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2014 Toys for Tots tournament preview!





2014 United States Marine Corps Reserve


"Toys 4 Tots"


Palm Springs, California


December 13-15


Demuth Softball Fields – 4365 Mesquite Palm Springs, California 92262

Big League Dreams Fields – 33700 Date Palm Dr, Cathedral City, California


The 14th annual Toys 4 Tots tournament takes place in Palm Springs, California this Friday through Sunday, December 12-14.  The upper division features the 2012 champs Famous, and the 2011 champs Fence Brokers.  There are 24 teams in the tournament which starts with six – four team flights on Saturday and finishes with a single elimination tournament on Sunday.  There are 150 teams across 5 divisions including women's B and D.

Friday night if the rain holds off there is a home run derby.  The Armed Forces All Star game has been cancelled.  I will have the chat room open all weekend for any updates anyone can give.  I actually have cancelled my trip.  I am truly sorry.  I will get out there in the near future, probably next year, when the kids have less things going on.

All Star teams like Fence Brokers with their contingent of Resmondo players and PMG which is loaded with Conference talent are the favorites on paper.  But the last two years have been won by teams that had most of their regular season players on the roster like OC Swats, The Scene, and Famous.  Swats and Scene were co-champs in 2013.  I wouldn't rule out Swats, Famous, Classic Glass, or All American Athletics making a push but the all star teams are the teams to beat.  FBI is my pick to win if they have enough players to finish all of the Sunday games.  🙂



ALL TIMES ARE PACIFIC (3 hours behind the east) 

2014 USSSA Toys For Tots Saturday Open Pool Play Bracket

Link to Toys for Tots D Bracket

Link to Toys for Tots E Bracket

Open Saturday 12/13 Pool Play games:

Pool A
 8:00 AM Fenway     [CA] Grave Diggers                        vs [CA] Government Issue
 9:00 AM Fenway     [AZ] 4 The Fallen/ Miken/ EVO 9X  vs [CA] Swingers/Baden
12:00 PM Demuth 7 [AZ] 4 The Fallen/ Miken/ EVO 9X vs [CA] Grave Diggers
12:00 PM Demuth 8 [CA] Swingers/Baden                     vs [CA] Government Issue
 1:00 PM Demuth 7  [AZ] 4 The Fallen/ Miken/ EVO 9X vs [CA] Government Issue
 1:00 PM Demuth 8  [CA] Swingers/Baden                     vs [CA] Grave Diggers

Pool B
10:00 AM Demuth 7 [CO] SoCo Softball Club                     vs [CA] Knuckle up / #805 PA
10:00 AM Demuth 8 [AR] Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth vs [CA] L & L
11:00 AM Demuth 7 [CA] L & L                                          vs [CA] Knuckle up / #805 PA
11:00 AM Demuth 8 [AR] Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth vs [CO] SoCo Softball Club
 6:00 PM Fenway      [CA] L & L                                          vs [CO] SoCo Softball Club
 7:00 PM Fenway      [AR] Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth vs [CA] Knuckle up / #805 PA

Pool C
 8:00 AM Demuth 8 [OR] ALL AMERICAN ATHLETICS / NEWBREED vs [UT] League Night/Major/Elite
 8:00 AM Demuth 7 [CA] Hoys Boys                                              vs [CA] OC Swats Doerflinger
 9:00 AM Demuth 7 [OR] ALL AMERICAN ATHLETICS / NEWBREED vs [CA] Hoys Boys
 9:00 AM Demuth 8 [UT] League Night/Major/Elite                       vs [CA] OC Swats Doerflinger
12:00 PM Fenway     [CA] OC Swats Doerflinger                            vs [OR] ALL AMERICAN ATHLETICS / NEWBREED
 1:00 PM Fenway     [UT] League Night/Major/Elite                       vs [CA] Hoys Boys

Pool D
10:00 AM Fenway   [CA] Classic Glass/Easton                            vs [AZ] AZM/3N2/EASTON/CLASSICK SPORTS
11:00 AM Fenway   [CA] Elite Sports                                          vs [CA] Toe 2 Toe / Miken Sports
 2:00 PM Demuth 7 [CA] Classic Glass/Easton                           vs [CA] Elite Sports
 2:00 PM Demuth 8 [AZ] AZM/3N2/EASTON/CLASSICK SPORTS vs [CA] Toe 2 Toe / Miken Sports
 3:00 PM Demuth 7 [CA] Classic Glass/Easton                           vs [CA] Toe 2 Toe / Miken Sports
 3:00 PM Demuth 8 [AZ] AZM/3N2/EASTON/CLASSICK SPORTS vs [CA] Elite Sports

Pool E
 9:00 AM Demuth 6 [CA] PMG Companies/Elite vs [VA] Diamond and Ice
10:00 AM Demuth 6 [CA] PMG Companies/Elite vs [CA] Famous
11:00 AM Demuth 6 [CA] Magz Premier             vs [CA] Famous
 4:00 PM Fenway      [CA] Magz Premier             vs [VA] Diamond and Ice
 5:00 PM Fenway      [VA] Diamond and Ice        vs [CA] Famous
 8:00 PM Fenway      [CA] PMG Companies/Elite vs [CA] Magz Premier

Pool F
 2:00 PM Fenway     [CA] Hustledank/A&S Constructors/Pitbulls  vs [HI] SHUT-D
 3:00 PM Fenway     [CA] Game Official                                        vs [CA] Southcoast/ATS
 5:00 PM Demuth 7 [CA] Hustledank/A&S Constructors/Pitbulls  vs [CA] Game Official
 5:00 PM Demuth 8 [HI] SHUT-D                                                 vs [CA] Southcoast/ATS
 6:00 PM Demuth 7 [CA] Hustledank/A&S Constructors/Pitbulls  vs [CA] Southcoast/ATS
 6:00 PM Demuth 8 [CA] Game Official                                        vs [HI] SHUT-D

Link to 2013 Toys For Tots tournament report

Link to 2012 Toys For Tots tournament report

Link to 2011 Toys For Tots tournament report

Teams in the Open Division:

4 The Fallen/ Miken/ EVO 9X – Arizona conference team
Billy Messina
Vito Messina
Sal Formosa 
Denny Crine
Nick Sansone 
David Miller
Joe Skyles 
Doug Tripp
Johnny Bailey
Jesse Dominguez
Tim Moore

Grave Diggers – California 40 and over team

Government Issue – California military team

Swingers/Baden – California D team

Fence Brokers Inc/Buzini/Worth – (Resmondo/FBI players)
Andy Purcell
Don Dedonatis Jr
Nic Santana
Orlando Castillo
Bubba Mack
Jeremy Isenhower
Andrew Collins
Vince Bisbee
Jimmy Salas
Howie Krause
Chris Walker
Jason Bridges

SoCo Softball Club – Colorado D Team
Kevin Basinger
Pat Ferrell
Nate Gessell
Deren Hurlie
Chad Malin
Kyle McDonald
Dave Perez
Ryan Reid
Timothy Riley
Trenton Simms
Cody Solberg
Kevin Watkins
Joshua Wiggs
Travis Wollison

L & L (Locked and Loaded) – California Military Team
Coach: Eric Underwood
Adam Strain
Will Read
Mike Tobias
Chris Markey
Marshall Woods
Chad Agustin
Aaron Neely
Alex Puskarich
Clint Hiller
Leonard Myers
Rich Burley
Brian Stringer

Knuckle up / #805 PA – California C Team

OC Swats Doerflinger – California B Team
Mike Dill
Steven Lopez
Matt Fox
Pilar Amaya
Chente Granados
Eli Aguilar
Carlos Vasquez
Westy Guill
Caezar Camerillo
Daniel Lopez
Ed Vega

All American Athletics / Newbreed – Oregon Conference Caliber B Team
Sponsor Aaron Poysky
Sean Bagley
Kori Brede
Danny Connell
Jeff Flood
Ryan Goodman
Jeremy Guillory
Mitch Johnson
Chris Larsen
Ryan Lekness
Geo Miller
Cole Patterson
Ryan Raagas
Scott Rockwell
Kaeo Rubin
Rolando Rodriguez
Adam Smylie

League Night/Major – St George Utah & Las Vegas C Team
Allen Hoffer: Sponsor
Chantry Abbott
Jimmy Carmona
Shane Cole
Trever Condie
Jayden Darrington
Shad Darden
Ernesto Guiterrez
Danny Higa
Trevor Kirk
Rich Lawton
Joe Mantico
Lance Quaney
Andy Stricker
Clint Stricker
Coltyn Simmons
Kenny Tracy

Hoys Boys – California E Team

Classic Glass/Easton – California Conference B+ Team

AZM/3N2/EASTON/CLASSICK SPORTS – Arizona Conference B Team

Toe 2 Toe / Miken Sports – California E Team with Franck Henry

Elite Sports – California E Team

PMG Companies/Elite – Lots of Conference and Major talent
Chris Greinert #33
Jason Krieder #12
Dan Norquist #40
Bryson Baker #4
Dale Brundgart #44
Steve Whaley #5
Niko #21
Chris Arredondo #28
Kyle Cowart #25
Flip Washington #27
Tommy Bloom #33
Daniel Kirkwood #11
Coach : Tony Verdugo #13
Asst : Bobby Nifong #25
Asst to the asst : Bart Gavacho #33

Diamond and Ice Sports – Virginia based team with Conference talent
Sponsor Mark Katz
Paul Winner
Cliff Williamson
Rick Leith
Brian Lipman
Steve Edwards
Chris Hansen
John Zorich
Greg Drew
Chris Idip
Allen Wimmer
T Hoffman
David Thurston
Mark Katz

Famous – California team with i assume Conference talent

Magz Premier – California C Team

Hustledank/A&S Constructors/Pitbulls – Good Conference Talent from CA
Jay Hill
Dirty Sanchez
Robert Sena
Cal Ford
Johnny Mccraw
Frank Deaver
Issac Gonzalez
Aaron Martinez
Vic Cordova
Brandon Goodwin
Brandon Shimada

Southcoast/ATS – California C Team

Donald Ceballos
Jonh Gresham
Marcus Thomas
Mike Webster
Manny Madrid
Doug Smith
Steve Beckman
Kyle Smoot
Vinny Sieckowski
Ed Lavato
Coach Tony Debenedetto
Manager Sal Sardina

Game Official – California D Team
Robert Bernardo
Rick Brown
paul Buckwalter
ben bui
john carrillo
Jeremy Diaz
Robby Domingo
marcus Dominguez
Israel Galvan
danny haber
rudy herrera
Alex Kahn
jose machana
frank Martinez
charles merriman
andy rizo
Robert Stevens
chris Urias
nate wick
Albert farias

Shut-D/COMbat/Hawaii's Finest/Elite – Hawaii

Koa Kahalehoe

Chris Balatico

Keahi Kapana

Bryce Oliveira

Tony Rocha

Isaac Castillo

Shannon "Baba" Cazimero

Ryan Hanohano

Ridge Hoopi'i

Eric Stewart

Kahi Lancaster

Gabe Leivis

Sal Estanislao

Benny Alcoran


2013 co-Champs – OC Swats/LCP/Premier Athletics

2013 co-Champs – The Scene


2012 Winner – Famous!


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    Shut D very good C/D hawaii team

  2. AzBallin! says:

    Suncoast/ATS from Cali? Looks like a bunch of AZ players on that roster…?

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