Thursday June 24th, 2021

Protect yourself and your family in a time of need!


Whether it's Accident, Cancer, Hospitalization, or Disability Aflac is #1 in Supplemental Insurance

providing cash in a time of need.

A testimonial:

August 21 of 2014, I accidentally got hit by a moving fan blade from a freezer unit I was
working on. My left index finger was broken and severed but hanging by one tendon.
I was admitted to a local hospital and was very lucky to have one of the best hand specialists on
call. Long story short, my finger was reattached and I have about 65 percent usage, which is
unbelievable considering the damage done.
Having Aflac voluntary insurance really helped, as I was only collecting 66 percent of my
weekly pay, which was not enough to pay my bills. I was able to sustain myself for two months
while I was out of work with the help from Aflac.
I’m so glad that the premiums I pay came through for me. I submitted two claims and within one
week of each claim there was a benefit check in the mail.
Coolest thing ever.
Thanks again Aflac for being there for me.


Barry Shapiro



Phillip White

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