Wednesday June 26th, 2019

2014 MWS Game #20 – Backman vs Baugh Ford!


2014 USSSA Major World Series

Game #20 Recap


Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger 22

Baugh Ford/Doeflinger/NatPawn/Easton 7 

Backman/Shoppe pounded Baugh Ford from the beginning with a 3 run homer from Neil Haglund in the top of the 1st.  Backman was the #5 seed and Baugh was the #4 and Baugh was a whopping 5-0 vs Backman on the season with most of those wins on baseball sized fields.  But Backman not only out homered Baugh and beat them 22-7 convincingly but they turned in some incredible defensive plays from middle infielder Kevin Kennington and left fielder Dave Kessler.  Kesler made both a great sliding catch and a great running catch into the fence.  Lucas for Baugh had the only real highlite with a 2 run homer in a game where the fans kept waitinf for a big inning out of Baugh that never came.

2014 USSSA Major World Series Bracket Link

JD Genter bats for Baugh Ford


Major World Series pictures link



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