps offensively and defensively each year.  Kevin Kennington is still the longest hitter in the game.  Jonathan Lenz is a steady glove at shortstop.  Neil Haglund continues to improve to become one of the top hitters in the game.  Billy Barrett was signed as a second top pitcher.  And veteran Brian Rainwater is a bigtime hitter on the stadium fields.  Can the outfield of Cowart, Logan, and Haglund/Kessler/Harvey? become one of the best in the game?



#4 Albicocco/The Scene/Easton (NY) (M)

Tony Albicocco
Michael Ballard
Brian Faria
Jeff Flood
JD Genter
Cory Large
Chris Larsen
Louis Mongelli
Justin Mucciarelli
Ryan Parfitt
Lee Payne
Brad Reckart
Josh Riley
TJ Thompson
Phillip White

4/10-12 Houston
4/16-19 Hall of Fame
5/1-3   Chattanooga, TN
5/8-10  Columbus, OH
6/5-7   Chicago, IL
6/11-14 Maryland Dual
7/10-12 Smoky Mountain Classic
7/17-19 Cincinnati Major
8/14-16 Last Chance – Sterling Hgts, MI
9/04-06 USSSA Conference
9/23-27 USSSA Men’s Major

Outlook: Albicocco/The Scene/Easton finished 3rd in points in the Nationwide Conference USSSA in 2014.  They let some big leads over Resmondo and Laservision slip away throughout the season and look to improve on finishing games in 2015.  They join the Major division this year with new pieces in the outfield in center fielder Ryan Parfitt (.753, 36 HR, 125 RBI) and left fielder Cory Large (.713, 17 HR, 81 RBI) from the 'A' World champion Line Drive Sportz.  They also picked up a trio of Baugh Ford players that had all conference seasons in slugger Chris Larsen (.762, 90 HR, 236 RBI), middle infielder Jeff Flood (.720, 34 HR, 113 RBI), and shortstop Brad Reckart (.686, 27 HR, 98 RBI).  They did lose stadium power in rookie Ryan Harvey, and lost up and coming infielder Orlando Castillo both to Backman.

Albicocco should compete for a top 5 finish in the Nationwide Conference and upset each of the top teams at least once.  They play an entertaining brand of softball and are sponsored and managed by Toni Albicocco who strangely enough sometimes manages from home while watching the livestream on the internet.  Can each player step it up and push this team to consistent Sunday finishes like they had a year ago, and can they come through in the 7th inning against the top teams?



#5 Precision/Easton/DO (IL) (A)

Matt Rear
Keith Laski
Jeff Keske
Denis Fisher
Seth Burgmeier
Chris Geron
Curtis Stewart
Brett McCollum
Bryan Porter
Dan Kirkwood
Fran Fracek
Davis Bilardello
Andy Vitcak
Tristan Reimolds
Gary Lofton
Ryan Kvasnicka
Ryan Thiede

Manager Bill Wax
Coach  Todd Ankney

Precision – Contracting and Development
Easton – Brett Helmer
Detroit's Own – Brian Matelic

Tentative schedule:

Outlook:  Precision/Easton/DO returns for their 3rd season in the Conference.  In 2014 they had an incredible 46-19 record, finished 6th in Conference points, and won the Indianapolis Major, the USSSA 'B' World, finished 2nd at the USSSA 'A' World, and 4th at the USSSA Major World Series.  They return almost all of their starters and add up and coming hitter Curtis Stewart (.740, 55 HR, 139 RBI) from H Auto, Chicago area slugger and former Backman infielder Brett McCollum (.733, 77 HR, 177 RBI), and Combat outfielder Davis Bilardello (.659, 68 HR, 160 RBI).  The team is led by their All Conference pitcher Andy Vitcak (.680, 14 HR, 78 RBI) who is a work horse on the mound.  The team is built for the 300 foot fields and should be a favorite to win the USSSA 'A' Worlds this year after they were double dipped in the finals in 2014.

Precision is the top 'A' team coming into 2015 and has a knack for beating the big name teams like they did in Chicago last year.  Now that they are a big name team themselves it will be interesting to see if they play with the same fire?  Stewart, McCollum, and Bilardello are new players that have a lot to prove and will need to fit into a close knit team.  Players to watch: Acrobatic shortstop Keith Laski had an all-conference type year in 2014 and is fun to watch.  Look for outfielder Dan Kirkwood who used to play with Demarini to turn his game up a notch!  The consistency of Matt Rear, Chris Geron, Denis Fisher, Seth Burgmeier, and Ryan Thiede was a key to the success of last years lineup.  Now add in the new sticks and this team is the complete package and should even do better at Fortune Road in September.



#6 Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger (IN) (A)

Travis Dale          # 5        IF/OF              Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Wally Maybrier     # 8        OF                  Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Chad Mullins       #24       C/1B               Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Jason Branch       #36       OF/1B              Line Drive
Cory Boothe        # 6        OF/C               Line Drive
Troy Krider         #11       Middle/SS        Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
John Sullivan       # 3        SS/Middle        Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Steve Edwards    #27        2B/3B              Pure Romance
Rob Roop           #21        1B/P/3B          Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Brad Tabler        #52        C/1B                Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Justin Aldora      #38        IF/P                 Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger
Brendt Newbill   #15        P                      Line Drive
Ben Dunn           #17        CF                   Red's Astros & ASP
Tom Crump       @25       UT                   Red's Astros & ASP
Vince Leslie       #12        runner/utility   Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger

Herb Price                        Sponsor/General Manager
Red Moore                       # 7   Field Manager/Sponsor
Sonny Yamcharern          #23  Coach/Stats
Jerry "Snake" Scudder     #2 Coach/Administrative
Dennis Turner                  Sponsor – Louisville Slugger
Kenny Lowell                   Sponsor
Jim Troupe                      Sponsor
John DeJarnette              #1  Sponsor/runner/utility

2015 Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger Schedule
March 28-29         GSL MOJO Early Classic                 Columbus, OH
April 16-19           USSSA HOF Dual Major                  Kissimmee, FL
May 1-3                USSSA Choo Choo Major               Chattnooga, TN
May 8-10              USSSA BATS Major                         Columbus, OH
May 30-31            GSL Ohio Slugfest                         Dayton, OH
June 5-7               USSSA Windy City Classic Major     Carol Stream, IL
June 11-14           USSSA Chesapeake Dual Major      Glen Burnie, MD
June 26-28           USSSA Circle City Classic Major     Indianapolis, IN
July 10-12            USSSA Smokey Mt. Classic             Maryville, TN
July 17-19            USSSA Cincy Major                        Cincinnati, OH
August 14-16       USSSA Last Chance Major              Sterling Heights, MI
August 22-23       NSA Open World Series                 Muncie, IN
Sept. 4-6              USSSA Conference/GSL                 Kissimmee, FL
Sept. 18-20          USSSA "A" World Series                 Kissimmee, FL
Sept. 23-27          USSSA Major World Series             Kissimmee, FL
October 2-4         ASA A Nationals                            Oklahoma City, OK

Outlook: Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger is back in the Conference 'A' division with one of the top rosters in the nation.  They return their core players that have been with them for a few years now in infielders Travis Dale (.692, 22 HR, 78 RBI), middle man Troy Krider, corner man Rob Roop, as well as slugger Chad Mullins, and outfielder Wally Maybrier.  They also return utility men Tom Crump, Justin Aldora, Brad Tabler, Texas outfielder Ben Dunn, and defensive wizard John Sullivan at shortstop for his second year.  Then they added three key players from the 2014 Line Drive Sportz team that won the USSSA 'A' World – pitcher Brendt Newbill, outfielder Jason Branch (.711, 16 HR, 70 RBI), and power hitter Cory Boothe (.668, 45 HR, 131 RBI).   The final piece is the addition of former Pure Romance infielder/outfielder Steve Edwards (.710, 23 HR, 57 RBI).  They did lose left handed slugger Buddy Wolf to Team Racks and energetic outfielder Andrew Collins to Resmondo.  Red's has been knocking on the door of a USSSA or ASA 'A' World title for a couple of years and they think the addition of the 3 Line Drive players who have multiple 'A' World championships between them is the answer.  They may be right.

Players to watch: Shortstop John Sullivan is a reincarnation of defensive wizard Matt Pesso and is fun to watch attack ground balls.  Middle infielder Troy Krider has one of the fastest double play turns in the game and is figuring it out offensively.



#7 CA Sports/Buzini/LockdownSports/ScottLawn/Miken (MS) (A)

1      Dustin Roberts
11    Sid Stephany
05    Jason Baxter
5      Jeff Payton
6      Colby Hughes
8      Jason Williams
9      Brady Bascle
13    Victor Cordova
14    Kyle Pearson

15      Kyle Wilks
16    Vince Bisbee
21    Justin Stuart
24    Lyf Nimmo
34    Geno Buck
66    Billy Maggard
88    Brett Melton
99    Matt Crawford

CA Sports — Jason Baxter and Dustin Roberts
Buzini Sports — TJay Busin
Lockdown Sports — Terry Dugan
PowerHouse Sports — Kevin Cooper
Scott's Lawn Care — Scott Chesney
BWW — Steven Gentry and Jeff Lohrmann
Miken — Adam Peterson

Cajun — Lafayette



Outlook: CA Sports/Buzini/LockdownSports/ScottsLawn/Miken has loaded up for the 2015 season!  They are the 2013 USSSA 'B' World champions and still have their core players in tact in utility man Billy Maggard (.715, 34 HR, 114 RBI), corner man Kyle Pearson (.805, 44 HR, 113 RBI), infielders Jason Williams and Kyle Wilks, and outfielders Justin Stuart and Brady Bascle.  They add outfielders Sid Stephany from Combat, infielder Jeff Payton from Baugh Ford, and infielder Victor Cordova who sat out 2014 after playing with Shoppe in 2013.  They brought together a big group of sponsors to make this happen.  The team may have too many players fighting for playing time and manager Steven Gentry will have to sort out a starting offense and defense before they will be able to concentrate on winning.  Look for a slow start from an excellent team.  Players to watch: Corner man Kyle Pearson had an incredible sophomore season in the Conference finishing 2nd in batting.  Can he continue the hot hitting?  Colby Hughes in the outfield now has some good experience and could break out.  How will catcher/EH's Dustin Roberts, Vince Bisbee, Brett Melton, and Lyf Nimmo all fit in?  Player/Sponsor Jason Baxter continues to improve and rehab and we should see him at the fields soon.






#8 Team Racks/Easton (WY) (A)


Sammy Christensen    IF
A.J. Montano               IF
Aaron Martinez           IF
Lex Ramirez                UTL
Dan Bean                    UTL
Kevin Ballard              1B/C
Kyle Moyer                 1B/C
Brett Rettenmeier       IF
Jason Kreider              Player/Coach
Donald Plaisance        P
Nick Price                   OF
Corey Newman           OF
Stuart Snell                 C
Buddy Wolf                 OF

Sonny Pilcher             Manager
Rob Humphrey           Coach 


Team Racks/Easton 2015 Schedule
March 27-29 Louisville Slugger  Sin City Classic Las Vegas, NV
April 16-19 HOF Classic Kissimmee, FL
May 1-3 Cactus Classic Peoria, AZ
May 28-31 Combat Major Kent, WA
June 11-14 Chesapeake Dual Glen Burnie, MD
July 10-12 Smoky Mtn Classic Maryville, TN
August 14-16 Miken Last Chance Sterling Hgts, MI
September 4-6 GSL Conference Championship Kissimmee, FL
September 18-20 USSSA A World Kissimmee, FL
September 23-27 USSSA Major World Kissimmee, FL

Outlook:  Team Racks/Easton is sponsored by Sonny Pilcher who has changed the team name over from Sonny's.  Last year Sonny's played USSSA 'B' but did not play in the Conference.  They did win 7 games at the USSSA 'B' World and finished 3rd.  This year Sonny's is playing 'A' and have enlisted one of the best softball minds in the game to help manage in Rob Humphrey who led Baugh Ford a year ago and took R&M Metals to an 'A' World title in 2012.  Sonny and Rob have put together a top 10 team with their regular players Sam Christensen, Dan Bean, Lex Ramirez, Aaron Martinez, Kevin Ballard, Nick Price and Jason Kreider, and added veteran pitcher Donald "Buckshot" Plaisance from Albicocco, as well as left handed sluggers Buddy Wolf (.734, 48 HR, 103 RBI) from Red's Astros and Kyle Moyer (.716, 29 HR, 68 RBI) from Albicocco.  They also added slugger Stuart Snell from B&B Drywall (.701, 69 HR, 175 RBI), center fielder Corey Newman (.653, 12 HR, 37 RBI) from Nightmare, and infielders A.J. Montano (.639, 20 HR, 75 RBI) from OC Swats and newcomer Brett Rettenmeier from T's 13.  

This team should finish in the top 10 and look for them to win some of the smaller western conference events like the Cactus Classic and possibly one of the Seattle Dual Majors, and compete for a USSSA 'A' World title!  It will be fun to see the progression of some of the players like Nick Price, Stuart Snell, Buddy Wolf, and Corey Newman among others.  



#9 Team Combat/Baugh Ford/ (WA) (M)

Manager : Jeff Wallace
Coach/stats : Hector Pagan
1st base coach: Matt Hunt
3rd base coach: Bobby Nifong

Performance sports group
Baugh Ford

2015 Team Combat/Baugh Ford/ Schedule:
3/27-29 Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, NV
4/16-19 Hall of Fame – Kissimmee, FL
5/08-10 Columbus BATS Major – Columbus, OH
5/28-31 Combat Major Dual – Kent, WA

6/19-21 The Dudley – Brooklyn Park, MN
6/26-28 The McQuades- Bismarck, ND
7/10-12 Smoky Mountain Classic – Maryville, TN
7/24-26 Rose City Classic – Portland, OR
8/14-16 Last Chance – Sterling Hgts, MI
9/04-06 USSSA Conference – Kissimmee, FL
9/23-27 USSSA Men’s Major – Disney, FL
10/1-3  ASA Super- OKC

Outlook:  Team Combat/Baugh Ford/ is again searching for that elusive mix of chemistry and veteran vs young talent.  They added two of the better left handed leadoff hitters from 2014 in outfielders Brian Zirkle (.580, 19 HR, 97 RBI) from Baugh Ford, and Nick Sansone (.735, 12 HR, 45 RBI) from 4 The Fallen.  They also added former Classic Glass power hitter Filip Washington (.728, 41 HR, 106 RBI) and Baugh Fords Kyle Pearson (.661, 48 HR, 138 RBI) who is moving to shortstop.  Player/Sponsor Tommie Baugh and Brian Titus will do the pitching for manager Jeff Wallace in 2015.  Long time Team Combat veterans Rusty Bumgardner, Johnny McCraw, and outfielder Rick Baker all retired after great careers!  I ranked Combat 9th because I think this team is a year away from contending for the top 5.  It is possible, being that they are a major team and having the resources they have, that they could make moves to improve their final spot in the computer rankings and points standings.  And it is always possible this team could feed off of its youth movement and surprise us all this year.  Pitching, infield defense, and overall team onbase percentage at a Major level are the question marks that have to be answered.  Brian Zirkle is an exciting player in center field who wins wherever he goes.  Chris Greinert (.730, 76 HR, 171 RBI) and Brian Lipman (.738, 69 HR, 169 RBI) supply the power.  Can Bryce Oliveira (.694, 56 HR, 148 RBI) take the next step?






#10 4 The Fallen/Miken/CA Gear (AZ) (M)

4 The Fallen/Miken/CA Gear
Johnny Bailey
Denny Crine
Joey Formosa
Sal Formosa
Jaime Fregozo
Chris Hansen
Jared Krasselt
David Miller
Chad Munger
Reggie Schulte
Clayton Shaw
Joe Skyles
Nickolas Utley
JR White
Greg Zayas

March 27 – 29 Sin City Classic (Conference USSSA) Las Vegas, NV
April 16 – 19 Hall of Fame Classic (DUAL) (Conference USSSA) Kissimmee, FL
May 8 – 10 Columbus BATS Major (Conference USSSA) Columbus, OH
May 28 – 31 Combat Major (Dual) (Conference USSSA) Kent, WA
June 11 – 14 Bash on the Chesapeake (DUAL) (Conference USSSA) Glen Burnie, MD
July 10 – 12 Smoky Mountain Classic (Conference USSSA) Maryville, TN
July 17 – 19 Cincinnati Men's Major (Conference USSSA) Cincinnati, OH
August 14 – 16 Miken Last Chance (Conference USSSA) Sterling Heights, MI
September 4 – 6  Conference Championship (Conference USSSA) Kissimee, FL
September 22 – 26 Major World Series Kissimee, FL
October 1 – 2 ASA Super Nationals (Possible) OKC, OK
October 3 – 4  ASA "A" Nationals  OKC, OK

Outlook:  4 The Fallen/Miken/CA Gear has joined the ranks of the Major division for 2015 after a less than successful year in 2014.  They were 22-19 in Conference play and won the California Major but finished 20th in the points standings.  4 The Fallen has picked up the Formosa brothers, Sal (.680, 26 HR, 70 RBI) and Joey (.737, 31 HR, 76 RBI) who just got done winning 'A' Worlds with Linedrive, as well as power hitters Reggie Schulte and David Miller.  Miller played baseball for the Cleveland Indians.  Veteran pitcher Chad Munger replaces Geno Buck who went to CA Sports, they lost their best hitter last year in center fielder Nick Sansone, and they fill in the infield gaps with up and comers Clayton Shaw and Joe Skyles, and veteran LineDrive shortstop Chris Hansen.  4 The Fallen should score enough points to slip into the USSSA Major World Series and have enough talent to score 1 or 2 wins when they get there.  Look for them to fare well in the Seattle Dual Major but struggle for Sunday finishes at the big events.  Joey Formosa and Long Haul Bomber Denny Crine should have big years offensively with the extra homers that 4 The Fallen will get to hit as a Major team.  The defense overall will need to step it up.  Combat and 4 The Fallen are the x factors in this years Conference.  If either can make a Sunday finish at Las Vegas or the Hall of Fame Classic early in the season, then they will show they can fight to be a top 5 or 6 team.







#11 Xtreme/Miken (MN) (A)

Matt McGowan – OF
Mark Harvanko –  OF
Seth Brown – IF
Alex Bremer –IF/OF
Dan Skelly – OF
Mike Rhines – IF
Dustin Palm – C/EH
Chris Bauer – IF
Andrew Lehman – IF
Mark Urbain – P/IF
Kyle Decker – IF
Andrew Miller – IF
Aaron Lewicki – P
Todd Newton – C/EH
Dan Bergeron – Coach
Dave Bremer – Coach
Mary Bistodeau – Scorekeeper

Sponsors: Xtreme Cut & Design
                Miken Sports

Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, NV
Hall of Fame Dual – Orlando, FL
Columbus BATS – Columbus, OH
Peach State Classic – Atlanta, GA
Bash on The Chesapeake Dual – Glen Burnie, MD
Dudley Classic – Brooklyn Center, MN
Smokey Mountain Classic – Maryville, TN
Last Chance – Sterling Heights, MI
B Worlds – Orlando, FL
Conference Championship – Orlando, FL
Major World Series – Orlando, FL

Outlook:  Xtreme/Miken is primarily a team made up players from Minnesota.  They picked up former Resmondo utility man Mike Rhines late last season and they pick up former Taylormade and Bad Draw pitcher Mark Urbain from Virginia this season.  Xtreme came on strong at the end of 2014 with a 2nd place finish at the Conference qualifier and a 2nd place finish at the USSSA 'B' Worlds.  Xtreme is also a former ASA 'B' National champion.  The team thrives on its chemistry and winning spirit.

Xtreme had its sights set on a 'B' World title but will start in the 'A' division for 2015.  They compete and play hard against whoever their opponent is and are always a tough team to beat.  Some of the players to watch:  They are led offensively by left hand hitter Mark Harvanko (.712, 24 HR, 54 RBI), veteran catcher Todd Newton (.683, 19 HR, 47 RBI), and power hitting Dustin Palm (.661, 22 HR, 58 RBI).  They also picked up 1st basemen Andrew Miller from Buzini who had quite a rookie year last year (.704, 23 HR, 84 RBI).  Defensively their center fielder Dan Skelly is a highlight waiting to happen, and infielder's shortstop Chris Bauer and middle infielder Andrew Lehman get the job done without a lot of flair or media attention.



#12 OI Livingston/TNT Hauling/Brothers Renovation/Worth (GA) (A)

#71 Benji Beasley
#4 Branden Blake
#17 Tyler Driskell
#31 Chad Folsom
#12 Jason Gilfillan
#22 Carlton Griffin
#13 Jamie Hancock
#08 Shawn Jones
#5 Keith Martin
#1 Matt McCraw
#3 Jake Rushing
#25 Jonathan Scott
#10 Adam Tennyson
#9 Cooper Vittitow

#11 Mikie Olive

Wes Livingston

Scott Tidwell  TNT Hauling
Tommy Thomason  Brothers Renovation, LLC
Mike Cornell  Worth Sports
Drew Dubberly  Down 2 Earth Sports
Brandon Patzig  Klutch Brand
Vinny Dima  Klutch Brand

Worth Shootout Columbus, GA
Hall of Fame Classic – Duel Event Kissimmee, FL
Choo Choo Classic Chattanooga, TN
Columbus Bats Major Columbus, OH
Peach State Classic Atlanta, GA
Bash on Chesapeake – Duel Event Glen Burnie, MD
Smoky Mountain Classic Maryville, TN
Cincinnati Major Cincinnati, OH
USSSA B World Orlando, FL
Conference Championship Orlando, FL
Saturday, September 12, 2015
Friday, September 18, 2015
USSSA A World ( Tentative ) Orlando, FL
USSSA Major World Orlando, FL

Outlook:  OI Livingston/TNT Hauling/Brothers Renovation/Worth returns to the Conference after finishing 12th in points in 2014 with a 34-21 record, and a 9th place finish at the USSSA 'B' Worlds.  They also won the 2014 ASA 'B' Nationals.  They picked up veteran outfielder and professional hitter Keith Martin who has been away from the conference for a number of years and infielder Branden Blake from Florida who played with TG Brand last year.  They have a new shortstop in Cooper Vittitow who played for LineDrive part of 2014. They also nabbed Shawn Jones from Combat/Blockers to pitch.

Look for OI Livingston to make a push to qualify for the major again in 2015 and upset some teams along the way.  They were bumped to 'A' before the season.  Their new additions will have to prove themselves early and often. Also, look for OI Livingston to make a run at the "Peach State Classic" in their home state of Georgia like they did a year ago.  Some of the players to watch: 3rd baseman Tyler Driskell (.740, 9 HR, 61 RBI) is an underrated talent.  First baseman Jamie Hancock (.736, 22 HR, 75 RBI) is fun to watch hit.  And congratulations to center fielder Adam Tennyson for making the Team USA Future Stars team!



#13 Pure Romance/Foulks Adjusting/Headlines/Easton (OH) (A)

Nick Masur Inf – 3rd Street
Butch Castor OF – PRI
Brandon O'Neal Inf – B&B Drywall
Jon Jamison C – PRI
Stacy Mizelle AH/1B – Taylormade
Jackie Corn OF/Inf – Taylormade
Mike Rogers OF – PRI
Jason Gardner OF – PRI
Brandon Bellamy Inf – PRI
Ben Cosgrove OF – PRI
Rocky Staton Inf – PRI
Brandon Jonas P – Taylormade
Dan Feichtner Inf – PRI
Brian Lakes P – TG
Brock Morrison Inf – Bloomington Moose
Jimmy Carter Inf – PRI

Nick Cicchinneli – Pure Romance
Mike Foulks – Mike Foulks Appraisals (Coach)
Bob O'Neal – B&B Drywall (Coach)
Brett Helmer – Easton 
Headlines Sportswear

GSL Mojo
Hall of Fame Classic
Columbus Major
Atlanta Major
Chicago Major
Maryland Dual Major
Indianapolis Major
Smoky Mountain Classic
Cincinnati Major
Michigan Major
Conference Championships
USSSA Major World

Outlook:  Pure Romance or "PRI" as they are known has been building for a few years in the Conference and add some great talent to a team which finished 4th in the USSSA 'B' Worlds a year ago.  They picked up big slugger Stacy Mizelle who had an on base percentage of .732 with 27 HR  and 86 RBI in his rookie season with Taylormade.  They also picked up outfielder Jackie Corn, and pitcher Brandon Jonas from Taylormade, and Brandon O'Neal (.775, 52 HR, 159 RBI) who batted 6th in the Conference from B&B Drywall.  They also picked up infielder Nick Masur who won 'B' Worlds with both AJS and Blitz.  With these five additions to a core of players they already had including big hitting catcher Jon Jamison (.644, 28 HR, 94 RBI) they should score enough points to qualify for the Major.  I originally had PRI ranked #11 although I was told veteran center fielder Mike Rogers and hard hitting first baseman Jimmy Carter will play sparingly due to work changes.  You can pretty much pick #11 through #21 in the rankings in any order.  These 12 teams are very similar and any 7 of them could be the 7 that qualify for the Major World Series.

Pure Romance plays with a lot of heart and some swagger and have a penchant for getting under opposing teams skin.  If they can keep their cool, they are set up for a great season and have the sponsorship group and players to complete their goals.  Can pitcher Brandon Jonas who has pitched in both the finals of the USSSA 'A' World and USSSA Major World make the needed defensive impact on PRI?  Mike Foulks takes over as manager and is a hardnosed "old school" leader who gets the most out of his players, will they rally around his championship managerial style?



#14 Classic Glass/Easton (CA) (A)

Marcus Thornton
Dameon Smith
Chris Potts
Chris Terry
Mike Powers
Sean Boldt
Donald Hollingsworth Jr.
Jonathan Gastineau
Tommy Formosa
Brandon Traylor
Tyler Espland
Paul Winner
Sponsor: Tom Formosa
Sponsor.Player Tommy Formosa
Sponsor: Brett Helmer
Manager: Charles Dyson
Coach: Donnie Hollingsworth Sr
Statistician: Debbie Hollingsworth & Doug Espland
Scorekeeper: Carol Formosa

Sin City
Hall of fame dual florida
Cactus Classic
Combat Major Dual
Chesapaeke Dual
Battle of the west Chino Hills
Smoky Mountain Strong Possibility!!!!
Rose City  Major/Portland
Also could be another one

Outlook:  Classic Glass/Easton from California picked up 7 new players in the offseason from a team that in 2014 finished 13th in the Nationwide Conference USSSA points, won the Portland Major, tied for 5th at the Major, and finished with a 34-18 record.  They picked up former New Breed talent in 3rd Baseman Michael Powers (.657, 44 HR, 108 RBI), left fielder Jonathan Gastineau (.744, 52 HR, 131 RBI), and first baseman Sean Boldt (.697, 29 HR, 93 RBI).  They also picked up infielders Chris Potts (.638, 23 HR, 81 RBI) and Marcus Thornton from Texas, and return Chris Terry from Sonny's to the outfield.  Their final piece was picking up pitcher Paul Winner (.675, 16 HR, 47 RBI) from the east who pitched with Pure Romance at the end of 2014 to replace their power hitting pitcher Tyson Steele.  Classic Glass has always played well against top teams and this year should be no exception.  Look for Classic Glass to slip into the bottom of the Major World Series and make a potential Sunday run at whatever world tournaments they play in.  There is a lot of young talent on this team but they may need more power as they lost Filip Washington (.728, 41 HR, 106 RBI) who went to play for Team Combat. Tyler Espland (.595, 15 HR, 58 RBI) in center field covers a lot of ground and should start to figure it out at the plate.  Can Gastineau, Powers, and Boldt supply enough power and will the team chemistry come together like Classic is known for?  We'll find out soon!



#15 OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken (CA) (B)

Steven "Stuey" Lopez
Mike Brambilla
Matt Fox
Pilar Amaya
Carlos "Los" Vasquez
Ryan Mcclanahan
Chente Granados
Eli Aguilar
Westy Guill
Dave Nowak
Caezar Camarillo
Ed "The Kid" Vega
Tyson Steele

Manager – Henri Nuber
Coach – Ric Doerflinger

Darick Publishing
Doerflinger Software


5th Annual Louisville Slugger Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, NV
USSSA Hall of Fame Classic – Duel Event – Orlando, FL
Cactus Class Phoenix, AZ
The Combat Major –  Duel Event – Kent, WA
USSSA Bash on the Chesapeke – Duel Event – Glen Burnie, MD
Battle of the West – Chino Hills, CA
36th Busch/Pepsi Classic – Little Rock, AR (tentative)
47th Smoky Mountain Classic – Maryville, TN (tentative)
16th Cincinnati Major – Cincinnati, OH
Rose City Major – Portland, OR (tentative)
31st Rocky Mountain Shootout – Aurora, CO (tentative)
26th Last Chance – Sterling Heights (tentative)
B World Championship

Outlook:  OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken is made up of players primarily from southern California.  They are sponsored by longtime Manager Henri Nuber and longtime Conference sponsor Ric Doerflinger.  This is their best team they have put together ever.  Last year they had a 25-19 record and finished 18th in the points.  This year they added first baseman Steve Lopez (.703, 14 HR, 62 RBI) from Classic Glass, infielder Pilar Amaya (.631, 35 HR, 93 RBI) from 4 The Fallen, a center fielder with great energy in Westy Guill from Sonny's, and pitcher Tyson Steele (.649, 35 HR, 116 RBI) from Classic Glass.  Throw in their normal defensive stoppers like Carlos Vasquez, and power hitters Eli Aguilar (.737, 28 HR, 92 RBI), Mike Brambilla (.731, 55 HR, 145 RBI), and Matt Fox (.677, 34 HR, 115 RBI) and you have yourself a competitive team.  Swats should finally make the USSSA Major World Series and compete in their World Tournament.  Can Brambilla have another monster season?  Will Matt Fox take the next step offensively?  Chente Granados has been released by Broughton and will play for OC Swats.






#16 TG Brand/Easton/HDLNS (MI) (A)

Chris Hoffer
Justin Evans
Billy Back
Ryan Disbennett
Aaron Babicz
Steve Whaley
John Radich
Justin R. Green
John Greer
Faron Miller
Ryan Morrow
Adam Kaminski
Joey Dorton
Ryan Noe
Adam Sorrell
Josh Masden
Tyler Kostelic
James Sparrow

Mike Cruea (Manager/Coach)
Dale Dorton (Manager/Coach)

March 14 WSL Bash for Cash
March 28 Open Mojo Money Ball
April 10-12 9th Annual Space City Classic
April 16-19 USSSA Hall of Fame Classic Dual
May 8-10 3rd Annual Columbus BATS Major
June 5-7 Windy City Invitational
June 11-14 USSSA Battle on the Chesapeake Dual
June 26 Circle City Showdown,
July 10-12 47th Smoky Mountain Classic
July 17-19 16th Cincinnati Men's Major
August 14-16 28th Annual Miken Last Chance Major
August 21-23 USSSA Men's B Worlds
September 18-20 USSSA Men's A Worlds
September 23-27 USSSA Men's Major World Series

Easton (Brett Helmer)
Headlines Apparel (Ben Cosgrove)
LineDrive Sports (Tarz)

Outlook:  TG Brand went 25-27 a year ago in the Conference and finished 14th in the points.  To start 2015 they got bumped to 'A'.  They kept all of their top young talent in Joey Dorton (.683, 54 HR, 154 RBI), Adam Kaminski (.715, 45 HR, 124 RBI), John Radich (.717, 24 HR, 68 RBI), and outfielder Ryan Morrow (.587, 7 HR, 59 RBI).  They then added 2 players from the 2014 USSSA 'A' World champions in pitcher Faron Miller, and infielder Steve Whaley (.680, 10 HR, 78 RBI), and the two young outfielders from 3rd Street – Chris Hoffer (.712, 41 HR, 112 RBI) and Ryan Disbennett (.675, 18 HR, 75 RBI).  The team is young, hungry, and well managed and has been building for this season for a number of years.  Chris Hoffer and Ryan Disbennett are looking for a big sophomore season.  Pitcher Faron Miller is a member of Team USA's Future Stars, and Steve Whaley in the middle of the defense is as consistent as they come.  Morrow, Noe, Evans, and Sorrell are players capable of having break out seasons as well..









#17 3rd Street/Hubs Pub/Louisville Slugger (OH) (A)

Shane Spicer
Kenny Leach
Scott Hubbard
Rob Menke
Curtis Cornett
Evan Gallmeier
Jayson Scott
Bobby Noeth Jr
Dustin Boone
Brandon Hubbard
Bobby Noeth
Cody Gilbert
Robert Mahaffey
Jason Magnum
Rick Potter

Robert Mahaffey
Donny Munford
Doug Reed

3rd Street – Robert Mahaffey
Louisville Slugger – Dennis Turner
Hubs Pub – Brandon Hubbard
Bull Dawg Trucking – Donny Munford
Weller – Darren Walters & Chris Weller
Premier Services – Kevin Forwith

April 16-19 USSSA HOF Classic – Dual – Kissimmee
May 8-10    3rd Annual Columbus Bats Major – Columbus, OH
June 5-7      Windy City Invitational – Carol Stream, IL
June 11-14  USSSA Battle on the Chesapeake- Dual – Glen Burnie, MD
July 10-12   47th Smoky Mountain Classic    Maryville, TN
July 17-19   16th Cincinnati Men's Major    Cincinnati, OH
Aug 14-16   28th Annual Miken Last Chance Major – Sterling Heights, MI
Aug 21-23   USSSA B World
Sept 4-6      CONF USSSA/GSL World
Sept 23-27  USSSA Major World Series


Potter, Magnum, and Boone.  Some of the new sticks in the 3rd Street lineup

Outlook:  3rd Street had about an even record in Conference play in 2014, finished 15th in the points, and beat Semper and Team Combat in hard fought wins in the Major World Series.  It will be interesting to see if their pre-season bump to 'A' sticks.  3rd Street has a solid team and is a merger of sorts with the Hubbard brothers both in sponsorship and players.  OF Dustin Boone (.612, 12 HR, 71 RBI), OF Evan Gallmeier (.686 15 HR, 46 RBI), IF Kenny Leach (Buzini), IF Scott Hubbard (.641, 10 HR, 30 RBI), and IF Brandon Hubbard all played with the Hubs Pub team for a few years.  They also picked up OF Cody Gilbert and IF Ricky Potter who played with Reds Astros in the past and power hitter Jason Magnum (.661, 24 HR, 60 RBI) who played with ASP and Broughton last year.  Pitcher Bobby Noeth is coming off one of his best years at age 50 something?  They also picked up former Broughton infielder Curtis Cornett while losing two outstanding Conference rookie outfielders in Chris Hoffer and Ryan Disbennett who went to TG Brand and a couple of veteran hitters.  And it is good to see Jayson Scott back on the roster after his achilles injury from 2014!

3rd Street management with Robert Mahaffey running the show has added veteran coaches Doug Reed and Donny Munford.  They have the conference figured out and always run a first class team which will win its share of upsets and could find their way into the Major again.



#18 Above All Landscaping/Evo9x (NJ) (B)

Jason Hoynowski "Jbird" OF
Jesse "the Cowboy" Campanelli SS
Chris "Nipples" Montenegro IF
Mike Dill C/DH
Clint Murray DH/1B
Jeff Graus "Biscuit" P
Chris "CK" Kirian IF
Brad Blankenship OF
Billy Aker OF/IF
Timmy Mickey 1B/C/DH
Bobby McMinn IF/OF
Anthony "Pep" Sorrentino MI
Chris Stamper OF
Tony Elrod P
Richie Smith 1B/OF/DH

Manager: Brian "Doc" Kildea
1st base coach: Jerry Vitale
3rd base coach/Sponsor: Joe Benanti

JULY 10-12:   SMOKY'S               MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE
AUG 21-23:   B WORLDS              KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA


Dill, Hoynowski, and Graus

Outlook: Above All Landscaping/Evo9x entered the Conference for the first time in 2014 and had a solid year with a 3rd place finish in Atlanta and they won the Conference Qualifier in September.  In the offseason they picked up Mike Dill (.613, 16 HR, 68 RBI) from H Auto, infielder Chris Kirian (.575, 11 HR, 43 RBI), and outfielder Brad Blankenship (.603, 30 HR, 109 RBI).  They also picked up a pair of pitchers with a lot of experience in former Combat pitcher Jeff Graus, and former OI Livingston pitcher Tony Elrod to replace their defensive leader Russ Banasiak who passed away unexpectedly in the offseason.  All of this experienced talent joins the core of young players like shortstop Jesse Campanelli (.628, 4 HR, 36 RBI) and center fielder Jason Hoynowski (.649, 12 HR, 42 RBI) who were among the league leaders in extra base hits.  The team is loaded with other conference experience like infielder Chris Montenegro (.667, 23 HR, 74 RBI) and former B&B slugger Timmy Mickey (.728, 28 HR, 74 RBI) among other newer faces.

Above All should be one of the top 5 'B' teams this year with a chance they could get bumped to 'A' during the season and probably could have started there along with OC Swats and FBI considering the other 7 teams that were bumped had similar rosters.  But all of the classification should sort itself out by mid June and only counts when it comes to the end of season world tournaments.  If the veterans can rekindle their offensive prowess and the youngsters continue to improve, then Above All should make the Sunday final 4 at their worlds.  Hoynowski in center field is one of the better all-around players coming up through the ranks.  Mike Dill at catcher has a knack for leading and helping young players learn to win.  The management group with Above All has done a nice job improving an already quality conference entry.



#19 Broughton Pharmacy/Bad Draw/Worth (NC) (A)


  1. Shaun Bridger
  2. John Dutch
  3. Matt Tindell
  4. Eric Thompson
  5. Cory Franklin
  6. Eric Beattie
  7. Adam Rockoff
  8. Danny Lopez
  9. Freddie Bynum
  10. CJ Jacinto
  11. Brent Powers
  12. David Forbes
  13. Josh Collins
  14. Paul (Hoss Cat) Johnston Jr
  15. Robert Knoblauch

Coaching Staff

  1. Brandon Cashwell-Bad Draw
  2. Toby Williams-Bad Draw


  1. Wesley’s Housing
  2. Broughton Pharmacy
  3. Worth
  4. Bland Roofing


Thompson, Rockoff, and Lopez are a few of the big free agent signings by Broughton/Bad Draw

Outlook:  Broughton and Bad Draw merged to form a team that was bumped to 'A'.  From the Broughton side they bring middle infielder Shaun Bridger (.692, 21 HR, 61 RBI) who is one of the most underrated players in the game, former Major star John Dutch (.720, 13 HR, 37 RBI), and outfielder Matt Tindell (.755, 37 HR, 95 RBI).   The Bad Draw side brings former Major leaguer Freddie Bynum (.630, 8 HR, 42 RBI), and infielders Brent Powers (.625, 14 HR, 48 RBI) and CJ Jacinto (.631, 33 HR, 87 RBI).  Then they picked up some big name free agents in Adam Rockoff (.654, 34 HR, 100 RBI), infielder Robert Knoblauch, and Resmondo backup pitcher Danny Lopez.  They finish off their roster with former B&B left hand hitter Cory Franklin, Albicocco outfielder Eric Beattie, and the best base hitter in the game in former Backman 1st baseman Eric Thompson (.668, 8 HR, 67 RBI).  On paper this is a top 15 team but some of the other offseason signings like Chente Granados didn't work out and I think we need to see this team come together before we can say we were wrong about the #19 ranking (which we very well could be).  Nonetheless a great additon to the 'A' division and if they come together they should qualify for the Major World Series.









#20 Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth (AR) (B)

Outlook:  Fence Brokers returns again to the Conference where they have had a team every year since it began in 2006!  Player/Sponsor Chris Walker hot off his 2014 USSSA Hall of Fame induction believes he has his best 'B' team yet.  It is a mix of veteran players like former Resmondo outfielder Tim Howard, shortstop Pat Burton, utility man Alex Henry from Combat, and pitcher Jason Bridges mixed with a trio of ex Buzini players like outfielder BJ Thomas, and infielders Jake Mays and Chris Smith.  Tim "Long Ball" Bowser and Zach Keene return to add some experienced hitting and they picked up third baseman Mike Cervantes from ASPNation who I have always thought was very underrated.  "FBI" as they are known had a rough year in 2014 and pulled the plug early but return with a new look and feel.  



#21 Combat/Northwest Athletics (WA) (A)

Frankie Griffin – Manager
Dean Stevens  –  3rd base coach
George Phillips – scorekeeper
Combat Sports
Performance Sports Group
Northwest Athletics  – Tyson Avery – Jason Hansen


Outlook: This team is a mix of the Combat/Blockers Conference 'A' team from 2014 and what looks like some Canadian players.  The Combat guys are Franc Henry, Robert Hendren, Landon Helm, and Tony Flores.  They also picked up Taylormade shortstop Clif Williamson, Joco pitcher Drew Pinckley, and Reds outfielder Trey Gilliland.  This Combat team also has former Albicocco infielder Chad Durick.  This team will probably struggle to figure it out early in the season.  Most of the Canadian players are relatively unknown in the States, and they could use some more pitching.  Overall a good additon to the Conference but some growing pains are in their future.



#22 Encompass / Eurotech / Easton / CA (MN) (B)

Colin Baartman
Justin Barber
Joe Ehnstrom
Patrick Ellwanger
Brian Farrar
Ryan Hassler
Cory Hines
Brandon Newman
Tim Nielson
Chris Olson
Allan Ouellette
Dirk Updike
Blake Williams

March 27-29    Las Vegas, NV          Sin City Classic
April 16-19      Kissimee, FL             USSSA HOF Dual
May 22-24       Atlanta, GA               Peach State Classic
June 5-7          Carol Stream, IL         Windy City Invitational
June 11-14      Chesapeake, MD        Bash on the Chesapeake
June 19-21      Brooklyn Center, MN  33rd Annual Dudley Classic
July 10-12       Maryville, TN              47th Smoky Mtn Classic
August 14-16 Sterling Heights, MI     Last Chance Major
August 21-23 Kissimee, FL                USSSA B World Series
Sept 4-6         Kissimee, FL                Conference Champion Ship / GSL A World
Sept 23-27     Kissimee, FL                Men's Major World Series

Outlook: Encompass is a 2nd year Conference 'B' team with most of the players from last years H Auto team.  They showed a lot of heart upsetting many quality teams in 2014 finishing with a 20-20 record.  They won the Kansas City Major and also upset the major team Laservision in Cincinnati.  They are young, fast, and entertaining and are led by their pitcher Allan Oullette who plays the middle like a hockey goalie.  A good season would see them qualifying for the Major World Series and and have an outside shot at the USSSA 'B' World after the top 7 teams were bumped to 'A'.  But a more realistic finish would be 20-25th in the points.  Patrick Ellwanger (.641, 36 HR, 84 RBI) and center fielder Colin Baartman (.637, 22 HR, 68 RBI) should be two to watch in their sophomore years in the conference and they also picked up veteran Brian Farrar (Reds/PRI) and Blake Williams (AJS/Bad Draw) to help the offense.   They did lose power hitter Curtis Stewart who went to play for Precision.









#23 Semper Athletics/Demarini/Buzini Sports (USA) (B)

Dexter Avery
LaMarquis Blake
Cam Byars
Jermaine Flythe
Mike Jenkins
Sherwin Lockridge
Mike Mallory
Chris Markey
Juan Nevarez
Trenton Simms
Kenny Turlington
Darwin “Pony” Vinson
Josh Wiggs
Brandon Williams
Travis Wollison
Will Read
Tommie Melton

Ike Rivers – Manager/CEO
Anthony Nelson – Asst. Coach
Pam Bell – Asst. Coach
Rick Bivens – Asst. Coach

Outlook: Semper Athletics is a military team with players that are serving or have served our great country.  They qualified for the USSSA Major World Series by winning the USSSA Military Varsity title in 2014 and competed pretty well at the Major.  Semper enters the conference for the first time with some veteran players like first baseman Josh Wiggs (.662, 29 HR, 72 RBI), pitcher Cam Byars (.573, 5 HR, 38 RBI), middle infielder Tommie Melton (.677, 18 HR, 59 RBI), and Jermaine Flythe who used to play with 4 The Fallen.  "Mr. USA" Dexter Avery returns to the conference with Semper, as well as Darwin Vinson and some of the military all stars.  This team is fun to watch and their chemistry could surprise some people but overall look for them to be top 30, maybe top 25 and win some games at the 'B' Worlds.  Young power hitter Brandon Williams can put on a show, Tommie Melton hustles as much as anyone in the game, and center fielder Trenton Simms showed he can play with the big boys at the Major World Series last September. 



#24 Prime Time Easton (GA) (B)

Lee Daniels
Chivas Clark
Tony Mack
Earl Bryant
Keyma Wright
Ira Brown
Ronald Grace
David Morrow
Donta Frazier
Jb Jennings
Mike Williams
Reshard Brown
Tre Campbell
Willis James
Joseph Casados
Dennis Davison
Tory Means
Kyndrich Doggett
Jerome Godfrey
Damon Smith
Jarvis Riggins "fatman"

Tony Goodson—Coach
Everett Daniels "Cheese" –Coach
Randy Whitfield–Stats
Easton Sports —Sponsor

21 MAR – 22 MAR  BSC AIKEN                                 BSC             AIKEN, SC
16 APR – 19 APR    HALL OF FAME (DUAL)               C-USSSA      KISSIMMEE, FL
 8 MAY – 10 MAY   COLUMBUS MAJOR                     C-USSSA     COLUMBUS, OH
15 MAY – 17 MAY  BSC CHATTANOOGA                  BSC             CHATTANOOGA, TN
 6 JUN –  7 JUN       BATTLE AT THE BEACH              BSC             MYRTLE BEACH, SC
10 JUL – 12 JUL      SMOKIES                                    C-USSSA     MARYVILLE, TN
17 JUL – 19 JUL      CINCINNATTI MAJOR                  C-USSSA    CINCINNATTI, OH
14 AUG – 16 AUG  LAST CHANCE                            C-USSSA     DETROIT, MI
21 AUG – 23 AUG  B WORLDS                                  USSSA         KISSIMMEE, FL
12 SEP – 13 SEP     BLACK WORLDS                          USSSA-BLK CHATTANOOGA, TN
18 SEP – 20 SEP     A WORLDS                                  USSSA        ORLANDO, FL
23 SEP – 27 SEP     USSSA MAJORS                           USSSA         ORLANDO, FL







Outlook:  Prime Time Easton has been a part of the Conference USSSA since the first year in 2006.  They are perennial favorites on the Black Softball Circuit and usually do better in tournaments in the south near Atlanta where they are based out of.  Prime Time was a disappointing 31st in the points last year and had just a 7-16 record in Conference play.  Prime Time adds Chivas Clark the left hand hitting first baseman from Broughton, and Willis James the hard nosed shortstop from B&B Sears.  Veteran infielders Tony Mack and Earl Bryant will again be keys on both sides of the ball.  Prime Time should finish inside the top 30 in points and be one of the finalists in the USSSA Black American worlds.  If they play well in the big Conference events, they have an outside shot at qualifying for the Major World Series.  On paper this may be their best Conference team ever?



#25 VCH Worth (TX) (B)

Steve Zemanek
Jonathan Kilburn
Jesse Solomon
Matt Miller
Robert B. Whitehouse
Ryan Roppel
Isaac Gonzalez
Argen Dodds
Jason Trammell
Zane Trammell
Taylor Albrect
Josh Kirsten
Jim Miller
Bryan Daniel
Wes Newell
Spencer Foley

Kenny Hare

Dave Steward

4/10- Space City Classic
4/16- Hall of Fame Dual
5/8-  BATS Major
5/15- Texas Legends
6/5-  Windy City Inv.
6/11- Bash on the Chesapeake
7/10- Smokey Mountain Classic
7/17- Cincinnati Major
8/14- Last Chance

Outlook:  This team is a merger between Vivid from Texas and Cash House from Ohio who were both Conference 'B' teams from 2014, and the brain child of their respective player/sponsor/organizers Jon Kilburn and Rob Whitehouse.  They also added the Trammell brothers from Texas as well as pitcher Wes Newell all of whom played with B&B Drywall last year and a couple of players from Cooper Auto.  The team has had some success in offseason tournaments and are ready to take on an aggressive schedule.  With a number of players from Texas I think their best tournament of the year will be Houston to start the season.  I wouldn't be surprised if they could make the final 4 in Houston and take some of that momentum to the Hall of Fame Classic and pull at least one upset.  Long term I think this team will fall just short of qualifying for the major but have a chance to break the top 20.  They need to learn how to win against top pitching and defenses, and how they come together as a team when they lose will determine any long term success. 



#26 Deluxe Bakery (NJ) (B)

Tim Bouch- P/1B         NJ
Tom Bloom- 1B/P        MD
Nick Sampson- I          NJ
Dale Zwack- IF            MD
Warren Rivell-S            NJ
Chris Nann- IF             MD
Tom Paturzo- C/         NJ
"Reds" Ferris- C/1B/EH  DE
Lee Bowles- OF           MD
"Jr" Smith- OF             DE
Woody Darling- OF     NJ
Tony Wargo- OF         NJ
"Rocky" Kravetz- OF   DE
BJ Jarrett- IF               NJ
Ralph Sims- Utility     NJ

Sponsor/3rd Base coach: Sam Racobaldo
Manager: Tom Givens
1st Base coach: DJ Marty Jones
Bench coach: Greg Milakovic

2015  Schedule :
MARCH 28:    GSL EARLY BIRD        GLEN BURNIE, MD       Non-Conference
APRIL 25-26: GSL SPRING WORLD   GLEN BURNIE, MD       Non-Conference
MAY  2-3:      GAP TOURNEY          LANCASTER, PA         Non-Conference
MAY 16-17:   CT AFFILIATE            BRANDFORD, CT

Outlook: Deluxe Bakery joins the Conference in 2015 for the first time after winning the USSSA 'C' Worlds in 2014.  They will be led by former Sonnys outfielder Lee Bowles, up and coming left hand hitter Tony Wargo, veteran Tom Paturzo, and infielder Dale Zwack who used to play with Taylormade.  The team has a fairly aggressive schedule and should finish in the middle of the 'B' Division with an outside chance to finish in the top 25.  Hopefully Deluxe will learn how to play in the conference and what it takes to compete and be a top 'B' team in 2016.



#27 Compound Athletics/Easton (IL) (C)

James Kersten
Grant Grimmett
Ryan Czyz
Andy Shiltz
John Hopkins
Ron Nissen
Brad Lunda
Alex Boerema
Jeff Thielsen
Stephen Cooper
Matt Vern
Prestin Spurlin
Zach Messer
John Howard
Ross Huebner
Doug Bosco Gassman

Player/Sponsor: Jason Wilkins
Coach: Jason Young
Sponsors: Compound Athletics and Easton

Jan 17-Euless Tx
March 28-Columbus (GSL)
April 10-Houston, Tx
April 15-Orlando Dual
May 8-Columbus
May 15-Euless, Tx
May 28-Seattle Dual (TBD)
June 5-Chicago
June 11-Maryland Dual
June 26-Indianapolis
July 11-Smoky
July 17-Cincinnati
Aug 14-Sterling Heights, MI
Aug 21-Orlando B World
Sept 24-Orlando C World
Conference Championship TBD

Outlook:  A new team with a huge Conference schedule.  They have players like former Tailgaters shortstop Zach Messer, one of the hardest hitters in the game in Andy Schiltz (Rip City), infielder Grant Grimmett (Rip City), and outfielder Brad Lunda (EWS,Tailgaters).  They have some other guys with Conference experience in Thielsen, Vern, and Spurlin.  Also a player/sponsor/pitcher Jason Wilkins who once almost pulled off a victory over Resmondo in Cincinnati with a 'C' team KBI.  This team reminds me some ofthe H. Auto team from the last two years and should be a team that comes up with a few big upsets throughout the season.  With 14 Conference tournaments on the schedule they should get their opportunities to score points.  This is the highest I have ever ranked a 'C' team pre-season…


Zach Messer and Grant Grimmett



#28 Newbreed/All American Athletics/Demarini (WA) (B)

Sean Bagley
Kori Brede
Daniel Connell
Charles Cunningham
Ryan Goodman
Jeremy Guillory
Mitch Johnson
Ryan Lekness
George Miller
Cole Patterson
Ryan Raagas
Scott Rockwell
Rolando Rodriguez
Kaeo Rubin


March 27-29 Kings of the Northwest
April 16-19 Florida dual
May 2-3rd   Conference Affiliate Salem, Oregon
May 22-24th Border Battle Portland, Oregon
May 28-31st Seattle Dual.
June 11-14h Maryland dual
July 24-26  Portland major
August 13-16 Detroit
August 20-23rd B Worlds
Conference Championships and or Major if we qualify.

Outlook:  Newbreed retools after an average 2014 season where they were 12-14 vs fellow 'B' teams but did handle the 'C' teams easily with a 14-1 Record.  Newbreed lost the meat of their order in Michael Powers, Sean Boldt, and Jonathan Gastineau who all went to Classic Glass.   They also lost Clay Smitherman and Chris Arredondo.  So they have a fairly new team with about half the team returning.  They also picked up Charles Cunningham (.662, 36 HR, 87 RBI) from 4 The Fallen, defensive stopper Ryan Goodman who last played Conference with Albicocco, and pitcher Jeremy Guillory and infielder Mitch Johnson from All American.  The team is solid and with the top 7 'B' teams getting bumped to 'A' at least to start the season teams like Newbreed will have a shot at a Sunday finish at 'B' Worlds.



#29 GTS/Beus Excavation/AGD (ID) (B)

Dave Halcomb
Stan Beus
Chris Hoshaw
Beau Hamilton
Tim Pemberton
Pat Paschal
Ryan Barabe
Joey Smith
Brian Fong
Rusty Kawachi
Rick Cornu
Brad Carlsen
Aaron Newhouse
Dan Romero
Levi Veatch
Eric Becker
JoJo Widmar
Dave Beymer

Beus Excavation
Action Garage Door
Game Time Sports

Vegas Major
Polar Bear
Phoenix Major
Border Battle
Seattle Major
SLC Affiliate
Portland Major

Outlook:  GTS/Beus Excavation/AGD is a veteran 'B' team out of Idaho that was put together by professional hitter Chris Hoshaw (.667, 22 HR, 63 RBI).  "Hosh" as they call him brings back his buddies from the old C-Town team that finished 2nd at 'B' Worlds in 2007 in infielders Tim Pemberton, Ryan Barabe, and the hard hitting Brian Fong.  They also have Combat veteran Joey Smith (.630, 13 HR, 73 RBI) in the outfield and big Pat Paschal (.667, 17 HR, 53 RBI) doing some pitching and playing 1st base.  This team is long on the conference experience but will have to prove they can still get it done with a schedule that stays west of the Mississippi until Worlds.  These guys shake the rust off every couple years and join the Conference.  Its in their blood!  Chris Hoshaw had this to say about the upcoming season, "Our veterans are the core of our offense and our younger guys are the key to our defense. If the younger guys hit and the older guys can still play defense we will be tough."



#30 Nightmare/Miken (MO) (B)

Corey Tapp
Tre Gothard/Pitcher
Josh Charlton
Clay Smitherman
Noah Wethington/IF
Eric Stewart

Toby Letak
Reb Smith
Nolan Fogle
Mike Brown
TD Thrash
Scott Morrison/OF
Cedric Johnson/Pitcher

Pitcher Corie Waldrep

Nolan Fogle, Nolan Fogle Enterprises
Miken Sports— Adam Peterson
Elite Sports—Jose Vega
Bite Me Mouthguards – Joe Rice

Manager Bob Ellis
Coach Daryl Harrison

April 10-12 9th Annual Space City Classic HOUSTON, Texas
April 24-26 1st Annual Sooner Classic TULSA, Oklahoma
May 28-31 The Combat Major Dual Event Kent, Washington (SEATTLE)
June 19-21 33rd Annual Dudley/Budweiser Classic Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (Minneapolis)
July 3-6 36th Annual Busch/Pepsi Classic Little Rock, Arkansas
July 17-19 16th Cincinnati Men’s Major Cincinnati, Ohio
July 31-August 37th Annual Cajun Classic Carencro, Louisiana (Lafayette)
August 14-16 28th Annual Miken Last Chance Major Sterling Heights, Michigan (Detroit)
August 21-23 B Men’s Worlds Orlando, Florida
September 4-6 USSSA Conference Championship ORLANDO
Sept. 18-20          ????????????????????? ORLANDO
Sept. 23-27          ????????????????????????? ORLANDO

Outlook:  NIGHTMARE/MIKEN returns to the Conference for their third straight season.  Last year under the control of veteran manager Davey Jones they got off to a fast start with a 12-6 record in the Houston Major and the Dual Majors in Florida to start the year.  They were playing toe to toe with the 'A' teams.  But they were 13-10 the rest of the season and finished tied for 9th at the USSSA 'B' Worlds.  In 2015 manager Bob Ellis takes over the reigns of the team led by veteran left hand hitters Tre Gothard (.612, 18 HR, 70 RBI), Clay Smitherman (.663, 36 HR, 106 RBI), and Mike Brown (.775, 56 HR, 178 RBI).  The infield will be led by player/sponsor Nolan Fogle, Reb Smith, and Toby Letak up the middle.  The team will use Corie Waldrep and Conference newcomer Cedric Johnson on the mound.  Look for Nightmare to be a middle of the road 'B' team who will play half of their Conference schedule before mid May.  And they will be a team that will have to have a very good season to make the top 25!  Manager Bob Ellis feels "A Sunday finish at the USSSA B Worlds is our priority."  Nightmare lost power hitter Argen Dodds to VCH, center fielder Cory Newman to Racks, pitcher Kirk Stafford, infielder Scott Short, and outfielder Evan Gallmeier among others.  Could be a rebuilding year…


Nolan Fogle, Tre Gothard, Clay Smitherman









#31 Peak/SoCo Softball (CO) (B)


Kevin Basinger
Pat Farrell
Nate Gessel
Joe Gordon
Stephen Graham
Tim Hamer
Deren Hurlie
Bryan Lang
Eric McCann
Jarrod Purvis
Anthony Shockley
Jake Stock
Weston Tallon
Kevin Watkins
James Webster
Anthony Wehr

8th Annual Southwest Invitational    Peoria, AZ
5th Annual Sin City Classic    Las Vegas, NV
USSSA Hall Of Fame    Kissimmee, FL
Cactus Classic    Peoria, AZ
15th Annual Texas Legends    Euless, TX
Windy City Invitational    Carol Stream, IL
Bash On The Chesapeake – Dual Event    Glen Burnie, MD
47th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic    Maryville, TN
31st Annual Rocky Mountain Shootout    Aurora, CO
USSSA B-Worlds    Kissimmee, FL

Outlook:  Peak/Soco returns to the conference after a couple of years away with what I think will be their best team ever.  They added pitcher PJ Garcia from California who played with Famous and other teams in the past.  They added center fielder Joe Gordon (.671, 15 HR, 57 RBI) from Combat who has won 'A' Worlds with R&M Metals.  And  they added left handed hitter Bryan Lang from Arizona.  They also picked up some other guys with Conference experience in Tim Hamer and Weston Tallon and have a number of other "unknown" talents looking to make their mark.  Look for Peak to do pretty well in their western scheduled events like Phoenix and their home state Major in Colorado, but they are still a year away from competing for a Sunday finish in the 'B'.


Joe Gordon, Bryan Lang, PJ Garcia



#32 KG/Slayer/Wilson/Louisville Slugger (IN) (B)


Kenny Geiersbach and Josh Fryman

Buddy Welsh
Brandon Sisson
Matt Rogers
Adam Paridaen
Cody Pack
Gillie Melton
Chad Marchand
Ryan Love
Joel Kintner
Corey Jackson
Derik Hutton
Josh Fryman
Billy Dennis
Manager – Joel Kintner
Coach – Karl Knight
Coach – Joe Bisinger
Coach – Jeremy Coulter
Louisville Slugger – Dennis Turner
Wilson Concrete – Andy Wilson 
K&G Sports – Karl Knight
KB Contracting – Joe Bisinger
Kintner Athletics – Joel Kintner
Earl Book's Carraige Ford – Marty Book
Rooster's Clarksville, IN 
March 28 – USSSA Show No Mercy (Louisville, KY)
April 11 – WSL Border Wars (Owensboro, KY)
April 16 – USSSA Hall Of Fame Classic (Kissimmee, FL)
May 1 – USSSA Choo Choo Classic Major (Chattanooga, TN)
May 8 – USSSA B.A.T.S. Major (Columbus, OH)
June 5 – USSSA Windy City Major (Carol Stream, IL)
June 26 – USSSA Circle City Showdown (Indianapolis, IN)
July 10 – USSSA Smoky Mountain Classic (Maryville, TN)
July 17 – USSSA Cincinnati Major (Cincinnati, OH)
August 14 – USSSA Miken Last Chance Major (Sterling Heights, MI)
August 21 – USSSA B World (Kissimmee, FL)
September 4 – USSSA Conference Championship (Kissimmee, FL) – If Qualify
Sepember 23 – USSSA Major Championship (Kissimmee, FL) – If Qualify
October 30 – GSL Southeast Region "Open" (Chattanooga, TN)   
Outlook: KG/Slayer/Wilson/LouisvilleSlugger moves up to the 'B' division after going 6-10 in Conference play in 2014.  K&G is playing an aggressive schedule which they hope will put them at the top of the 'B' division seeding for Worlds.  K&G has added many young players like shortstop Brandon Bartels from Rip City, Ohio center fielder Matt Rogers (.657, 22 HR, 78 RBI), and former 3rd Street slugger Josh Fryman.  They also added infielder Kenny Geiersbach (.682, 24 HR, 62 RBI) from P&P 333.  This team is still at least a year away from competing at the top of the 'B' division but they can pull some early round upsets at Conference events.  I can't say a know a whole lot about the rest of the team but if they can win 2 games per tournament at the big conference events they would score a lot of points and should finish higher in the points than the computer rankings.



#33 AZM/Easton (AZ) (B)

Justin Thayer
Josh Carter
Jason Romero
Cal Ford
Brian Knight
Brandon Gooding
Ron Noyola
Adam Smylie
Kristopher Kelleher
Vito Messina
Mike Niño
LaCurtis Mayes
Richard Salazar Jr.
Jon Nelson

Coach/Sponsor – Ron Sartin


03/27 – 3/29 – Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, NV

4/16 – 4/19 – Hall of Fame Classic DUAL – Kissimmee, FL

5/1 – 5/3 – Cactus Classic – Peoria, AZ

5/15 – 5/17 – Texas Legends – Euless, Tx

5/28 – 5/31 – Combat Major DUAL – Kent, Wa

6/26 – 6/28 – Battle In The West – Chino Hills, Ca

7/24 – 7/26 – Rose City Major – Portland, Or

8/21 – 8/23 – USSSA Men's B World Tournament


Outlook: AZM returns to the Conference with a lot of experience in sluggers Cal Ford (Classic Glass) and Adam Smylie (All American), and players Brandon Gooding (4 The Fallen), Flaco Salazar (Line Drive), and Josh Carter (.657, 16 HR, 65 RBI) from Team Combat).  The team has a lot of players coming from a lot of different places and a schedule based in the West which means they would have to do really well in those events to score points.  This team looks good on paper and could probably finish in the top 25 of the computer rankings if all the moving parts come together.  



#34 Bear Hollow Ranch/Coppermine Lodge/Buzini/Easton (AR) (B)


Evan Eary 

Kelly Davis

Adam Ussery

Addison Rayford

Sam Alverson

Roger Glaude

Aaron Cupp

Kyle Kallsnick

Nick Palese

Jeremy Hollis

Joseph Talley

Todd Boucher

Rowdy Mott

Brandon Knox

Thomas "Trey" Gilliland

Justin Beal

Kelly Davis & Rowdy Mott

Bear Hollow Ranch/Coppermine Lodge – Rowdy Mott
Buzini Sports – Chris Walker
Easton – Brett Helmer

2015 Schedule:
1/10 – The Snowball – Rogers, AR
1/17 – Winter Worlds – Mansfield, TX
2/21 – Snowball – Tulsa, OK
3/7 – Dudley/TPS Classic  – Sherwood, AR
3/28 – WSS/Buzini – Sherwood, AR
4/10-12 – Space City Major – Houston, TX
4/24-26 – Sooner Invitational – Major  Tulsa, OK
5/1-3 – Choo Choo Classic – Major – Chattanooga,TN
5/15-17 – TX Legends -Major – Euless, TX
5/22 – Tournament of Champions – Jacksonville, AR
6/11-14 – Maryland Dual – Major
7/4-6 – Busch/Pepsi – Major – Sherwood, AR
7/10-12 – Smokey – Major – Maryville, TN
7/24-26 – Cajun – Major- Carencro, LA
8/14-16 – Last Chance – Sterling, MI
B Worlds – Orlando, FL
MWS – Orlando, FL (TBA)

Outlook:  Bear Hollow Ranch is a new Conference team from Rogers, Arkansas.  They are playing a regional schedule to start but then they are travelling to the Maryland Dual, Smoky Mountain Classic, and Last Chance Major.  This is an unknown team to me which is why I ranked them here at #34.  I will take a good look at them in Houston in early April and report back an update on this team then.  Welcome to the show and good luck!



#35 Steel/Miken (TX) (C)

Mark Cridland
Donte LaPoint
Casey Brown
Justin Mark
Darnell Hawkins
Nick Mitschke
Taylor Lobb
Ethan Stuckly
Ryan Riddle
David Prahm
Mark Dennis
Matthew Vasquez
Joshua Sylvestine
Jason Guillory
Rodney Fail

Mark Holsonback – Coach/Sponsor
Tim Barnes – Coach

Conference Schedule
4/10 Space City Classic
4/24 Sooner Invitational
5/15 Texas Legends
6/7  Affiliate – Stockyards- Mansfield
6/11 Bash on the Chesapeake
7/3  Busch/Pepsi Classic
7/10 Smoky Mountain Classic
7/31 Cajun Classic

Outlook: Steel joins the Conference this year playing a more regional schedule with a roster loaded with Conference experienced players who have played with Vivid, ASPNation, Joco and other teams over the years.  This team is 13-3 already in the 'C' division and could be one of the top 5 'C' teams in the country.  



#36 Rebel Sports/Linedrive Sportz (MI) (C)

Justin Bishop      

Bryan Goins

Ken Kaminga

Ryan Kinnick

Tom Luna

Corey McMahon

Jake Morton

Justin Mulhearn

Mike Newsted

Kevin Raisor

Sean Richardson

Ryan Rogowski

Sherrod Wood Sanders

Zack Hartle

JJ Schimizzi

Drew Smith

Justin Smith


Manager:  Mike Rosenthal


2015 Schedule:

March 27-29           Sin City Classic            Las Vegas, Nevada

April 16-19             Dual                            Kissimmee, Florida

April 25                  Class C Spring States    Sterling Heights, Michigan

May 8-10                Columbus Major          Columbus, Ohio

June 5-7                 Windy City Major          Carol Stream, Illinois

June 26-28             Circle City Major          Indianapolis, Indiana

July 17-19               Cincinnati Major         Cincinnati, Ohio

August 8                 Class C States             Sterling Heights, Michigan

August 14-16          Last Chance Major      Sterling Heights, Michigan

August 29-30          B/C Regional              Sterling Heights, Michigan

September 12-13    C Regional South        Indianapolis, Indiana

September 24-27    C World Series            Orlando, Florida

October 9-11          GSL Fall Worlds           Indianapolis, Indiana

Outlook: Rebel Sports is playing an aggressive schedule for a 'C' team.  Look for them to take their lumps early and often while hoping those losses pay off at the end of the season.  Luna, Goins, Raisor, Hartle, and Bishop all have conference experience but Las Vegas, Hall of Fame, and Columbus are not going to be easy tournaments for them.  



#37 CGR/House Money Softball (MD) (B)

#8      Ryan Fant    
#12    Craig Ruppert
#3      Dereck McLeod
#24    Joseph Durso
#19    Adam Warfield
#4      Donny Meyett
#10    Steve Yarbor
#17    Eric Curry
#6      Ryan Rabon
#00    Nick Cantwell
#13    Johnny Newcomer
#55    Chris Issenock
#23    Charles Nicholson
#0      David Hopkins
#1      Frank Fornoff
#11    Keith Arnold
#2      Chris Jarboe
#14    Greg Rush
2015 Conference Schedule
Florida Dual
MD Dual
Another team we didn't get to see a lot of in 2014.  We'll have to check them out at the Dual.  Fant, Warfield, Yarbor, Rabon, and Curry are names we've heard.  Could be a team to deal with if you are a B or A team on a Friday night or Saturday morning.



#38 Worsham Athletics/Klutch Brand/Worth/JD#2 (NC) (C)

1B Jason Martel
OF/IF Chris Cooper
SS Matt Bridges
MI Jason Walker
OF/IF Tim James
C Nick Clary
C Brian Wooten
2B Jonathon Dotson
OF Chuck Koone
P/IF Stacy Bolton
UT Shaul Illidge
P/OF Brandon Patzig
OF Vinny Dima
P/IF Will New
OF Jodi Hodo
OF Phillip Parrish

OF/IF Dee Hornesbuger

3B Steve Hildebran

Sonny Worsham (Worsham Athletics)
Brandon Patzig, Vinny Dima (Klutch Brand)
Jonathon Craig (Craigology)
Mike Cornell (Worth)
Organizer Ed Hawes

February 27-29 Rockhill S.C. Affilate
April 16-19 HOF Dual Florida
May 1-3 Choo Choo Chattanooga TN
May 8-10 Columbus Ohio
May 22-24 Peach State Atlanta GA
June 11-14 Chesapeake Dual Glen Burnie MD
July 10-12 Smoky Mtn Classis Maryville, TN
July 17-19 Cincinnati OH
USSSA C or B world
Major World if qualified and GSL World

All of these 'C' teams you are probably interchangeable in the rankings.  Worsham got some experience last year in the Conference, lost a bunch of their key players but come back for 2015.  While we don't know a lot of these guys, there is some Conference experience amongst the group in Stacy Bolton, Jodi Hodo, Dotson, Koone, and Walker.  Seems like a fun team that could win a few games at C or B Worlds.



#39 Big Ten / Team Wager (CO) (C)

#9 Scott Montoya C/DH/1st
#99 Lenny Miles C/DH
#O3 Dustin Wager P/ Mid IF
#10 Joe Rodriguez 3rd/OF
#19 Patrick Tremblay SS
#1 Jesse Boygoyns 5 Man
#15 Joe Garcia 2nd
#32 Jarrod Chacon 1st
#5 Chewy Vigil CF
#21 Chris Bergquist LF
#33 RJ Quintana RF
#31 Jerry Romero P
#2 Jimmy Peyton P/3rd

Coach: Max Loya
Manger : Joe Garcia

Sponsors: Helen Garcia / Team Wager Reality / Ward Electric / Brothers Bar & Grill

8th Annual SW Invite / Peoria, AZ
Space City Classic / Houston, TX
Texas Legends / Euless, TX
Battle in the West / Chino Hills, CA
Rocky Mountain Shootout / Aurora, CO
Last two have not been decided yet.

Big Ten is new and welcome addition to the Conference and will probably spend most of the season trying to figure out how to win the long hard fought games in the Conference. 



#40 SFI/Sal8/Easton (VA) (C)

P     Brian Renner
1b/P  Chance Hall
2b    Jamie Bare
MI    Tyler Newell
SS    Tyler Wilson
3b    Brian Carter
C/OF  Paul Scott
OF    Tee Hoffman
OF    Bobby Wolfe
OF    Mike Padgette
OF    Kevin Bowles
C/DH  Todd Boothe
P     Gregg Blevins
Util  Devin Stanley
IF    Justin Saunders
P/DH  Mickey Mounts
OF    Brian Mays

Manager/Coach  Cary Barksdale
Coach Dave LaSauer
Coach Jimmy Cutshaw
Scorekeeper  Jamie Samuels

SFI, Inc.-Todd Boothe
Sons of American Legion Post 8- Cary Barksdale
Easton Sports- Brett Helmer

Conference Schedule:
Rock Hill   Feb 27-29
Chattanooga  May 1-3
Columbus   May 8-10
Chesapeake Dual  June 11-14
Smokey Mtn Classic   July 10-12
Cincinnati, OH  July 17-19

SFI is a new conference 'C' team with a few names recognizable from conference play like Jamie Bare and Tyler Newell but we don't know much about them and they will probably suffer from the steep learning curve in the big tournaments.  They have players from Virginia and North Carolina and won the WSL and Freedom 'C' Worlds in 2014.



#41 Midwest Hearing/Syndicate (KS) (C)

Justin Bennett
Terry Brewster
Chris Coussens
Zack Eubank
Casey Garten
Ryan Hege
Travis Hulbert
Bill Hyatt
Tim Jones
Mitch Loomis
Blake Renner
Danny Rodriguez
Troy Simoneau
Troy StClair
Brandon Weems

Terry Brewster – Sponsor/Coach/Player
Rob Brewster – Sponsor/Coach
Don Gering – Coach
Mike Thome – Scorebook
John Humphreys – Coach

Conference Schedule
3/28 – Las Vegas, NV
4/26 – Tulsa, OK
5/15 – Euless, TX
6/5 –  Dallas, TX
6/19 – Brooklyn Center, MN
7/31 – Aurora, CO

Outlook: Midwest Hearing/Syndicate returns to the Conference for their 2nd year.  Their initial season was a rough one as they had just a 7-14 with very few quality wins.  They return in 2015 with a lighter schedule and they picked up some players with Conference experience from B&B Drywall.  They also picked up veteran Mitch Loomis and they merged sponsorship with Syndicate a 'C' team with a long history of success.  Look for Midwest Hearing to struggle with top 'B' and above competition but they could have some success at smaller events like the new Tulsa Conference event and the tournament at the end of the regular season in Colorado.  



#42 Toe2Toe/Premier Athletics/Miken/HangRite/Power Alley Sports OC (CA) (C)

Gary Carrillo
Nate Newman
Jeff Crouse
Olivier Moreau
Robert Mcavoy
Brian McCarthy
Andrew Diaz
Joseph Pettersen
AJ Saucedo
Manny Mesa
Brett Barrios
Hector Mendoza
Chris Tucker
Jason Legault
Robert Meza
Alex Kahn
Cory Rider – player / mgr
David Mesa – score book / base coach

Conference Schedule:
March 27-29 Sin City Classic, Vegas
April 16-19 H O F dual, Florida
May 1-3 Cactus Classic, AZ
May 28-31 Combat Major, WA
June 26-28 Battle n the West, CA
July 10-12 Smokey Mtn, TN
Aug 14-16 Miken Last Chance, MI
(Events may be added or removed depending on funding)

Outlook: This is a new Conference team based out of California with very little experience at the upper level with pitcher Nate Newman pictured above as one of the only rostered players to play conference and that was briefly with 4 The Fallen last year.  Look for the team to experience some real growing pains as they get their feet wet in the Conference.  Toe2Toe is still looking for sponsorship.  The team has moved up from 'E' just a few years ago.  The team was 2-2 at the 'C' Worlds in 2014.



#43 Precision Recovery/Buzini Sports (IL) (C)




April 24-26 SOONER INVITATIONAL (Tulsa, Oklahoma) 
June 5-7 WINDY CITY INVITATIONAL (Carol Stream, IL) 
June 26-28 CIRCLE CITY SHOWDOWN (Indianapolis, IN) 
July 10-12 47TH SMOKY MTN CLASSIC (Maryville, TN)
July 17-19 16TH CINCINNATI MENS MAJOR (Cincinnati, OH) 
Sept 24-27 USSSA C WORLD (Orlando, FL) 

Outlook: A new Conference 'C' team from Illinois with no upper level experience that we don't know anything about.  Look for them to try to put together their best Conference event of the year in Indianapolis at the end of June after they take a few beatings early in the season.  Precision Recovery was 4-2 at 'C' Worlds in 2014.



#44 RSC/Tom Wood Honda/ Combat (OH) (C)

Rob Ballinger
Travis Urschel
Danny Engle
Andy McCoppin
AJ Mikesell
Tyler Osterman
Jason Hawkins
Cody Wilmot
Dave Grooms
Dominic Fielder
KC Waterbury
Matt Paradise
Cory Ross
Jordan Ross
Clay Norton
Jarrod Buckingham
Justin Harrison

2015 Schedule:
Columbus May 8-10
Chicago June 5-7
Indianapolis June 26-28
Smoky   July 10-12
Cincinnati July 17-19
Detroit  August 14-16

Outlook: 2nd year Conference 'C' team with a lot of roster turnover.  RSC is from Middletown, Ohio and is a merger between 3 local tri-state area teams that hopes to improve over their 2014 season where they were 0-8 in Conference play.  The roster has changed quite a bit with a blend between youth and veteran players.



#45 WSC (WI) (C)

Outlook: The WSC team is my last ranked team.  I am ranking them last as I have not reviewed a roster yet.  No one loves softball more than the WSC team that sacrifice a lot to be a part of the Conference every year.  WSC was 1-2 at 'C' Worlds in 2014.



#46 Maroadi Transfer (PA) (D)

Outlook: I have yet to see a roster for Maroadi.  Joe Baney the long time sponsor of 'A' and 'AA' teams in the late 1990's and early 2000's is back and taking his first crack at the Nationwide Conference USSSA.  Please contact me at to send me a roster and schedule for the website.




Approximate 2015 Conference Make Up (46 teams.  Taylormade would make 47.  They just need a little more sponsorship if there is a sponsor out there that wants to help them):

  6 Major Teams

12 'A' Teams

20 'B' Teams (Classes still being determined)

  8 'C' Teams (Classes still being determined)

2014 Conference Make Up (53 teams):
 4 Major Teams
 9 'A' Teams
23 'B' Teams
17 'C' Teams

2013 Conference Make Up (47 teams):
 4 Major Teams
 8 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams
15 'C' Teams

2012 Conference Make Up (41 teams):
 4 Major Teams
 9 'A' Teams
21 'B' Teams
 7 'C' Teams

2011 Conference Make Up (38 teams):
 4 Major Teams
10 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams
 4 'C' Teams

2010 Conference Make Up (34 teams):
 2 Major Teams
11 'A' Teams
15 'B' Teams
 5 'C' Teams
 1 'D' Team



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