Wednesday June 23rd, 2021

2015 Broughton/Bad Draw/Worth team!


2015 Broughton/Bad Draw/Worth


  1. Shaun Bridger
  2. John Dutch
  3. Matt Tindell
  4. Eric Thompson
  5. Cory Franklin
  6. Eric Beattie
  7. Adam Rockoff
  8. Danny Lopez
  9. Freddie Bynum
  10. CJ Jacinto
  11. Brent Powers
  12. David Forbes
  13. Josh Collins
  14. Paul (Hoss Cat) Johnston Jr
  15. Robert Knoblauch


Coaching Staff

  1. Brandon Cashwell-Bad Draw
  2. Toby Williams-Bad Draw



  1. Wesley’s Housing
  2. Broughton Pharmacy
  3. Worth
  4. Bland Roofing


2015 Schedule

April 16-19-Dual Event-Kissimmee, FL

May 1-3-Choo Choo Classic-Chattanooga, TN

May 8-10-3rd Annual Columbus BATS Major-Columbus, OH

May 22-24-Peach State Classic-Atlanta, GA

June 5-7-Windy City-Carol Stream, IL

June 11-14-Dual Event-Glen Burnie, MD

July 10-12-Smoky-Maryville, TN

July 17-19-16th Cincinnati Men’s Major-Cincinnati, OH

August 14-16-Miken Last Chance-Sterling Heights, MI

August 21-23-USSSA B World-Kissimmee, FL

September 4-6-Conference Championships-Kissimmee, FL

September 23-27-Major-Kissimmee, FL



7 responses to “2015 Broughton/Bad Draw/Worth team!”

  1. Steve Hildebran says:

    Looking good Drawwwww!Strong B team! See ya’ll at the dual…

  2. Dave says:

    My hitta’s! Bout to take the softball world over. Draaaaawww

  3. Coach... says:

    Lot of talent here……….. be surprised if they don’t get bumped up to A’s because they can hang in A’s.. jmho

  4. NC says:

    Why is Freddie still on that team?
    Freddie what is your number?

  5. Cal Ford says:

    Nice Chent put in work kid…

  6. Rider says:

    attaboy chent do work homie

  7. Whut? says:

    Thought Chente was playing for Swats, did they fold?

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