Thursday June 24th, 2021

2015 Conference “Pickem” Game Michigan Major!

2015 Conference "Pickem" Game for Michigan Major!

Michigan Major bracket link

This is a seasons long point standings pickem competition. Anyone can enter at anytime and we will take your best 6 tournament scores of the year with the top 16 qualifying for the USSSA Major World Series at the end of the season.


  1) Enter your email address for contact purposes.  Other players will not see your email.

  2) On the form enter your username you will use for the year.

  3) Each week pick the top 4 teams.

  4) Each week pick 4 hitters you think will have the best onbase percentage.


  Each team you picked earns:
    6 points if they finish exactly where you picked them.


    5 points for finishing first
    4 points for finishing second
    3 points for finishing third
    2 points for finishing fourth

   10 points if your player led the tournament in onbase.
     7 points for .900 or over
     5 points for .800 or over
     3 points for .700 or over
     1 point for over .650

   Each batter selected needs to have at least 15 plate appearances to qualify for points.
The final picks each week will be posted on Oldscout and Softballcenter just before the first game of the tournament for all to see.  

REMEMBER TO HIT "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the form when you are done!


4 responses to “2015 Conference “Pickem” Game Michigan Major!”

  1. RiderSoCal says:

    DW are you live streaming this

    • DW says:

      Livestream ipods are supposed to be in Las Vegas when I get there Friday to set up.

      If not, I will have my livestream camera up.

      Stay tuned.

  2. JoeBags says:

    Hey DW,

    Is it possible to edit picks after they were sent in? I missed LaserVision being in this, the Smash It name tricked me. haha

    Thanks in advance and all you do for the game.

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