Tuesday January 28th, 2020


Dexter Avery
LaMarquis Blake
Cam Byars
Jermaine Flythe
Mike Jenkins
Sherwin Lockridge
Mike Mallory
Chris Markey
Juan Nevarez
Trenton Simms
Kenny Turlington
Darwin “Pony” Vinson
Josh Wiggs
Brandon Williams
Travis Wollison
Will Read
Tommie Melton

Ike Rivers – Manager/CEO
Anthony Nelson – Asst. Coach
Pam Bell – Asst. Coach
Rick Bivens – Asst. Coach

14 responses to “Added Schedule —> 2015 SEMPER ATHLETICS/DEMARINI/BUZINI SPORTS team!”

  1. Chad Loudon says:

    Looks like a great team fellas!! Good luck this year!!!!

  2. Reid #3 says:

    Glad to see another team of military brothers. Good luck fellas!!

  3. John says:

    Definitely not a military team. Some active duty guys and a few retirees but I wouldn’t call them a military team. They should do well this year.

  4. Jeremy Moody says:

    Wishing this great group the best this year. Looks to be a good mix of some players with conference experience, and some guys who are very deserving and talented enough to play at this level. military but much like 4 the fallen, I am sure they will represent them well. Gotta give a huge thanks Ike Rivers and Demarini for backing this group and giving the military softball community a team to follow and support. I love that this group has pieces of some of the best teams and rivals in military softball like American Legion, Semper, Scraps, and Pendleton. Best of luck fellas!

  5. clayton says:

    Wait till you see that guy Mike Mallory hit!!
    Good luck fellas. See you on the field.

  6. Jeramy "kid" Aponte says:

    Good luck fellas

  7. Pictureman55 says:

    Good looking squad, should make some noise!! Good luck!

  8. Christopher "Sticky" Burrell says:

    Good luck to Semper…. Represent the Military well…

  9. DK says:

    I wish you guys a succesful year.

  10. Scheel says:

    Very talented roster, I expect you all to do very well this year. Good luck and hope to see you on the field soon.

  11. Robert Goodman says:

    Good luck fellas!

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