Friday September 22nd, 2023

Major World Series countdown team #17 seed Xtreme/Miken!


#17 Xtreme/Miken – Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

Dan Bergeron
Dave Bremer

Mary Bistodeau

Xtreme Cut and Design
Miken Sports

Xtreme/Miken slipped into the Major World Series as the #17 seed after finishing 2nd in the Nationwide USSSA Conference Qualifier over Labor Day weekend.  They came in 2nd at the USSSA 'B' World Tournament and their highlight is their 16-8 record against 'B' teams this year and their 3 wins at both the Dudley and the Smoky Mountain Classic.  The team is fairly young with some up and coming players and they are best when they concentrate on defense and line drive hitting.  The team has a few players with World Series experience but not a lot..  

Outlook:  Look for Xtreme to try and score a win in a low scoring opening game against B&B Drywall on Wednesday afternoon.  If they can pick up some double plays and make the necessary long throws and play their game, they have an even shot to win.


Major interview with Xtreme/Miken's Mike McGowan – Sponsor

What are your expectations for your team at the Major World Series?
Since this is our first time participating in the Major World Series are expectations are somewhat unknown. We intend to enjoy the 5 day experience with the hopes of being a spoiler and knock off a few teams that may take us lightly.

What players will be missing or injured for the Major World Series and how will that affect your lineup and defense?
At this time we are fairly healthy. A few nicks here and there from the long season but nothing major. We will be missing Mike Rhines who has provided valuable leadership and strong overall play down the stretch.

What players are key to your teams offensive and defensive success at the Major World Series?
Defense has been our strong point this year. We have a very fast and deep group of outfielders led by Mark Harvanko, Matt McGowan, Dan Skelly and Alex Bremer. We also have been extremely strong up the middle (infield) relying heavily on Andrew Lehman, Chris Bauer, and Kyle Decker. With that, the combination of Aaron Lewicki (pitcher), Andrew Lehman (middle infielder) and Mark Harvanko (center field) will be key to our success.    Our offensive success will be led by our top 4 hitters. Kyle Decker has been our go to guy in the lead of position followed by Mark Harvanko, Dustin Palm and Todd Newton providing the majority of our power. The middle of our order consisting of Justin Barber, Chris Bauer, Matt McGowan, Seth Brown, Mike Rhines and Alex Bremer has been consistently providing key hits and demonstrating above average power throughout the year. Followed by the end of the order including Andrew Lehman, Eric O Connell, Aaron Lewicki and Craig Arndt maintaining strong on base percentage's providing run production for the top.

What other (if any) tournaments does your team have left to play in 2014?
This is it for the Xtreme/Miken team.










1 Mark Harvanko 26 79-111 57 24 54 24 0.712
2 Todd Newton 26 69-101 50 19 47 9 0.683
3 Dustin Palm 26 72-109 48 22 58 22 0.661
4 Alex Bremer 24 55-84 40 12 46 8 0.655
5 Justin Barber 25 61-94 43 9 46 11 0.649
6 Andrew Lehman 22 51-82 35 1 26 8 0.622
7 Aaron Lewicki 21 42-68 28 4 21 14 0.618
8 Kyle Decker 25 55-91 42 8 27 11 0.604
9 Eric O Connell 21 37-62 27 3 20 9 0.597
10 Matt McGowan 21 49-84 35 14 27 11 0.583
11 Seth Brown 20 34-59 26 11 29 3 0.576
12 Chris Bauer 26 61-106 50 22 55 7 0.575
13 Craig Arndt 8 12-21 4 1 6 1 0.571
14 Dan Skelly 17 28-58 15 8 20 6 0.483
15 Michael Rhines 5 7-17 4 1 4 0 0.412



Conference 'B' (MN)

Matt McGowan
Dan Skelly
Mark Harvanko
Alex Bremer
Kyle Decker
Chris Bauer
Andrew Lehman
Eric O Connell
Seth Brown
Justin Barber
Dustin Palm
Aaron Lewicki
Craig Arndt
Todd Newton
Adam Peterson

Dan Bergeron
Dave Bremer

Mary Bistodeau

Xtreme Cut and Design
Miken Sports

Conference Schedule
Hall of Fame Classic (Kissimmee, FL)
2nd Annual Columbus BATS Major (Columbus, OH)
Windy City Invitational (Joliet, IL)
32nd Annual Dudley/Budweiser (Brooklyn Center, MN)
46th Smokey Mountain Classic (Maryville, TN)
Miken Last Chance (Sterling Hgts, MI)

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