Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

A revolutionary new idea for the game of softball? (READ)

Read thoroughly, ask questions, and think about this idea before casting it aside.  

I was trying to think outside the box this offseason on how all of us that have a passion for the game of softball could pitch in and help the game and give back to the game at the highest level. This idea would take every one of us to be successful. It would take the support of every player, sponsor, every person who was ever involved in the Conference or upper level softball in any fashion. It would need the support of the directors that love the game, the non-conference players that enjoy upper level softball, the fans, TheOldScout readers, the SoftballCenter readers, and ex-players. It would be a chance for everyone to give something back to the game and by doing so help grow the game. Something that could eventually take the pressure off of the sponsors in the upper level of slowpitch. Something that could eventually allow any team in the country to play upper level ball without breaking the sponsors financially. Something that could really help areas like the West, the Northeast, and Texas. Really it could help all of upper level softball if it grew big enough… 

What is it? 

I have decided to float the idea of an exclusive softball club. A SoftballCenter membership club of sorts. The private club would be FREE at first, and would have its own private sign in message board and chat room. Members would vote on everything including a board of directors that would oversee funds and decisions, and eventually vote on how to use the club dues. The membership would be FREE for 2015 and no one would have to pay any money until the softball club grew to a pre-determined number of members which would be voted on by the members. Maybe 1,000 or 2,000 members or whatever threshold is voted. 

The club could possibly develop a smartphone app that gives news, bracket, score updates, and livestream links to members. The club could have free rotissiere leagues for upper level softball with prizes for pickems, and super bowl squares, ncaa basketball pools, pickems for the upper level tournaments and major world series. It could possibly have daily give aways of prizes like bats, uniform packages, and team hats. 

Once the minimum threshold of members is reached the club could start collecting monthly dues which again would be voted on. As little as $3.99 a month for 2,000 members could be used to help upper level teams with airline flights to tournaments. If the club grew big enough it could operate its own B, A, or Major Conference team, voting on all aspects of the team as a group. 

The monetary power of a large group of people giving a small amount of money every month could really impact this game in a positive way. Once all the people in and around upper level ball sign up for the club, then we would have a base of people and could approach the larger softball playing community for their support. There are over 4.8 million people that like softball on facebook… There are 2,700+ players that have played for a conference team since it began in 2006. I have over 10,000 emails in my own upper level softball email list. When you see these numbers and realize the impact of what just 3,000 or 4,000 members could do to impact the game, you see the full potential of this idea. 

We are all grown adults, and while most cannot pay for themselves to play or be a part of the upper level of softball because of family expenses and life expenses, we can all find something valuable in an exclusive softball club and be a part of the game in a small way. And the low monthly donation when multiplied across a few thousand members could eventually subsidize the entire upper level of softball and help pay team expenses like airline flights which would make it so that any team in North America that is used to only paying gas and hotel expenses could afford to play at the top level.  The possibilities are endless and the voting of the members would push the money to where they want it. 

Please leave your questions about this idea here. Also, if this builds some momentum I will have a weekly chat room on Wednesdays to address members and get the members only message board up and running as quickly as possible. With the power of social media I think this idea and the timing of it has a chance to succeed and we each would need to do our part to join and support it. 

Have a great New Year and let me know what you think about this idea. I was trying to come up with something that we the people of softball could do to light a spark in the game and give back to it. 


EMAIL dw@softballcenter.com if you want to chat, have ideas about this club, and or you just want to say YES you would support this idea. It is FREE to join (for now).

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