Friday May 29th, 2020

2015 OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken team!


OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken – California 'B'
Steven "Stuey" Lopez
Mike Brambilla
Matt Fox
Pilar Amaya
Carlos "Los" Vasquez
Ryan Mcclanahan
Chente Granados
Eli Aguilar
Westy Guill
Dave Nowak
Caezar Camarillo
Ed "The Kid" Vega
Tyson Steele

Manager – Henri Nuber
Coach – Ric Doerflinger

Darick Publishing
Doerflinger Software


5th Annual Louisville Slugger Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, NV
USSSA Hall of Fame Classic – Duel Event – Orlando, FL
Cactus Class Phoenix, AZ
The Combat Major –  Duel Event – Kent, WA
USSSA Bash on the Chesapeke – Duel Event – Glen Burnie, MD
Battle of the West – Chino Hills, CA
36th Busch/Pepsi Classic – Little Rock, AR (tentative)
47th Smoky Mountain Classic – Maryville, TN (tentative)
16th Cincinnati Major – Cincinnati, OH
Rose City Major – Portland, OR (tentative)
31st Rocky Mountain Shootout – Aurora, CO (tentative)
26th Last Chance – Sterling Heights (tentative)
B World Championship

15 responses to “2015 OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken team!”

  1. DH26 says:

    Good looking team most of the guys from last year with a few new add ons

  2. Trung says:

    SS and 5 Man combo will be fun to watch.

  3. PT26 says:

    Sick west coast squad… Good luck this year fellas…

  4. cookieduster says:

    What! No Frank Dever? Weak!!!!!

  5. Scout says:

    Make sure you’re approved for B from National, or you might be forced to go to B worlds without your Major Player. Would hate to see another West Coast team screwed, and not knowing before they get started.

  6. Ronnie Herrera says:

    GL Swats, rep So Cal

  7. dubcee says:

    So who is Chent with?

  8. PT26 says:

    Oh snap! Who’s Sena rolling with this year!?

    • ITK says:

      Sena decided after last season to take some time off. He might make a return later in the year. Fool is getting old, only good for a half a season now haha.

  9. Gillyshaw says:

    Siik ass team rooting for my boys… Chent is a great pick up finally gets to play w/ a home town team… GL fellas…

  10. NNewman25 says:

    Great bunch of guys right here. Good Luck boys!

  11. Henri says:

    These guys are all good! Very happy and lucky to have them all. Ric is also the best as well. Going to be a fun year!!

  12. ZK31 says:

    same group of guys that can never pull it together, Chent is now playing on a B team, goes to show if you dont work on your game you wont get better. wasted talent.

  13. Sideshow says:

    You cats are funny… Chente has many options — more than you will know. He’s growing up, and we’ll see him even better this year. No matter who he plays with.

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