Saturday September 30th, 2023

2014 Tailgaters/Boys/B&E/Easton!

Conference "C"
Bill Lewis
Tim Sheeler
Zach Messer
Jesse Young
Buddy Wolf
Eric Marshall
Marc Morgan
Ryan Cavanaugh
Tyler Magg
Chris Miller
Jonathan Dombrowski
Jason Wilkins
Ryan Czyz
DJ Schreckengost
Mike Dzanaj
Doug Kosmerl
Sponsor: Mike Paterak
Sponsor: Bill Lewis
Sponsor: Jason Wilkins
Sponsor: Jay Elkin
Coach: Tim Sheeler
Tentative schedule:
March 22-23 GSL Mojo Moneyball Columbus, Ohio
May 9-11 Columbus BATS Major Columbus, Ohio
May 30-1 GSL Slugfest Dayton, Ohio
June 6-8 Windy City Major Joliet, Illinois
June 13-15 USSSA Maryland Dual Glen Burnie, Maryland
June 27-29 GSL King of the Hill Columbus, Ohio
July 11-13 Smokey Mountain Classic Maryville, Tennessee
July 18-20 Cincy Major Cincinnati, Ohio
August 8-10 Last Chance Major Sterling Heights, Michigan
August 23-24 USSSA B Regionals Sterling Heights, Michigan
September 12-14 USSSA B Worlds Orlando, Florida
September 18-21 USSSA C Worlds Orlando, Florida
September 27-28 GSL B Worlds Columbus, Ohio

5 responses to “2014 Tailgaters/Boys/B&E/Easton!”

  1. Al Kim says:

    Solid Team. Best of luck in 2014.

  2. j wilk says:

    Thank you. Im proud to be a part of this team.

  3. Fisher22 says:

    Shouldn’t you guys be playing “B”…

  4. j wilk says:

    i believe we are going in tbd like other C teams. By 3/4 of the season usssa will place us where we need to be. By going C we can play c world and b world. Played usssa c last year and did not do well at c world. Chances of making the major world are slim for established B teams much less a team that had moderate success at 2013 c world. Best of luck to everyone.

  5. Fisher22 says:

    The loss of Wolf has to hurt bad. That’s what happens when u start beatn some of the conference teams…they start stealing ur talent! good luck and keep competing!!

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