Wednesday June 26th, 2019

Midwest Whitetail Adventures dominates Mullett!


Midwest Whitetail Adventures defeated Rock It by 20 runs in the winners bracket championship and beat Docs/Klutch by 20 runs in the finals of the unlimited home run Mullett in the Panhandle of Florida.  Midwest Whitetail Adventures consisted of Chad Loudon, Larkin Grant, Kyle Pearson, Dennis Browning, Marshall Barfield, Jason Kendrick, Carlton Griffin, Ron Pearce, Jason Magnum, Josh Wiggs, Bubba Mack and Tommy Melton.

If they had given out an MVP award it probably would have been Chad Loudon who was 15-20 and led team in homeruns with 10. Docs/Klutch who finished 2nd had most of their regular team while 3rd place Rock It had Phillip White, Ryan Harvey, Shawn Bridger, Jamie Hancock, Adam Tennyson, Jake Rushing, and Allen Ponder.

Finishing Order for the Mullett
1st Midwest Whitetail Adventures
2nd Docs/Klutch
3rd Rock It

2014 Mullett Scores courtesy of
Docs Air Force 31 Jerry's Logging 1
Who's Next 14 Docs Softies 10
Luxe 23 Dirt Dawgs 5
Clean Sweep 15 H.O.S. 9
Sandlot 22 C&M Sports 12
Unique/Klutch 21 Bangem Hard 8
Rock Star 31 Chem South 21
Docs/Klutch 26 Just Us 21
Rock It 32 Docs AF 20
MWA 22 Whos Next 2
Docs Softies 17 Dirt Dawgs 2
Rock It 23 Sandlot 5
MWA 24 Unique/Klutch 17
Docs's/Klutch 26 Just Us 21
HOS 14 Docs Softies 11
C&M Sporting 21 Docs AF 16
Who's Next 23 Bangem Hard 22
Just US 31 Jerry's Logging 28
Rock Star 12 HOS 11
Unique 27 C&M 26
Sandlot 19 Whos' Next 10
Just US 17 Lux 5
Rock It 26 Clean Sweep 16
MWA 37 Docs /Klutch 17
Rock Star 33 Unique 21
Sandlot 23 Just us 15
Docs /Klutch Over Sandlot
Rock Star 21 Clean Sweep 14
MWA 27 Rock It 7
Doc's / Klutch 23 Rock Star 11
AMMWA WINS The Mullet over Klutch 34-14


2 responses to “Midwest Whitetail Adventures dominates Mullett!”

  1. DocA says:

    Thanks for the Mullett publicity. Last Saturday seemed like the old days at the best southeastern USA unlimited hr tourney before the Smokey. Glad to see the major and A players return. The eventual winners played with class all day and the best team won the tourney ! We hope that more A and Major players attend next year. And a shout out to the local teams who stepped up to play the big boys,especially a local panhandle team , Rockstar , finishing 4 th.
    I remember when if you got to playing under the lights on Saturday night you done good at the Mullett. Thanks to all that gave us softball old timers like me,Eddie,Barto,Patty Mac, Perli and Wayne a look into the past. There were some creatures hit !

  2. perl daddy says:

    Doc, you are right on the mark, the Mullet definiely had the feel of the old days. MWA put on a show and did so with real class. It was great seeing the old timers you mentioned, some good guys and a ton of wonderful memories. Doc, you had three teams in the Mullet, the Panhandle is lucky to have such a great ambassador as yourself. Jim and Westi did a great job and hopefully the Mullet will be successful for years to come.

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