Monday February 6th, 2023

Fan Poll to rank the 2015 ‘A’ teams!


Fan Poll to rank the 2015 'A' teams!

This is for any fan, manager, sponsor, or player to give their opinion on the ranking of the 12 'A' teams for 2015!

Click submit at the bottom when you have selected a team in all 12 positions.

Here is a link to each teams roster:

3rd Street/Hubs Pub/Louisville Slugger (OH-A)
Broughton/Bad Draw/Worth (GA-A)
CA Sports/Buzini/LockdownSports/ScottsLawn/Miken (MS-A)
Classic Glass/Easton (CA-A)
OI Livingston/TNT Hauling/Brothers Renovation/Worth (GA-A)
Precision/Easton/DO (IL-A)
Pure Romance/Mike Foulks Appraisals/Headlines Apparel/Easton (OH-A)
Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger (IN-A)
Team Combat/Northwest Athletics (WA-A)
Team Racks/Easton (WY-A)
TG Brand/Easton/HDLNS (MI-A)
Xtreme/Miken (MN-A)

Some 'A' roster moves:

  Chente Granados is with OC Swats not Broughton.  

  Broughton picked up Robert Knoblauch and Adam Rockoff.  

  3rd Street picked up Jason Magnum.

  Combat/Northwest Athletics picked up Trey Gilliland.


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3 responses to “Fan Poll to rank the 2015 ‘A’ teams!”

  1. Kim Lundeen says:

    Xtreme/Miken is from Minnesota MN not MI

    • DW says:

      My mistake on the State designation, thanks for the correction. I fixed it at the top but I cannot fix it on the poll because it would mess up the results.

  2. MC99 says:

    Trey Gilliland is a great pickup for Combat/Northwest Athletics. Great player and an even better teammate. Good luck to them and Trey!

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