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2014 “Peach State Shootout” tournament report!


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2014 Nationwide Conference USSSA


"Peach State Shootout"


Powder Springs, GA


May 24-25

ASP Nation/Dynasty uniforms were in memory of their former sponsor Greg Millsaps – RIP


Link to the picture album of the Peach State Major


USSSA Peach State tournament info and bracket link


Baugh Ford bats against Albicocco in the winner's final on Saturday night

The annual "Peach State" Shootout was played this past weekend in Powder Springs, Georgia at the Lost Mountain Softball Complex as the normal venue was being worked on.  The tournament was played in perfect weather and featured some great extra innings games.  The tournament began on Saturday morning with 34 teams from 13 different states.  14 of the teams were from the Nationwide Conference USSSA. 

In the early rounds most of the favorites advanced with only McNally Construction beating JTF and New Era moving on to the round of 16 as non-conference teams.  In the round of 16 it was 2 'A' and 6 'B' Conference teams advancing with B&B Diamond & Ice coming from behind to beat fellow North Carolina rival Crossfit/RDU and ASPNation holding on against K&G 24-22.  In the round of 8 Above All Landscaping a 'C' team out of New Jersey shocked ASP Nation 26-6, Albicocco used the 30 run rule after 3 to crush Nightmare, Baugh Ford capitalized on some late Bad Draw mistakes to win 33-23, and OI Livingston dominated fellow 'B' peer B&B Diamond & Ice by 24 runs.

In the final 4 of the winner's bracket Team Albicocco held off a feisty Above All Landscaping 32-25, and Baugh Ford again came from behind and capitalized on OI Livingston mistakes to a 22-14 win.  In the winner's finals on Saturday night Team Albicocco and Baugh Ford were both scoring at an equal clip until Albicocco broke it open in the 5th inning with a 3 run homer by Orlando Castillo and was given a 19-18 lead on a 3 run homer by Eric Beattie and beat Baugh 31-27.

B&B and Nightmare had their loser's bracket runs ended by Above All Landscaping and OI Livingston late on Saturday night, and in the morning OI and Above All played the game of the tournament at 8 AM.  Above All jumped out to a 12 run lead.  Then in the bottom of the 5th inning OI Livingston got a 3 run homer from Robert Knoblauch, a 2 run homer from pitcher Tony Elrod, a 2 run homer from little Matt McCraw, and a 3 run homer by Jonathan Scott to close the gap.  They also got a triple play on defense when middle infielder Aaron Tennyson scooped a grounder and tagged the runner going to third before stepping on the second base bag and throwing to first!  The momentum had shifted!  Above All who had led most of the way found themselves down going into the 7th inning.  They got a game tying single from Chris Montenegro and a go ahead double to the gap by left handed catcher Patrick Riporti but could only manage a one run lead.  In the bottom of the 7th OI Livingston got a game tying double down the right field line by pitcher Tony Elrod as Robert Knoblauch scored all the way from first with a tremedous head first slide just ahead of the tag.  But they went to extra innings when Above All second baseman William Aker caught a liner just off the ground and doubled off the runner at second.  In extra innings Above All failed to score and with two outs Tyler Driskell hit a game winning double for OI Livingston to win 25-24.

In the loser's bracket finals OI then beat Baugh Ford 28-23 leading most of the way and leading by double figures going into the bottom of the 6th.  Baugh made a comeback but fell short by 5 runs.  In the championship then, a tired OI Livingston went down 27-7 early on as Team Albicocco used up all of their home runs in the first two innings.  But OI Livingston found a second wind and by the end of the 6th inning, OI had cut the Albicocco lead to just 4.  Albicocco would add 3 in the top of the 7th, and OI got 3 run homers out of Jonathan Scott and Jamie Hancock in the bottom of the 7th to close it to 1 but left the game tying run on 1st and lost 36-35!

The tournament was well played, had a contingent of conference umpires, and used the conference classic m ball.  The park was scenic and the weather was perfect.  Bucket bat testing was in full swing.  The only complaint from the teams was the fields were a bit sandy and ruts developed in the base baths making it hard to run and causing some bad hops.  But all in all a strong showing from the Nationwide Conference USSSA again.  We will be reporting from Seattle starting this coming Thursday!

Sunday – OI Livingston vs Above All Landscaping and OI vs Baugh Ford


Baugh Ford vs Team Albicocco winner's final


OI Livingston vs Baugh Ford winner's semi final




OI Livingston middle infielder Aaron Tennyson turns a triple play in the loser's semi final!

YouTube Preview Image

OI Livingston's Tyler Driskell smashes a clutch hit up the middle against Baugh Ford

A colorfull game between Green Tree and Unique Audio back on field #8

JTF defends Nouveau softball on Field #4

It was a beautiful weekend with a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine

Mark Urbain of Bad Draw bats against Kevin Johnson and Worsham Athletics



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Long Bombers of the Week

It is around 410 to the building in left centers upper windows where Baugh Fords Donovan Pokraka hit one.

Also heard Chris Larsen hit one up there.

And the building is on a hill so it would have landed much further!



"Peach State" Major Awards and Final Standings

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Tournament CO-MVP Dan Sanchez Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
Tournament CO-MVP DONALD PLAISANCE Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
Offensive Tournament CO-MVP Kyle Moyer Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
Offensive Tournament CO-MVP Eric Beattie Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
Defensive Tournament MVP Jake Rushing OI Livingston/Scott's Lawn Care/MWA
All Tournament Team Brad Reckart Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Donovan Pokraka Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Anthony Elrod OI Livingston/Scott's Lawn Care/MWA
All Tournament Team Chris McCreery Above All Landscaping/GWS
All Tournament Team SHANNON SMITH Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Adam Tennyson OI Livingston/Scott's Lawn Care/MWA
All Tournament Team Tyler Driskell OI Livingston/Scott's Lawn Care/MWA
All Tournament Team Clint Murray Above All Landscaping/GWS
All Tournament Team Matt Crawford Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Kyle Pearson Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team orlando castillo Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Ryan Harvey Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Chente Granados Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Lee Payne Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Jamie Hancock OI Livingston/Scott's Lawn Care/MWA
Place State Team Team
Wins Losses Ties Runs
1 NYD – Hunington team albicocco/scene/easton/elite SPMensA 6 0 0 187 113 31.1 18.8 12.3 38 300
2 GA – FAYETTEVILLE oi livingston/scott's lawn care/mwa SPMensB 6 2 0 203 140 25.3 17.5 7.87 35 225
3 AL – Clanton baugh doerflinger nat-pawn/easton SPMensA 4 2 0 159 112 26.5 18.6 7.83 33 200
4 NJ – rahway Above All Landscaping/GWS SPMensC 4 2 0 162 101 27 16.8 10.1 35 175
5 MO – Branson nightmare/louisville slugger SPMensB 4 2 0 137 112 22.8 18.6 4.16 36 155
5 NC – Clayton B&B/Diamond & Ice/BMW SPMensB 4 2 0 136 157 22.6 26.1 -3.5 39 155
7 NC – Greenville Bad Draw SPMensB 3 2 0 136 127 27.2 25.4 1.8 36 130
7 TXN – DFW aspnation/dynasty/reset/easton SPMensB 3 2 0 102 96 20.4 19.2 1.2 29 130
9 GA – Dallas Trehel Corporation SPMensB 4 2 0 125 107 20.8 17.8 3 29 110
9 TN – Chattanooga Team Collision/CTS SPMensC 4 2 0 127 102 21.1 17 4.16 30 110
9 NC – Hendersonville worshamathletics/g&k/combat SPMensB 3 2 0 97 81 19.4 16.2 3.2 28 110
9 MS – Booneville SportsCenter/Worth SPMensC 3 2 0 105 107 21 21.4 -0.3 29 110
13 GA – Canton Southland SPMensE 2 2 0 89 86 22.2 21.5 0.75 27 70
13 GA – Blackshear New Era SPMensC 2 2 0 72 79 18 19.7 -1.7 22 70
13 GA – Macon broughton/nls/turk auto/br/easton SPMensB 2 2 0 100 91 25 22.7 2.25 29 70
13 GA – Macon Primetime/Easton SPMensB 2 2 0 81 65 20.2 16.2 4 27 70
17 IN – Columbus k&g/wilson/louisville slugger SPMensC 1 2 0 53 51 17.6 17 0.66 22 40
17 GA – Canton Fastway SPMensC 1 2 0 42 42 14 14 0 22 40
17 SC – Lyman Killees SPMensD 1 2 0 47 59 15.6 19.6 -4 23 40
17 GA – Marietta Futures/VTS SPMensE 1 2 0 22 54 7.33 18 -10. 19 40
17 GA – Maryville McNally Construction/SCF SPMensD 1 2 0 51 57 17 19 -2 20 0
17 FLP – Destin Unique Audio SPMensD 1 2 0 33 66 11 22 -11 25 40
17 NC – Raleigh CROSSFIT / RDU SPMensC 1 2 0 50 70 16.6 23.3 -6.6 24 40
17 KY – Fort Campbell JTF/ Louisville Slugger SPMensC 1 2 0 61 49 20.3 16.3 4 26 40
25 GA – Douglasville 404 Asylum SPMensE 1 2 0 50 68 16.6 22.6 -6 28 40
25 GA – Powder Springs Totally Committed SPMensE 1 2 0 32 53 10.6 17.6 -7 23 40
25 GA – Norcross Nouveau Softball SPMensE 0 2 0 13 43 6.5 21.5 -15 8 40
25 GA – McDonough Georgia Boys SPMensE 0 2 0 26 56 13 28 -15 14 40
25 GA – Winder Green Tree SPMensE 0 2 0 26 52 13 26 -13 15 40
25 GA – Lithia Springs merchants/hudson's bbq/combat SPMensE 0 2 0 26 39 13 19.5 -6.5 19 40
25 GA – Woodstock Woodstock Merchants SPMensE 0 2 0 7 43 3.5 21.5 -18 7 40
25 GA – Columbus JTF Southeast SPMensD 0 2 0 9 45 4.5 22.5 -18 6 40
33 GA – Fairmount Players Only SPMensE 0 2 0 37 58 18.5 29 -10. 22 40
33 GA – Powder Springs Bass-S-Loaded SPMensE 0 2 0 24 46 12 23 -11 13 40


Albicocco pitchers Donald Plaisance and Dan Sanchez were Co-MVP's

Albicocco's Eric Beattie and Kyle Moyer were Co-Offensive MVP's

OI Livingston pitcher Jake "The Goalie" Rushing was tabbed Defensive MVP



Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st Place – Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton/Elite

Conf 'A' from NY  6-0 Record

Team Albicocco breaks into the tournament win column with a solid performance in Georgia.  At least 3 of their players – Lee Payne, Jason Kendrick, and Phil White I believe are all from Georgia which has to feel good.  In the third round Albicocco hammered Nightmare 38-9 in 3 innings with a marathon hitting exhibition in the 2nd inning.  In the semi finals they were nearly tripped up by Above All Landscaping but to Albicoccos credit they fought hard to a 32-25 win.  In the winner's bracket championship it looked like they might roll over to Baugh Ford in a game neither team seemed to want to win.  But then in the second half of the game they took control on a 3 run homer by Orlando Castillo and a 3 run shot in the 5th inning by Co-Offensive MVP Eric Beattie to take a 19-18 lead and they never looked back in a big 31-27 win.  Beattie filled in nicely for the injured Jason Branch (groin).  On Sunday in the championship Albicocco used up all of their homers in the first two innings against OI Livingston jumping out to a 20 run lead before OI made an amazing comeback.  Albicocco hung on with 3 runs in the top of the 7th and won 36-35!

It was a solid weekend for Albicocco.  The team overcame some poor home run management and had a nice pitching rotation between Donald "Buckshot" Plaisance who they picked up off the free agent wire and regular starter Dan Sanchez.  Albicocco has quietly moved up the computer rankings as well and has yet to peak.  I think I have a picture of all the players that played most of the time this weekend in the report except for Matt Crawford who was all tournament.  Sorry Matt.

Trending Up!

Team Albicocco Saturday night lineup
1B Kyle Moyer
MI/2B? Orlando Castillo
SS Chente Granados
CF Lee Payne
3B Phillip White
C Shannon Smith
2B/MI? Matt Crawford
RF Ryan Harvey
LF Eric Beattie
P Donald Plaisance or Dan Sanchez


Albicocco CF Lee Payne and RF Ryan Harvey


Albicocco corner men Terry Baggs and Phil White

Albicocco SS Chente Granados and 2B Orlando Castillo



2nd Place – OI Livingstonn

Conf 'B' from GA  6-2 Record


You just knew OI Livingston would play well in their home state major.  'B' teams in this situation usually play like 'A' teams but out of the three teams including  Primetime and Broughton, OI was the only one that stepped up their game this year.  OI beat a solid McNally Construction team in the second round 21-15.  Then the offense came alive to beat B&B Diamond & Ice 30-6.  In the semi-finals they jumped out to a nice lead on Baugh Ford and was looking for the upset.  They made some great plays and some almost great plays on defense but came up short with the gloves and then the sticks and lost 22-14.  OI fought back in the loser's bracket with a late night shallacking of Nightmare 27-6.  Then on Sunday morning at 8 AM OI won the best game of the tournament when they beat Above All Landscape in extra innings 25-24!  In the loser's bracket championship against Baugh Ford they separated midway and beat them 28-23 to advance to the finals where Albicocco was up 20 runs on them when OI made a great comeback but came up short 36-35.

This team took the next step toward the top of the 'B' division.  They grabbed some quality wins over Baugh, Nightmare, and B&B Diamond & Ice.  Fought for everything they got on Sunday and nearly forced an "if" game.  The defense of Aaron Tennyson in the middle and Matt McCraw at second has been outstanding.  OI played without Jesse Scott who had a work schedule change and 1st baseman and tournament director Carlton Griffin who pulled something in his lower back early in the tournament.

Trending Up!

OI Livingston Lineup on Sunday
2B Matt McCraw
RF Jason Gilfillan
LF Blaine Bolin
C Jonathan Scott
3B Tyler Driskell
CF Adam Tennyson
SS Robert Knoblauch
1B Jamie Hancock
P Tony Elrod or Jake Rushing
MI Aaron Tennyson


OI Livingston first baseman Jamie Hancock was the one who put up the second livestream feed.

Thanks Jamie!  He was also all tournament

OI Livingstons Jonathan Scott powered the offense.

OI Livingston – MI Aaron Tennyson, 2B Matt McCraw, 1B Jamie Hancock

Matt McCraw may have the most range of any second baseman in the game save maybe Steven Lloyd



3rd Place – Baugh Ford

Conf 'A' from AL  4-2 Record


Baugh Ford cruised through their first two rounds but almost got beat in the third by Bad Draw.  Baugh came back to beat them 33-23 and then overcame OI Livingston in the semi-finals 22-14.  Both games they could just as easily have lost.  In the winner's final they were matching Albicocco stroke for stroke until about the 5th when they stopped scoring and lost 31-27 eventhough Donovan Pokraka and Jeff Payton hit grand slams.  On Sunday in the loser's final it looked like Baugh Ford might make a run at the tournament but lost to a hot hitting OI Livingston team that poured it on them 28-23 and Baugh finally showed they are human.

Baugh was playing without Sean McDonald who was at his daughters 1st Communion (congratulations).  The team mounted some nice comebacks but had too many home run management problems and low scoring innings to keep their cinderella season alive.  Larsen had some big RBI and should have passed Bubba Mack for the RBI lead.  Middle infielder Jeff Flood again came up with some web gems and shortstop Brad Reckart may have made the best "in the hole" twisting bounce throw to first for an out of the season.

No trend.  The team has played too well this season to trend down yet. Just had a few bad innings.

Baugh Ford lineup
CF Brian Zirkle
3B JD Genter
C Chris Larsen
SS Brad Reckart
LF Donovan Pokraka
EH Vince Bisbee
1B/2B Kyle Pearson
RF/1B Brad Blankenship
MI Jeff Flood
2B/RF Jeff Payton
P Tommie Baugh or Billy Barrett


Outfielder and National Pawn sponsor Brett Brindley makes a great catch!

Tommie Baugh congratulated on a homer



4th Place – Above All Landscapingn

Conf 'C' from NJ  4-2 Record


Above All Landscaping put together their best tournament ever and yet they still walk away feeling like they left something on the table.  The team started out with a 27-12 domination of Primetime.  Then scored 12 in the first inning against ASP Nation and took the life out of them with some phenomenal defensive plays led by middle infielder Willie Allen to win 26-6.  In the winner's semi final they gave Albicocco all they could handle but lost 32-25.  I think I heard they turned a triple play in this game.  In the loser's bracket Above All beat a very good B&B Diamond & Ice team 35-20 to advance to Sunday where they watched their huge lead on OI Livingston evaporate into an extra innnings loss 25-24.

The line drive hitting and timely home runs that Above All displayed all weekend long was impressive.  The team got fired up and never seemed to come down.  They have good speed and extra base hitting at the top and solid power in the middle from Montenegro, Riporti, and Clint Murray, and cap that all off with some new up and coming younger players mixed with the veteran pitcher Banasiak and Allen at the bottom of the order.  A great mix and at least this weekend a winning combination. 

Trending Up!

Above All Lineup on Sunday morning
CF Jason Hoynowski
SS Jesse Campanelli
3B Chris Montenegro
C Patrick Riporti
EH Clint Murray
RF Ryon Rabon
LF Robert McMinn
2B William Aker
1B Chris McCreery
P Russell Banasiak
MI Willie Allen

How about Chris McCreery, went from unknown free agent to playing in the final 4 at the Peach State.

He can hit it.

Above All middle infielder Willie Allen is my pick for defensive MVP

Above All center fielder and lead off man Jason Hoynowski is a triples hitting machine

Above All Right Fielder Ryon Rabon has a gun

Shortstop Jesse Campanelli and Above All celebrate a big defensive inning



Tied 5th Place – Nightmare/Louisville Slugger

Conf 'B' from MO  4-2 Record

Hankins, Letak, and Smith

Nightmare knocked off Worsham by the run rule early on Saturday and had a 3-2 lead on Team Albicocco after one inning but got smoked 38-9 in 3 innings.  In the loser's bracket they beat a good Sportscenter team 29-13, then jumped out to a huge lead and held off ASP Nation 36-22 before running out of gas against OI Livingston late on Saturday in a 27-6 loss.

Nightmare looked good yet again and seems to improve a little bit each week, legitimizing their top 5 'B' team ranking.  Nightmare could probably use another pitcher and it looked like Evan Gallmeier might be a little banged up since he was playing catcher.

Trending Up! except for those 6 runs against OI?

Corey Tapp

Nightmare CF Cory Newman

Right Fielder Josh Charlton



Tied 5th Place – B&B/Diamond & Ice/BMW

Conf 'B' from NC  4-2 Record

B&B Diamond & Ice came from behind to beat Crossfit/RDU 23-19 in their first real game.  Note to bracket makers, these two teams play each other on a weekly basis in North Carolina.  Then they were lambasted by a hot hitting OI Livingston team 30-6 in the quarterfinals.  In the loser's bracket B&B made a nice run beating a very good Team Collision/CTS 19-18 and holding off Bad Draw in extra innings 39-36 before Above All Landscaping sent them home late Saturday 35-20.

B&B was missing a couple guys.  SS Willis James made one of the best diving stops and throwouts of the tournament.  And they have a good balance to their lineup with a number of lefties and power hitters that know their roles.

Trending Up!

Cory Franklin and Edmund Locklear

Jess Maloney




More pictures below



Other top finishing teams and Conference teams


Tied 7th – Bad Draw – 3-2 – Beat Broughton in a battle when the homers were gone on the temporary fence field in the back.  Then should have upset Baugh but came up short.  In the loser's bracket they knocked off Worsham and battled but lost to B&B Diamond & Ice in extra innings 39-36, probably the highest scoring game of the tournament.  This team can compete in the 'B' division.  I think they need to play better defensively.

Trending up

Freddie Bynum the center fielder for Bad Draw had a gun and played Major League Baseball.

5 Tool Softball player who robbed a couple homers as well.



Tied 7th – ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton – 3-2 – Nearly was upset by K&G 24-22 early on.  Then got their heads handed to them on both sides of the ball by Above All.  Then late on Saturday mounted a comeback against Nightmare late in the game but lost 36-22.  A tough weekend after the momentum ASP had in Texas.  Played without their on field leader Tommie Melton (work), but you gotta run what you brung and you brung a good piece.

Trending down some

ASP Nation having a little heart to heart after a poor offensive performance




Tied 9th – Worsham Athletics/G&K/Combat – 3-2 – No quality wins.  A couple conference team losses.  Kevin Johnson hit a walk off homer!  (and I missed it with the camera, ugh)

Trending Down



Tied 13th – Broughton/NLS/Turk Auto/BR/Easton – 2-2 – Lost a tough early game to Bad Draw by 2.  Beat JTF by 2 then lost to Sportscenter.  Tough weekend for Broughton who just never got on a roll.  After the tournament they picked up Sterling Parker to bolster the offense.

Trending Down



Tied 13th – Primetime/Easton – 2-2 – Sent home by a non-conference team on their home turf.  Ouch.  Released Tony Mack to go play for Combat/Blockers and Sterling Parker to go play for Broughton.

Trending Down


Tied 17th – K&G/Wilson/Louisville Slugger – 1-2 – K&G has some good over 40 players mixed with some young talent in the right spots.  The team almost upset ASP Nation which would have been a huge win for them.  I didn't see enough of them to say they are trending up or down, but they are better than I was expecting for a 'C' team.


Tied 17th – Crossfit/RDU – 1-2 – Just got past a 'D' team Killees 24-23, gave one away against B&B 23-19, and ended with a loss 24-7 to a non-conference 'B' team Trehel Corporation.

Trending down – the B&B game was a good one though


Tied 17th – JTF/Louisville Slugger – 1-2 – Played Broughton tough but that was about it.  Still looking for that breakthrough win.

One of the leagues leading hitters coming into Georgia is JTF pitcher Clayton Shaw


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Some more pictures for you:


"Softball Guy" picture of the week is a tie between these two!

Primetimes Reggie Patterson been using his arms to walk on it appears

Team Collision/CTS had some really athletic middle infielders and outfielders and they knocked off conference teams Crossfit/RDU 22-18,

Primetime 24-23, and lost to B&B Diamond & Ice 19-18.

Kevin Johnson throws the "Nazi Knuckleball"

Sportscenter has the cool unis with the "SC" on them


My view of the winners final

Crossfit 2nd Baseman tries a barehanded flip

This guy had a Taylormade Sports uniform on but Taylormade was mysteriously missing

Above All left fielder Robert McMinn makes a nice play against OI Livingston

Almost a great picture of a catch


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