Friday September 22nd, 2023

2014 Slayer/RSC/Alphadawg/Combat roster!

Slayer/ RSC/ AlphadawgSports/ Combat (OH)
Conference 'C'

Mike McCoppin / Sponsor
Daryl Ohair / General Manager / Sponsor
Joel Kintner / Head Coach / Sponsor
Joe Bisinger / Assistant Coach / Sponsor

Jamie Adams
Richard Jones
Rob Ballinger
Buddy Welsh
Anthony Vangrinsven
Shawn Rogers
Andy McCoppin
Brandon Sisson  
Matt Petrov
Shaun Johnson
Joey King
Danny Engle
Corey Jackson
Travis Urshel

Adam Paridaen

Combat Sports – Don Cooper/ Rick Baker
Rowe Sports Complex
Alpha Dawg Sports
Kintner Athletics
KB Contracting

Tentative Schedule 2014
March 22 – Derby City Showdown (Louisville, KY)
April 12 – NSA Border Wars (Owensboro, KY)
April 26 – Show No Mercy (New Albany / Georgetown, IN)
May 9 – USSSA Columbus, OH Major
May 23 – USSSA Tri-State Conference B/C NIT Dual (Cincy, OH)
June 6 – USSSA Joliet, IL Major
June 13 – USSSA Glen Burnie, MD Major Dual
June 27 – USSSA Indianapolis, IN Major
July 11 – USSSA Maryville, TN Major
July 18 – USSSA Cincy, OH Major
August 8 – USSSA Sterling Heights, MI Major
August 16 – USSSA Tri-State Champ / USSSA Ohio C State Dual (Cincy, OH)
August 29 – USSSA Conference Champ (Kissimmee, FL) or USSSA C Nationals (Milford, OH)
September 6 – USSSA A Corporate World (Dayton, OH)
September 18 – USSSA C World (Kissimmee, FL)
September 27 – GSL B World (Columbus, OH)

4 responses to “2014 Slayer/RSC/Alphadawg/Combat roster!”

  1. Herb Price says:

    I enjoyed talking to Mike & Joel and admire your desire to compete against the best teams out there. Looks like you have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to be part of this venture. GOOD LUCK – except of course when you play against our team. Lots of doubters always – but you have to get your feet wet and find out for yourself if it is the thing for you. We jumped in for the 2012 season and surprised many – including myself at how fast we grew into a solid conference team.

  2. Joel Kintner says:

    On behalf of our team, thank you for the support. We’d give you the same endorsement but we all know you guys don’t need it, haha. We hope you find all the success you guys deserve this season. Good luck in 2014!

  3. jeremy boswell says:

    Congrats budro!!! All of your hard work is paying off. Couldnt happen to a better guy!! Keep hitting it old man!!

  4. EAP 6 says:

    After meeting with Mark L. and the park owners last week, I think you have a couple of your dates wrong…that is unless they changed in a week, which I know could happen. According to the handouts and dates that they gave us, the Tri-State Conference Championship is August 23-24 and the USSSA C Nationals is August 30-31.

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