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2014 Smoky Mountain Classic tournament report!









2014 Nationwide Conference USSSA


46th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic


Maryville, TN


July 11-13



Resmondos Lee Powers hits a walk off grand slam to beat Laservision 62-60!


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USSSA Smoky tournament info and bracket link


The "if" game of the champioship of the 46th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic is being described as the greatest game in the Nationwide Conference USSSA's 9 year existence!  This may be true.  For those fans that stuck around on Sunday, they watched Laservision/H Auto/JJ's/Easton battle from 8 AM in the morning until 5 PM in the evening knocking off Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/Klutch Brand/Easton 65-33 in the loser's semi final.  Then they dropped Team/Albicocco/The Scene/Easton in a "revenge" win 46-31 in the loser's bracket championship game after Albicocco had sent them to the losers bracket 26-11 on Saturday.  Then in the championship which was one for the ages, Laservision knocked off Resmondo 37-27 in the first game setting up a showdown in the "if" game that would decide not only the Smoky champion but put one team in first place in the Nationwide Conference USSSA points!

The "if" game lasted over 2 hours.  There were 122 runs scored and 59 home runs were hit.  Bryson Baker had 5 homers for Laservision and Jeremy Isenhower had 6 for Resmondo.  Laservision grabbed a lead and held it most of the way.  Going into the bottom of the 6th, Resmondo trailed by 14 runs.  In that half of the inning Resmondo scored 23 runs, half of them with two outs to take a 9 run lead.  But in the top of the 7th Laservision who had been on the field for 9 hours in 90 degree heat and stifling humidity dug deep again and put up a "gut check" 14 run inning, batting around the lineup with 2 outs to take a 5 run lead to the bottom of the 7th where they got the first batter out.  With one out, Resmondo rallied to score 3 runs as Jeremy Isenhower and Greg Connell homered and then Andy Purcell and Jimmy Salas reached base safely on hits.  Bubba Mack was then intentionally walked to load the bases for Lee Powers.  With the longer 80 foot bases and an athletic Laservision infield, any ground ball would result in a doubleplay.  With Resmondo down two runs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th with one out and a full count, Lee Powers drove a NO DOUBTER home run to center field making the 350 foot fence look like a t-ball field and Resmondo won their 10th Smoky Mountain Classic of their sponsor Travis Resmondo's career!  Final score was 62-60!

Resmondo takes the lead in the points standings, most likely get the lead in the Computer Rankings when they come out later this week, and position themselves for the #1 seed in Cincinnati this coming weekend.  But there were no losers in this one as the fans who stuck around for the "if" game were treated to one of the greatest games in softball history and more than a dozen players on both sides who left every ounce of energy, hustle, and effort at the hallowed softball grounds of Sandy Springs field #3 in what can only be described as a true instant classic!

1st Championship Game Notes:
Purcell getting mishits but Laservision up 11-4 after 2, Resmondo zero in 2nd
Laservision 11 in first, 9 in second left bases loaded.

Laservision bagel in the top of 6th up 11.
Running catch by Wegman to hold Resmondo to 1 run 31-21 in 6th

Kirby 3 run hr to give Laservision a 3 run lead in top of 7th  37-21..37-27 final

'If' Game Championship Notes:
Top 1st – Resmondo SS Don Dedonatis makes a great diving stop.
Bottom 1st – Laservision 3B Dale Brungardt makes a great diving play.
10-7 Resmondo after 1 inning

Top 2nd – Laservisions Steven Lloyd 2 run HR ties it at 10-10.  Resmondos 1B Bubba Mack makes a great diving stop.
Bottom 2nd – Resmondo HR's by Salas, Mack, Powers, Dedonatis, Isenhower 12 run  inning.  22-13 lead.

Top 3rd – Laservisions Helmer, Umschied, and Travis Clark hit 3 run hrs for a 15 run 3rd.
Bot 3rd – Resmondo puts up a zero.

Top 4th – Laservisions Scott Kirby hits a grand slam 33-22. Kevin Bazat 2 out 2 run single after an intentional walk.  35-22 lead.
Bot 4th – Resmondos Lee Powers 2 run HR, Yates HR, Dedonatis HR, Isenhower HR, 35-27 Laservision up.

Top 5th – Laservisions Bryson Baker hits his 29th homer.  Kevin Filby pinch hit 3 run homer (sore wrist) 40-27 lead.
Bot 5th – Resmondos Jeremy Isenhower hits a bomb makes it 41-31 Laservision still leading.

Top 6th – Laservisions Brett Helmer hits a big homer to make it 46-32. Laservision gets 5 runs.  46-32 lead.
Bot 6th – Resmondos Jeremy Yates hits a grand slam. BJ Fulk gets a pinch hit single 2 rbi.  Isenhower 3 run homer for 48-46 lead. Resmondo scores 23 runs on 12 HR and lead 55-46.

Top 7th – Laservision scores 14 runs on 9 HR to take 60-55 lead including Bryson Bakers 30th homer.
Bot 7th – Resmondo – With 1 out, Isenhower HR, Rulli double, Connell HR, Purcell single, Salas single, Mack intentional walk, Powers grand slam to win 62-60

Historic 62-60 final game – the yellow marks are homers



The festivities began on Thursday with a home run derby.  The local derby was won by Justin Teafteller who plays an impressive third base for Smokin Joes.  The Major players HR Derby was won by Bryson Baker.

Then on Friday at 10 AM the tournament began.  With its traditional unlimited homers and 80 foot bases the big upset was Crossfit a 'C' team out of North Carolina run ruling the Team Combat Major team over at Everett Park.  Team Albicocco won the little 'A' part of the bracket which included Baugh Ford, Reds Astros, and Taylormade.  Backman, Resmondo, and Laservision all held serve and made it to the round of 8.  And 3rd Street won the 'B' area of the bracket which included OI Livingston, Primetime, and Cooper to make it to the final 8.  My notes on the rest of the big games are below:

Saturday/Sunday Tournament Notes:


 Backman 40 3rd Street 17
  – 3rd Street overpowered

 Resmondo 42 Line Drive 26
  – Resmondo 17 run 2nd on 6 HR to lead 24-6 on Linedrive after 1.5 innings in the quarterfinals.

 Laservision 38 Buzini 8
  – Laservision 20 run top of 2nd against Buzini in quarterfinals to win 38-8.

 Albicocco 33 Baugh Ford 30
  – Baugh's Sean Mcdonald out pulled muscle in leg.
  – Baugh Ford 10 run top of 1st vs Albicocco who got 13 in bottom of 1st.
  – Albicoccos pitcher Donald Plaisance linedrive stab in the 5th and a DP in the 6th gave Albicocco 30-23 after 6 innings.
  – Albicocco grounded into dp in bottom of 6th
  – Baughs Larsen hits homer ties game at 30 in top 7th.
  – Albicoccos Terry Baggs wins it with a walk off pinch hit homer.


 Resmondo shuts down Backman 28-13.
 Team Albicocco stuns Laservision 26-11.

Losers Semifinal

 – Top 1st – Laservisions Scott Kirby hits two grand slams in 15 run first.
 – Bot 1st – Baugh gets a bunch of 2 run HR 15-6.
 – Top 2nd – Laservisions Reyna 2 run HR, Clark HR, Baker HR, Wegman HR, Helmer 3 run HR, 11 runs 26-6
 – Bot 2nd – Baugh gets 9 runs.  26-15
 – 28-21 Laservision after 3
 – Laservisions Baker, Wegman, Filby, Kirby homers make it 34-21.
 – 35-28 Laservision after 4
 – Baugh leaves em loaded in bot 5th down 46-33
 – Laservision with a 19 run top of 6.  Up 65-33

Losers final
 – Albicocco 7 runs on 3 HR early
 – Laservisions Bryson Baker 2 HR and 4 RBI in first.  Team 10 HR.  7-14
 – Laservision outlasts Albicocco 46-31
 – Albicoccos Harvey 20 HR

1st Game of Championship
 – Purcell getting mishits but Laservision up 11-4 after 2, Resmondo zero in 2nd
 – Laservision 11 in first, 9 in second left bases loaded.
 – Laser puts up a bagel in the top of 6th up 11.
 – Running catch by Wegman to hold Resmondo to 1 run 31-21 in 6th
 – Laservisions Scott Kirby 3 run hr to give Laser a 3 run lead in top 7  37-21..37-27 final!


Reds Astros Andrew Collins bats against Baugh Fords Billy Barrett late on Friday night over at the Denso field #5

Historic Smoky Mountain Classic Winning Teams List:

2014 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
2 NY-M Laservision/H Auto/JJ's/Easton
3 TN-M Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton/Elite
4 MI-A Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/National Pawn/Klutch/Easton

2013 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank worth
2 NY-M Laservision/anni/supr/d2/easton
3 TN-M Shoppe/TYJA/Louisville Slugger
4 MI-A Line Drive Sportz/SSS/Miken

2012 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank worth
2 NY-M Laservision/anni/supr/d2/easton
3 VA-A Team 454/Emerald/Worth
4 FL-A Demarini/dirty/3n2/atwldesigns

2011 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank / worth
2 WA-M GTL Cartel/DeMarini
3 TX-A Wood law/mizuno/famous/easton
4 VA-A Team 454 Emerald/Worth

2010 Results
1 FL-M Resmondosport/specialty/phonemaster
2 CA-M Dan Smith/Menosse
3 NY-A Albicocco's/the scene/worth
4 WA-A Team Combat / laser vision

2009 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank-worth
2 MN-M Long haul/miken/phonemasters
3 CA-M Dan smith-menosse-benfield-combat
4 FL-A T&R Stucco/Worth

2008 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo/specialty tank/worth
2 CA-M Dan Smith/menosse/benfield/combat
3 MN-M Long haul/phonemasters/miken
4 AR-A Fence brokers inc/laservision/worth

2007 Results
1 FL-M Bellcorp/belcher/tai/backman
2 FL-M Resmondo Softball

2006 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo – KME Softball
2 VA-M Benfield/reece/shade/am las vegas
3 OH-M Specialtytank/ stucco/k&g /worth
4 FL-M Bell corp/taylor/belcher/easton

2005 Bell Corp/Backman/Taylor/Easton – Tampa, Florida
2004 Resmondo/Hague/Taylor/Sunbelt
2003 Hague / Resmondo / Taylor Brothers
2002 Dan Smith / Backman / Menosse / Easton
2001 Long Haul / Taylor Bros. / Shen Corp. / TPS
2000 Team TPS/Louisville, KY
1999 Team TPS, Louisville, Kentucky
1998 Sierra/TPS, Reno, NV
1997 Ritch's/Superior/Tri Gems/Beloli/TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
1996 Sunbelt/Easton, Centerville, GA
1995 Ritch's/Superior/TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
1994 Ritch's/Superior/TPS, Windsor Locks, CT
1993 Ritch's/Superior, Windsor Locks, CT
1992 Bell Corp, Tampa, FL.
1991 Bell Corp, Tampa, FL.
1990 Steeles Silver Bullets, Grafton, OH
1989 Superior-Apollo, Windsor Locks, CT
1988 Starpath Systems, Monticello, KY
1987 Steeles Sports, Grafton, OH
1986 Steeles Sports, Grafton, OH
1985 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
1984 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
1983 Elite Coatings, Gordon, GA
1982 York/Ken Sanders, York, PA
1981 Howards Western Steer, Denver, NC
1980 Jerry's Caterers, Miami, FL.
1979 Campbell's Carpet, Concord, CA
1978 Dave Carroll Sports, Sherrills-Ford, NC
1977 Howards Furniture, Denver, NC
1976 Howards Furniture, Denver, NC
1975 Nelson Painting, Oklahoma City, OK
1974 Howards Furniture, Denver, NC

Laservision catcher Scott Kirby tags out Buzinis Billy Maggard


Baugh Fords Chris Larsen bats against Laservisions Travis Clark on Sunday morning.

Line Drive Sports Brendt Newbill tries to get something going against Laservision late Saturday night.

Team Albicocco stuns Laservision 26-11

Sandy Springs Park field #3 with dimensions 310-325-350-330-315

TG Brands John Radich bats against Xtreme on Sandy Springs #4

Sandy Springs #4

Backman has a team meeting after beating 3rd Street

The crowds were about the same as 2013 in my opinion

Crowd photos.  Some say the crowds are dying.  I think they have been small since at least 2008.



Video Highlites brought to you by:




Long Bombers of the Week

Talking to various fans from around the park the names of players that had the longest home runs kept coming up:

Ryan Harvey, Howie Krause, BJ Fulk, and Brian Rainwater.

Ryan Harvey and his 20 homers in his first Smoky Mountain Classic is our Bomber of the week.

Harvey tied the all time single game home run mark of 7 against Broughton on Friday night.

He was the buzz around the tournament with his long bombs!

Kyle Moyer hit the longest that we were able to google earth, around 467 feet

Justin Teafteller of Smokin Joes won the local home run derby



Smoky Major Awards and Final Standings

Tournament MVP Dennis Rulli Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
Offensive Tournament MVP Scott Kirby Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
Defensive Tournament MVP George Connell Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Kevin Filby Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team Brian Wegman Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team Bryson Baker Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team JEREMY YATES Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Chris Larsen Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Jeff Flood Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Jimmy Salas Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Luis Reyna Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team Vince Bisbee Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Nic Santana Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team George Connell Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Bubba Mack III Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Andrew Purcell Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
Place State Team Team
Wins Loses Ties Runs
1 FL – Winter Haven resmondo-specialty tank worth SPMensMajor 6 1 0 262 187 37.4 26.7 10.7 62 300
2 NYU – Cicero laservision/'s/easton SPMensMajor 7 2 0 375 211 41.6 23.4 18.2 65 225
3 NYD – Hunington team albicocco/scene/easton/elite SPMensA 4 2 0 213 179 35.5 29.8 5.66 58 200
4 AL – Clanton baugh doerflinger nat-pawn/easton SPMensA 5 2 0 232 181 33.1 25.8 7.28 42 175
5 MI – Warren line drive sportz/r&m metals/easton SPMensA 4 2 0 137 126 22.8 21 1.83 32 155
5 IN – AURORA backman / shoppe/louisville slugger SPMensMajor 3 2 0 178 114 35.6 22.8 12.8 47 155
7 IN – Indianapolis red's astros/louisville slugger SPMensA 4 2 0 144 118 24 19.6 4.33 38 130
7 MS – Jackson Buzini/BWW/Slattery/Miken SPMensA 3 2 0 104 105 20.8 21 -0.1 35 130
9 NC – Raleigh CROSSFIT / RDU SPMensC 3 2 0 108 107 21.6 21.4 0.20 44 110
9 AZ – Anthem 4 the fallen/ miken/ evo 9x SPMensA 3 2 0 115 96 23 19.2 3.8 44 110
9 MN – Brooklyn Center Xtreme/Miken SPMensB 3 2 0 95 90 19 18 1 27 110
9 OHO – West Chester 3rd street/louisville slugger/mojo SPMensB 2 2 0 92 113 23 28.2 -5.2 37 110
13 GA – Macon broughton/nls/turk auto/br/easton SPMensB 2 2 0 104 124 26 31 -5 41 70
13 VA – Williamsburg taylormade/tm sports/d&i/mizuno SPMensA 2 2 0 119 96 29.7 24 5.75 44 70
13 GA – Macon Primetime/Easton SPMensB 2 2 0 87 92 21.7 23 -1.2 30 70
13 TXN – DFW aspnation/dynasty/reset/easton SPMensB 2 2 0 62 89 15.5 22.2 -6.7 21 70
17 NJ – rahway Above All Landscaping/GWS SPMensB 2 2 0 61 63 15.2 15.7 -0.5 22 40
17 MI – Lansing p&p333/suburban/clutch/lt/combat SPMensB 2 2 0 83 86 20.7 21.5 -0.7 33 40
17 GA – FAYETTEVILLE oi livingston/scott's lawn care/mwa SPMensB 1 2 0 56 64 18.6 21.3 -2.6 29 40
17 WA – KENT combat/blocker/ptdesign/bat brigade SPMensA 1 2 0 51 81 17 27 -10 19 40
17 WA – Kent Team Combat/ SPMensMajor 1 2 0 61 62 20.3 20.6 -0.3 23 40
17 NC – Clayton B&B/Diamond & Ice/BMW SPMensB 1 2 0 49 81 16.3 27 -10. 28 40
17 NC – Greenville Bad Draw SPMensB 1 2 0 56 76 18.6 25.3 -6.6 28 40
17 OHN – Mentor CashHouse/ Nager Law SPMensB 1 2 0 47 49 15.6 16.3 -0.6 28 40
25 TN – Alcoa Smokin Joe's/Lakeway SPMensD 1 2 0 39 71 13 23.6 -10. 19 0
25 AR – Bryant fence brokers inc/buzini/worth SPMensB 1 2 0 61 72 20.3 24 -3.6 32 40
25 TXN – Frisco Vivid/Worth/Shirt Doctors SPMensA 0 2 0 36 81 18 40.5 -22. 29 40
25 OHS – Huber Heights Cooper/Yuengling/Easton SPMensB 0 2 0 20 45 10 22.5 -12. 20 40
25 MI – Flint TG Brand SPMensB 0 2 0 29 40 14.5 20 -5.5 15 40
25 TN – Knoxville Ecological Pest Control SPMensC 0 2 0 23 60 11.5 30 -18. 12 0
25 NC – Hendersonville worshamathletics/g&k/combat SPMensB 0 2 0 15 81 7.5 40.5 -33 12 40
25 OHO – Cincinnati pure romance/chics/headlines/easton SPMensB 0 2 0 25 58 12.5 29 -16. 17 40
33 TN – Maryville McNally Construction/SCF SPMensD 0 2 0 20 46 10 23 -13 16 0
33 LA – Haughton LA Classic/Worth SPMensC 0 2 0 20 35 10 17.5 -7.5 18 40


Resmondo's middle infielder Dennis Rulli was MVP as he was onbase over .900

Dennis Rulli makes a diving stop for Resmondo

Laservision's Bryson Baker won the home run award with 30.  Tying the all time record of Rusty Bumgardners record!

Specialty Tank sponsor John Riccio receives the champions trophy for the Resmondo team.

Also pictured is tournament sponsor The Daily Times, and directors Joe Huff and Chris Clark.


DW's picks for awards – Just to give some other players some recognition


I would give the Defensive MVP to either Baugh SS Brad Reckart or Resmondo 3B Jimmy Salas

Laservisions Bryson Baker and his 30 HR as Offensive MVP or Scott Kirby who batted over .900 and had over 20 HR



Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st Place – Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth

Conf 'M' from FL  6-1 Record

Resmondo won their 7th Smoky Mountain Classic in a row and 10th for the sponsorship group.  They also won their 5th straight tournament of the season (Texas, Chicago, Maryland, Dudley, Smoky)!  It is tough to single out individual players because when you score 62 runs to win, everyone is involved.  Pitcher Andy Purcell got more Laservision batters to mishit balls than Laservision had done in the previous two games on Sunday and there were some great plays from Jimmy Salas at third and Don Dedonatis Jr at SS.  Greg Connell at 2nd and Bubba Mack also made some great stops on hard hit balls by Brett Helmer in key situations.  Dennis Rulli led the offense, and the whole team pitched in with big homers.  Resmondo cruised through their first 4 games with run rule wins.  Then struggled some to get past Albicocco in the winners final and of course rose to the occasion in the "if" game of the championship.

Resmondo seems to be healthy, they gain the points lead and most likely the lead in the computer rankings, and have the mental edge right now over Laservision and for sure the rest of the teams in the conference.  Once again they have won the Dudley and Smoky and show a true champions heart.

Trending Up!


MVP Dennis Rulli collage, warmup, at bat, homer celebration

Salas and Isenhower celebrate Isenhowers 6th bomb of the game!

Jeremy Yates gets one



2nd Place – Laservision/H Auto/JJ's/Easton

Conf 'M' from NY  7-2 Record


Laservision cruised through their first 3 games by the run rule, including a 20 run inning against Buzini in a 38-8 win.  Then in the semi-finals they were shut down by Albicocco and only scored 11 runs in a 26-11 loss.  This forced them to run the losers bracket and they did so in impressive fashion outlasting all 3 of the top 'A' teams Line Drive 36-4, Baugh Ford 65-33, and Albicocco 46-31.  The entire team contributed and picked up each others mistakes.  The team should not hang their heads too much as they battled for over 9 hours straight on Sunday in 90 degree heat and brutal humidity and in the end was just one play from winning the prestigious Smoky.  A tough loss and a beat up team will pick themselves up and play this weekend in Cincinnati where if you recall last year they had two epic battles with Resmondo very similar to the ones at the Smoky this year.

The defense almost came up with some great game winners against Resmondo, just couldn't quite hold on to the hot shots.  But what a gritty performance out of a talented team which showed a lot of heart.

Kevin Filby is banged up – back and wrist.  Travis Clark ankle and leg.  Brandon Dillon hamstring I believe.  

Trending Up!


Laservisions Dale Brungardt, Luis Reyna, and MI Kevin Bazat


Brian Wegman and Brett Helmer



3rd Place – Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton/Elite

Conf 'A' from NY  4-2 Record


Team Albicocco won their first 4 games including a 58-41 crowd pleasing home run win over Broughton, a 26-11 win over Laservision and a 33-30 win over 'A' rival Baugh Ford on a Terry Baggs walk off grand slam!  Their only losses were to Resmondo in the winners bracket championship and Laservision in the losers bracket finals but both games were reasonably close with a chance for Albicocco to win.

Albicocco is in 3rd place in the point standings and has proven on a number of occasions that they are deserving of that spot.  The rumors are true, the team is run by the sponsor Toni Albicocco who makes changes to the lineups and positions via phone and text before, during, and after the games.  Amazing.  And although they have had a lot of roster turnover and about 14 different players playing each weekend they continue to win.  Hats off to this team!

Trending Up!

Albicocco 1B Kyle Moyer and 2B Chad Durick

Terry Baggs hits a walk off pinch hit grand slam to beat Baugh Ford 33-30

Durick batted in the two hole behind Harvey.  Made for a nice 1-2 punch



4th Place – Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/National Pawn/Klutch/Easton

Conf 'A' from AL  5-2 Record


Baugh beat 'A' rivals Reds and Buzini, and beat Backman on a walk off homer by Brad Blankenship 42-41.  They lost to Albicocco on a walk off homer in the quarterfinals and Laservision on Sunday 65-33 in a game that was actually close most of the way.  Baugh continues to play well, with consistency on defense and power on offense.

Trending Up!

Baugh Ford congratulates Jeff Payton on a homer

Chris Larsen and Jeff Payton putting on the Helmer shift

Baugh Ford congratulates Brad Blankenship on a walk off homer to beat Backman 42-41



Tied 5th Place – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton

Conf 'A' from MI  4-2 Record

Jason Branch may be a good fit for Line Drive

Line Drive used a nice spot in the bracket to make it to the Saturday quarterfinal showdown with Resmondo where they lost by a respectable 42-26.  In the losers bracket they beat the hot hitting Crossfit by 20 and got past Reds Astros in a pick points game before putting up only 4 runs on the show field against Laservision.  The new guys Joey Formosa and Jason Branch looked good and big Dave Miller looks like he can hit it a ton from the left side.

Trending Up!

Ryan Parfitt hits against Reds Astros

The big guy is Dave Miller.  The lefty talked about on theoldscout last week.

He was 1-1 with a homer when I watched him hit.

Joey Formosa was playing third for Line Drive



Tied 5th Place – Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger

Conf 'M' from IN  3-2 Record

Backman SS Jonathan Lenz

Backman came up short in a tournament that should have benefitted them with unlimited homers.  They scored 37 or more in their first 3 wins over 'B' teams and then just 14 against Resmondo in the big semi-final on the show field.  In the losers bracket they were the last team to finish on Saturday night losing on a walk off homer to Baugh Ford.

The only solution is that all players need to play better offensively and defensively against the top teams.  Easy to say, hard to do.

Trending slightly down

Backman picked up former Taylormade 2B Kevin Rye.  

It was good to see him back after that knee injury a couple of years ago.

Kevin Kennington hit some creatures

Brett McCollum has had a nice smooth swing all year



Tied 7th Place – Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger

Conf 'A' from IN  4-2 Record

Reds had a tough draw.  They barely beat Taylormade in a big opening game on Friday night and then lost to Baugh Ford in an entertaining game over at Denso Field #5.  In the loser's bracket they beat 3 straight quality 'B' teams before Line Drive sent them home.  Reds got some of the points they needed and jumped into the top 16.  Cincinnati and Michigan have been good tournaments for them and this year should be no exception.

Trending Even but looking up

Josh Riley, John Sullivan

Justin Aldora, Buddy Wolf




Tied 7th Place – Buzini/BWW/Slattery/Miken

Conf 'A' from MS  3-2 Record


Buzini is solidifying themselves in the points with a good finish.  They beat the hot Crossfit team in their second game on Friday night and then lost by 30 to Laservision making a lot of little mistakes.  In the losers bracket they sent home 4 The Fallen before Baugh got them.

When Buzini has everyone they go pretty deep in the lineup and beat the teams they are supposed to.  Now they need to work on playing hard against the teams that are better than they are.

Trending Up!



Outfielder Colby Hughes and infielder Jason Williams

The other Kyle Pearson



More pictures below


Other top finishing teams and Conference teams


Tied 9th CROSSFIT / RDU 3-2 – Crossfit may be the highest finishing 'C' team at the Smoky ever?  They led from the start and beat Team Combat (the Major team) in their opener winning by the run rule 31-16.  Then they lost to Buzini 26-10 later on Friday night.  In the losers bracket Saturday they knocked off Cash House 17-13 and Taylormade 44-26 before losing to Line Drive 26-6.  Crossfit played hard and walk away with their best finish of their young Conference USSSA careers!

Trending up!!!


Tied 9 4 The Fallen/ miken/ evo 9x 3-2 – Fallen was upset 16-13 by ASPNation in their opener at Everett park.  Then they sent home Vivid, B&B/Diamond&ice, and Primetime before Buzini got them 28-12.  Most compete better against the 'A' division.  They did move to 17th in the point standings.



Tied 9 Xtreme/Miken 3-2 – Xtreme lost to Line Drive in their opener 29-12 and then rattled off 3 wins over top 'B' teams in the loser's bracket on Saturday before being sent home by Baugh Ford.  A nice finish for their first trip to the show. Xtreme is now 9-2 vs the 'B' division and 0-5 vs the 'A' division this season.


Tied 9 3rd street/louisville slugger/mojo 2-2 – 3rd Street got past Primetime 20-18 on the show field then out slugged OI Livingston 37-29 on field #4.  This put them in the prestigious final 8 where they lost to Backman 40-17 and fellow Slugger team Reds Astros 26-18.


Tied 13 Broughton/nls/turk auto/br/easton 2-2 – Broughton thumped Cash House 21-6 in their opener by out powering them on Field #4.  Then they were part of a 99 run game when they lost to Team Albicocco 58-41 on the show field.  In the loser's bracket they sent home Team Combat (the Major team) 23-22 and lost to Reds Astros 38-19.

Tied 13 Taylormade/tm sports/d&i/mizuno 2-2 – Taylormade lost to Reds Astros by a run on Friday 21-20.  Took some BP against Worsham 44-12, sent home Combat/Blockers 29-19, and then got run ruled by Crossfit 44-26.  Looks like a roller coaster weekend but solid overall for TMade who jumps to 11th in the point standings.




Tied 13 Primetime/Easton 2-2 – Primetime was in that top part of the bracket where there were 4 'B' teams (Prime, OI, Cooper, and 3rd Street) and whoever played the best out of them was in for a huge points day and a Saturday game on the show field.  But Primetime lost by 2 to 3rd Street.  In the loser's bracket they knocked off fellow 'B' teams Cooper and Bad Draw solidly before dropping to 4 The Fallen by 15.



Tied 13 ASPnation/dynasty/reset/easton 2-2 – Had a nice wins over 4 The Fallen and Above All but a 5 run exit against Xtreme.  Probably could have been a good weekend with one more win.  Hearing ASP may be in Cincinnati to chase points.



Tied 17 Above All Landscaping/GWS 2-2 – Blockers beat them early Friday 17-5 and then they sent home the last two local teams before losing to ASPnation by 9.  


Tied 17 P&P333/suburban/clutch/lt/combat 2-2 – Salvaged the weekend with wins over LA Classic and FBI after a tough loss to B&B Dice 28-26 when they failed to produce late with the sticks.


Tied 17 OI Livingston/scott's lawn care/mwa 1-2 – Had a nice opening win 15-0 over what should have been a hot Cooper team.  Then lost to 'B' peers 3rd Street and Xtreme/Miken two teams they should have been able to overpower.

Tied 17 Combat/blocker/ptdesign/bat brigade 1-2 – Laservision smoked them after they beat Above All, then Taylormade sent them home.  Blockers and Team Combat probably should have stuck around, found an open field, and played a best of 3 for practice.

Tied 17 Combat/  1-2 – Too much talent to lose to Crossfit and Broughton in an unlimited HR format.  May have taken these good opponents too lightly.


Tied 17 B&B/Diamond & Ice/BMW 1-2 – Beat P&P 333 by 2 in a solid game on Friday.  Then lost to Resmondo on the show field Friday night and 4 The Fallen on Saturday by 8.  Would probably need a big showing in one either Cincinnati or Michigan to make the Major.  A better bet may be the Conference championships as I don't know they have the others on the schedule?


Tied 17 Bad Draw 1-2 – Tiny isn't managing them anymore (he is available) and they lost to Line Drive and Primetime after a 1 run win over TG Brand.



Tied 17 CashHouse/ Nager Law 1-2 – First taste of the Smoky was not a good one.  Lost to Broughton and Crossfit.  Beat a local.  On to Cincinnati.


Tied 25 Fence brokers inc/buzini/worth 1-2 – Laservision trounced them Friday afternoon and then lost by 1 to P&P 333  33-32.  Rumors they are shutting it down…  If so, thanks for everything you have done Chris!  🙁

Tied 25 Vivid/Worth/Shirt Doctors – 0-2 – Run ruled by Backman and Fallen.  Might pair down the roster back to 'B' or pick up some more players.


Tied 25 Cooper/Yuengling/Easton 0-2 – Put up a zero in an unlimted home run tournament against OI Livingston on Friday (wth?) and then lost to Primetime 30-20.  Maybe take some BP before Cincy against some live pitching with players in their positions…  🙂



Tied 25 TG Brand 0-2 – Lost to Bad Draw by 1 in their opener and played an entertaining game with Xtreme for awhile before losing 25-15.  Probably the first really bad tournament for TG this year.



Tied 25 Worshamathletics/g&k/combat 0-2 – 3 runs against Baugh in opener (tough draw), then lost to Tmade by 32.  Ouch.


Tied 25 Pure romance/chics/headlines/easton 0-2 – Missing half the team and run ruled by teams they normally compete with.



Tied 25 Smokin Joe's/Lakeway – Talented team redifining what a 'D' team is.  Easily equivalent to ASA 'A' teams from the early 1990's.  If this is 'D' then 99.5% of the USA's tournament teams are F.  And I mean this as a compliment to this team, they are good.


Tied 33 LA Classic/Worth 0-2 – Lost to non-conference 'D' team Smokin Joes by one on Friday.  Then was the first team out when they put up 2 runs against P&P 333 on Friday night.  Not a good tournament format for LA Classic.





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Some more pictures for you:


Don Dedonatis Sr, Jackie Hayes, and Danny Brown

Look close, Jerry Backman will be getting his long hair cut at the Cincinnati major this weekend.

He lost a bet.

Dustin Roberts with Jason Baxter.  Baxter looks good, he has been fighting throat cancer

H Auto sponsor Bob Hortenbach and Tim "Coach" Kirby

BSC director/owner Clay

Cheeze and Big John

Alvin Campbell has been scoring the Smoky since he was a kid

Dennis Turner manned the Slugger booth

John Riccio one of Resmondos sponsors, Jeff Hall, Denny Helmig, Jeremy Isenhower, and Mike Cornell

I think a homer knocked Cornell out of his chair on Saturday…

Jeff Hall and had a booth

Doc Beckwell and Jason Oberlag.  Supposedly its Jasons last year.  🙁

The Sunday morning umpires for the first two games

Overkill, this is slowpitch.  🙂   Or maybe I am jealous?



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