Saturday October 1st, 2022

Player interview form!

33 responses to “Player interview form!”

  1. nathan says:

    Any help to get on a good team would be much appreciated.

  2. Makenzie Lee says:

    I wanna play upper ball C or higher

  3. James smith says:

    appreciate the opportunity to be apart of this page. Looking forward to advancing up in my ball career

  4. Ryan Dacko says:

    Here goes nothing.

  5. Adam McPherson says:

    Appreciate the opportunity

  6. bobby mitchell says:


  7. Michael Holmes says:

    thanks for allowing me the opportunity to get man name out there! Looking forward to playing!

  8. James Boyle says:

    Thank you sir for the chance to get my name out and advance my softball career!

  9. scott whitewolf says:

    Cool site killer for this old fart to try and crack in on upper ball.

  10. Keenon Harrison says:

    Here goes the start of something great

  11. David romero says:

    Heres to playing ball.

  12. Chris yeo says:

    Here goes nothing. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  13. Shawn says:

    looking to play C ball or higher!

  14. Chris Robertson says:

    Looking to get on another conference team. See how this goes.

  15. Jody Higginbotham' says:

    Looking to play conference

  16. Kyle Hamilton says:

    Looking to play on the conference again in 2018.

  17. Paul Winner says:

    Dw, can you supply some updated pictures. Thanks

  18. Nate Brock says:

    Preciate everything you do for Softball DW

  19. Jovan Alston says:

    Ready for some ball

  20. Jovan Alston says:

    Thanks a lot Mr. Dale you are the beat

  21. Justin Boman says:

    Thanks DW. How do get the pictures? I’d like to send some from last year to be in the page.

  22. Kyle Bullock says:

    Here’s the interview form you sent me. Thank you sir!

  23. YEEEOOOOOPPS! Best of luck everyone above me! ??

  24. Thank you for all you do for the us softball folks!!!

  25. Reinaldo Dejesus says:

    I’m ready to make an impact

  26. Ricky Carlson says:

    Appreciate it!

  27. Corey jaramillo says:

    Thank you for helping with my career

  28. DJ Jackson says:

    Hope this works

  29. Sean Morgan says:

    DW – Thank you for taking the time. It would be cool if you could show a
    little love for the old guys out there. We are not invisible yet. 🙂

  30. Micah Hee says:

    Need help to get onto a team for the 2021 conference season

  31. Joseph Ramos says:

    I hope this works. Been filling this form out for 4 years or so now. Just need that opportunity. And DW is that opportunity because he lets us free agents fill out the form in hopes we all get picked up for the new upcoming seasons.

  32. Micah Hee says:

    Where is the player form

  33. Steven shorty says:

    I’m looking to play at the conference any help if you looking someone with that hit the ball all over the field great speed humble and good attitude I’m your guy all I need is a opportunity

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