Wednesday June 26th, 2019

2014 MWS Game #26 – Backman vs Resmondo!


2014 USSSA Major World Series

Game #26 Recap


Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth 27

Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger 26 

The best game of the tournament was played under the worst conditions.

But a great show it was!


Backman came out of the gate firing on all cylinders as they got 2 run homers from Brian Rainwater, Sam Lopez, Kevin Rye, and LC Watson in the first inning and got a double play in the bottom of the inning for an 8-2 lead.  In the 2nd Resmondo closed the gap to 12-6 on homers by BJ Fulk and Jeremy Isenhower.  In the 3rd inninNeil Haglund hit a 2 run homer and Resmondo went 1-2-3 in the bottom half as a strong wind knocked down a couple of home run chances.  The game was played in pouring rain from start to finish.  The wind died though in the 4th and Backmans Kevin Rye hit a 2 run homer to put them up 18-8 after 4 innings. 

In the 5th Backman pushed the lead to 16 runs on a 2 run double from Sam Lopez and a 2 run homer from Dave Kessler.  This forced Resmondo to score at least 2 runs to keep the game going.  Clutch 2 out hits by Bubba Mack and Lee Powers kept the game going for Resmondo and then BJ Fulk hit a huge home run to extend the game 24-13.  Great defensive plays from Kevin Kennington and Kevin Rye held Resmondo from a big inning though. 

In the 6th Backmans Neil Haglund hit a 2 run homer to make it 26-13.  In the bottom of the inning Resmondo had the biggest inning of the tournament.  In the pouring rain Lee Powers hit a 2 run homer and Greg Connell hit two 3 run homers in the inning, and Resmondo scored 14 runs to take a 1 run lead.  And two of the outs they made were a line drive that was knocked down and thrown out by Backman pitcher LC Watson, and a home run robbing catch by center fielder Kyle Cowart at the 400 foot mark!

In the bottom of the 7th a stunned Backman team was unable to score and although they put up an incredible fight and played their hearts out, still lost by 1 run.

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Bubba Mack fights the hard rain during his at bat


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Backman put up a fight and the best game of the tournament


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