Monday February 6th, 2023

Fan Poll to rank the 2015 Conference ‘B/C’ teams!


Fan Poll to rank the 2015 Conference 'B/C' teams!

This is for any fan, manager, sponsor, or player to give their opinion on the ranking of the 26 'B/C' teams for 2015!

Click submit at the bottom when you have selected a team in all 26 positions.

Here is a link to each teams roster:

Above All Landscaping/Evo9x (NJ-B)
AZM/Easton (AZ-B)
Bear Hollow Ranch/Coppermine Lodge/Buzini/Easton (AR-B)
Big Ten / Team Wager (CO-C)
CGR/House Money Softball (MD-C)
Compound Athletics/Easton (IL-C)
Deluxe Bakery– Conference (NJ-B)
Encompass / Eurotech / Easton / CA (MN-B)
Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth (AR-B)
GTS/Beus Excavation/AGD (ID-B)
KG/Slayer/Wilson/LouisvilleSlugger (IN-B)
Midwest Hearing/Syndicate (KS-C)
New Breed/All American Athletics/Demarini (OR-B)
Nightmare/Miken (MO-B)
OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken (CA-B)
Peak/SoCo Softball (CO-B)
Precision Recovery/Buzini Sports (IL-C)
Prime Time Easton (GA-B)
Rebel Sports/Linedrive Sportz (MI-C)
RSC/Tom Wood Honda/Combat (OH-C)
Semper Athletics/Demarini/Buzini Sports (USA-B)
SFI/Sal8/Easton (VA-C)
Steel/Miken (TX-C)
Toe2Toe / Premier Athletics / Miken / HangRite / Power Alley Sports OC (CA-C)
Vivid Cash House (TX-B)
Worsham Athletics/Klutch Brand/Worth/JD#2 (NC-C)


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Note:  Above All is from New Jersey, I can't fix that on the poll unfortunately.



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