Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Added Schedule —> 2015 Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth roster!

Resmondo Specialty Tank/Worth (FL) (M)
 Lee Powers
 BJ Fulk
 Andy Purcell
 Bubba Mack
 Greg Connell
 Dennis Rulli
 Don Dedonatis Jr
 Jimmy Salas
 Jeremy Isenhower
 Nick Santana
 Jeremy Yates
 Howie Krause
 Andrew Collins
 Dan Sanchez

 John Rector – Manager
 Frank Webb – Manager
 Travis Resmondo – Sponsor
 John Riccio – Sponsor 

2015 Schedule:
3/27-29 Sin City Classic
4/16-19 Hall of Fame
5/8-10   Columbus, OH
5/15-17 Euless, TX
6/5-7     Chicago, IL
6/11-14 Maryland Dual
6/19-21 The Dudley
7/10-12 Smoky Mountain Classic
7/17-19 Cincinnati Major
8/14-16 Last Chance – Sterling Hgts, MI
9/04-06 USSSA Conference Championship
9/23-27 USSSA Men’s Major

9 responses to “Added Schedule —> 2015 Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth roster!”

  1. Big Fan says:

    I guess we will see another season of cimplementing Resmondo dominance. How many will say they are washed up during the dual again. I guess LV has to go back to the drawing board again. Good luck in 2015

  2. Gillyshaw says:

    Congrats to my boy AC03… I’ve been saying all along that he’s legit and just needs a shot!!!

  3. Jason says:

    who did they lose….

  4. jason says:

    thanks dw…keep up the good work

  5. ZT says:

    Who pitches if Andy runs into probs?

  6. pt34 says:

    Dan sanchez pitched for The Scene and Shoppe…

  7. Bmill25 says:

    I thought j isenhower was a miken hitter ..?

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