Friday September 22nd, 2023

2014 Worsham Athletics/ECA/G&K Properties/Combat team!

Worsham Athletics/ECA/G&K Properties/Combat

Conference 'C'

Tony Henry(Reds-Wosham)
Matt Tindell(DEI Easton)
Joshua Biershenk(DEI Easton)
Kevin Johnson(Taylormade)
Christopher Knox(Worsham)
Dustin Hester(Worsham)
Jason Walker(Worsham)
Tommy Mathis(Worsham)
Jason Martel(Briggs/Mossyoak)
Henry Team(Worsham)
Jason Newlin(Fla/Ga Lawmen)
Matt Michael (WC Cazzi)
Bruce Black(Worsham)
Zack Dellinger(Worsham)
Chris Cobb(Gasit/Worsham)

Player Coach Steve Hildebran(Worsham)
Brandon Jones(Worsham)
Sponsor Cecil (Sonny) Worsham
Vince Grigg(G&K)
Johnathon Craig
Equipment Don Cooper (Combat)

2014 Schedule
April 24-27 HOF Kissimme Fla
May 23-25 Peach state Atlanta GA,
June 13-15 Glen Burnie MD
July 11-13 Smoky MTN Classic Maryville Tenn
July 18-20 Cincinnati Ohio Major
USSSA Major and USSSA C&B World

11 responses to “2014 Worsham Athletics/ECA/G&K Properties/Combat team!”

  1. JHick92 says:

    Good Luck in 2014 Matty, Josh, KJ & Zack

  2. Brandon Jonas says:

    Glad to see some of my local boys getting the chance to prove themselves on a national level. There is some good up and coming talent on this team.

  3. Tommy Whisnant says:

    Good luck in 2014. Local guys getting deserved recognition!

  4. CMac3 says:

    Glad to see KJ got picked up. This team should surprise a few people. Good luck in 2014 KJ, Tindell, and Matt Micheal.

  5. Steve#77 says:

    We are happy to have KJ, he had other offers but chose to play with us cause he felt we had some young talent along with some good experience players. KJ was a big pick up for us and we are very happy to have him! We look forward to stepping on the field with Softball’s best. Also thanks to all the players who are playing with us and the one’s who contacted me wanting to play and wish i had a spot for all of you cause you were a joy to talk to on the phone and by e-mail.Hope to see all of you at the Dual and have a safe trip down.God Bless

  6. huzzdog says:

    matty..beiber good luck boys. miss you both

  7. Ty Phillips says:

    Good looking team Steve. Good luck this year buddy.

  8. Nelly84 says:

    KJ goodluck cuzzy! See you around won’t I 😉

  9. Steve#77 says:

    Thanks Ty! You with me this year in the over 40 world, right? Lol

  10. dikfer says:

    congrats steve on finally playing c for once in your life

  11. O'Neal says:

    We have Ty signed to a long term deal for 40+. As long as you are with us you will be with Ty!

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