Thursday June 24th, 2021

Upset Thursday at the Dual in Kissimmee! Pictures!


Upsets ruled the day at the Hall of Fame Classic Dual #1 Major tournament in Kissimmee, Florida! 

TG Brand takes on VCH/Worth

KG/Slayer out of Indiana upset Precision Easton and Pure Romance back to back!  Xtreme/Miken knocked off 4 The Fallen.  Fence Brokers knocked off OI Livingston and Xtreme.  Encompass out of Minnesota dropped Team Racks, Albicocco, and FBI to the loser's bracket and advanced to the final 4!  VCH/Worth hot off their Houston win knocked off Backman!  CA Sports beat Team Combat.  TG Brand advanced to the final 4.  And OC Swats beat Reds Astros.  The two remaining major teams in the winners bracket are Resmondo and Smash It Sports.  There is a new bracket for Dual #1 with updated game times for Friday.

The upsets continued apparently in the loser's bracket with Compound Athletics beating Albicocco over at Fortune Road, according the bracket?  wow.

Low scores and games with very few home runs dominated the tournament.  Then the rain let loose around 7:30 PM and postponed the tournament until Friday morning at 8 AM eastern.

Unfortunately a lightning bolt hit the light pole in LF on F2 where VCH was playing and went through the ground and may have injured brothers Jason and Zane Trammell who are getting checked out at the ER.  The bolt was a blast which shook the entire complex and killed a bird that had a nest in the light pole.  We wish the best to the Trammell brothers and all that had any negative affects of that lightning blast.


Update from the Trammells:

Thank You To All

Posted by Z. Trammell #51 on April 17, 2015, 1:21 am

I want to thank each person that came out to take care of us. Without yalls care the outcome could have been different. We all play this game for the love of the competition and drive to win. We all have our ups and downs and battles with other teams. We may not all get along with each other, but situations like this show that when a fellow ball player is down, it turns into a family. We are discharged from the hospital and all tests point to positive outcomes. Feels like we were in a wreck right now but will be back tomorrow to finish everything out hopefully.

Again I can not thank you enough for the help we received and all the messages and calls we have received. Terrifying situation, but in the end, all is well.

Thank you from the Trammell brothers



photo by zirkle.

Encompass outfielder Patrick Ellwanger hits a walk off homer to beat FBI and send Encompass to the Final 4!

Pictures from the first day of the Dual

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