Thursday June 24th, 2021

2015 Nationwide Conference USSSA points scenarios!



The work below I am hoping is accurate so please if you see any mistakes please email and I will correct it immediately.

Note: Smash It Sports and Resmondo are still within 40 points of each other so eventhough Smash It won the regular season championship, the Conference Championships will still determine the #1 seed for the USSSA Major World Series!  Something to play for.  The top 8 teams play in the GSL Major/Conference Championships.

The conference qualifier has 9 teams and play in their own 3 game guarantee bracket called the GSL 'A'/Conference Qualifier:
  Fence Brokers (Qualified)
  Encompass (Qualified)
  Xtreme (Qualified)
  Compound Athletics (Qualified)
  3rd Street
  OI Livingston
  Semper Athletics
  Combat/Northwest Athletics


2015 Nationwide Conference USSSA points scenarios

going into the Conference Championships!

Current 2015 Nationwide Conference USSSA point standings

Question: What will be the points for the Conference Championships?
Answer:   Conference Championship GSL Major   1) 175   2) 135   3) 125   4) 115   5) 105   7) 95
               Conference Qualifier GSL 'A' points   1) 85  2) 75  3) 65  4) 55  5) 45  7) 35  9) 25  13) 15
               Top 16 teams in points are locked into the Major World Series at the end of the Michigan Last Chance Major.
               Teams in the top 8 must attend the Conference Championships.
               Teams 9-32 do not have to attend but can be jumped in points.


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