Monday February 6th, 2023

Softball on Facebook – December 2014 – in case you missed it :)



Facebook posts from softball players from the month of December 2014!

Things I found interesting in softball, sports, and life.

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Hall of Famer Tom Beall passed away unexpectedly

Above All Landscaping pitcher Russ Banasiak passed away unexpectedly





Try the kool aid, it tastes great!


The most recent "Softball Power Couple" newborn is here!

Congratulations to Danielle and Joey has an Easton exclusive!

Wendell Rickard is going into the USSSA Hall!

Wendell getting some swings in's new website will be up soon!

The Fall League is an interesting new website


Toys 4 Tots tournament




Arizona Hall of Fame Tournament

Ron Seaton & Elby Bushong Arizona Hall of Famers






Christan Dowling HR video


The legend Kevin Johnson with some cool pics

Yessir, Buckeyes are in!


NFL Football Memes

I am a Browns fan…



Shout out to Luis Reynas family business.  He had a tough year, is rehabbing great.

Company covers most of Florida if you need Heating or Cooling help.



My Softball friend Ryan and his wife on TV in front of the King







Doc Hall of Famer

Scenic Palm Springs




Zack Messer

Greinert FatHead!

Have a great 2015 from the Weiser family!

My sons William and Philip (and me DW)

Twin daughters Carolyn and Evelyn and my wife Geri










Bob the Barber takes us OUT of 2014!


3 responses to “Softball on Facebook – December 2014 – in case you missed it :)”

  1. caezar says:

    That’s my pit MIKEN!

  2. R. Everett says:

    Thanks DW!! I enjoyed all of this!!

  3. Sean Boldt says:

    So awesome
    Happy New Years DW

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